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“It’s the renewable properties of bamboo that make it the ideal material for single-use refills,” she adds.

Wild – The World’s First 100% Compostable And Biodegradable Refill Deodorant By Community Manager 5 months ago A new refillable deodorant company is set to disrupt the stagnant industry with the launch of a fresh range of improved scents, that are both vegan-friendly and free from nasties such as aluminium salts, parabens and phthalates. She shares that the initial intention was to work with wrapped paperboard tubes—“similar to how a toilet roll tube is made.” To this end, Morrama was in discussions with a U.S. company that could make oval and rectangular shapes, but early trials showed that the required tolerances weren’t achievable with the material. This means at no additional cost to you, any... We're often asked what an aluminium-free deodorant is. Wild is the world’s first zero-plastic deodorant refill.

Not good to hear at all… But why is it many of us still continue to use them? Gabriella Angel – Will The Post Covid-19 Crisis Contribute To Our Journey Towards Post Over Consumerism. The deodorant features an outer case, made of aluminium, which people can fit refills into. That helps to protect it against wear and tear, as a deodorant is likely to be used as part of a daily routine. How?

The deodorant is housed in a thin cup of cardboard. At Wild we're constantly inspired by those around us and those who have gone before and spoken up about sustainability... We’re proud to say Wild is a climate positive company. Can you write a book chapter about the law of attraction? Made from plants, packaged in plants and can be composted down to feed new plants! The deodorant features an outer case, made of aluminium, which people can fit refills into. If you’d like to try Wild Deodorant for yourself then visit their website: Please Note: You will need to purchase a case first for your refills – There is a green button on the homepage that says ‘Go Wild’ and it will take you here: The reusable case can last you a lifetime, and is ideal for travel, as the deodorant formula inside is solid, and will be kept safe by the case. Says Barnard, “Working with the tolerances of the bamboo molding process has also been a challenge—force the draft too small, and the surface will get damaged.” A challenge perhaps, but one that Morrama’s supplier—a proprietary company in the East—was able to overcome. Our team member has been using this deodorant ( 43 grams per refill) for over a month and there is still plenty of the stick left. Made from anodised aluminum and recycled plastic, this clever little device is designed to last.

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