A year later at 9am on February 13, 2008 Prime Minister Kevin Rudd became the first Australian Prime Minister to issue a formal, national apology. She said that Aboriginal people have the solutions to the issues but they are not involved in the decision-making process about how to close the gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. Yes, it was symbolic, but it was important symbolism and I think many Australians watching would have understood that and supported it at the time.". "You know, we’re talking prisons, we’re talking about all the trauma that’s in this country with my people. requires a completely new process of policy making. Uncle Lester Maher holds up the number 11, which was his name in the Kinchela Boys' Home. Kevin Rudd with Lowitja Donoghue before the apology, 2008. he National Apology to the Stolen Generations delivered by Kevin Rudd in 2008 celebrates its seventh anniversary today.

"We couldn't get to the business of closing the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians until you'd actually had the guts on the path of White Australia to say 'sorry' for the appalling treatment over a couple of hundred years," he told NITV's Living Black program in an exclusive interview last week. chapter in the history of this great country’. citizenship for Indigenous people, but an attempt to create a

In the last federal budget, $534m was cut from the Indigenous portfolio, in areas that Joe Hockey claimed were waste. Justice Kirby affirmed such a change in the Blue Mud

He said there was a need for politicians However with more Indigenous children in out-of-home care than ten years ago, are Aboriginal affairs improving? rather than with the Opposition Leader, Brendan Nelson, who rather substantial citizenship, by giving the Federal Government authority to The annual National Apology Anniversary breakfast at NSW Parliament House was attended by group of men who were sent to the Kinchela Boys' Home, NSW. There is no doubt that money is spent on approaches that don’t work but it is also the case that many key areas – heath, housing, education, housing, employment, community infrastructure – are all under-funded.

[41] It essentially expressed the ideal of substantive, rather "It was a token to represent everybody, of hope that we could move forward from the apology," she said.

The National Apology came as a recommendation from the Bringing them Home report, which was tabled in Parliament in 1997. We committed the murders. Three targets will lapse this year without being met. as the first item of business of the new Parliament elected with the nation ‘now step forward to right a historical wrong’. Rudd called for ‘a new 'So when people say they're too hard, that we aren't on track to meet them all, I say, "You know, so what?".'. It was one of the defining moments in modern Australian history and one 79-year-old Aunty Lorraine Peeters waited almost a lifetime for.

Bay native title case decided in July 2008, when he said the apology He is rightly remembered for it; it was a great speech that not only addressed the wrongs of the past but made an undertaking for the future: [F]or the future we take heart; resolving that this new page in the history of our great continent can now be written. He cited a statistic showing that, in NSW, 84 per cent of young people on remand will never be sentenced to prison as evidence that Indigenous imprisonment was often unnecessary.

"My folks, my mum and dad weren't there to hear those words but I was, as their child.

On the day of the apology, Lorraine Peeters presented the-then Prime Minister Rudd with a glass Coolamon, a traditional vessel for carrying children. It doesn't seem to be getting much better.". on involving the former Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Mal Brough, And so I accepted that apology on their behalf," he said. ‘an absolute premium on respect, cooperation and mutual responsibility as

I’m sixth generation in New South Wales, so seven or eight generations of this trauma.". "We believe in something called social justice and the conservatives don't," Mr Rudd said. SBS acknowledges the traditional owners of country throughout Australia. There was a direct link between 'Hard targets because overcoming 210 years of disadvantage was a bloody hard thing.

Hidden in the report were crucial figures that make Rudd’s promise to never repeat the injustices of the past look very hollow.