Feathered Friends Penguin 20, for me, is good to close to 10 degrees. Total Weight While the color on the outside fabric of my Ultralite has faded a bit with age, it’s still as warm as ever. 541-485-4007 (International) When I purchased the WM Ultralite, it was an investment. Order Yours Today! I still can't believe I made it through! Western Mountaineering's UltraLite is a versatile 3-season bag that weighs less than some people's backpacking whiskey rations. The Ultralite isn’t the only great sleeping bag that Western Mountaineering makes, but it has all of the standard features you find across the product line and that set Western Mountaineering bags apart from others: A draft collar is a tube of goose down that drapes across your upper chest and back to seal in the warm air inside the sleeping bag. The WM ultralite is a 20 degree bag and heavier because it’s rated lower. Qualified orders eligible for FREE S&H and FREE RETURNS.

Long-term review: Western Mountaineering AstraLite. Hey, age takes it toll…. In fact, Western Mountaineering refuses to let retailers discount their bags, which is why they’re never on sale at a discount. 13 oz., yet it will keep you comfortable at 20 degrees. At 6 foot / 185 lbs. I would appreciate your input Philip. It’s just like the old days when sleeping bags weren’t tested with a standard test. A few ounces more and a bit bulkier to carry than purchasing a bag that could handle the lower temps – but a good compromise. Discounts automatically applied once in cart. Sleeping Pad, Feathered Friends Flicker 40 Quilt Sleeping Bag, HydroBlu Versa Flow Water Filter w/CNOC Reservoir, Length: 5’6″, 6’0″, 6’6″ (6′ 0″ reviewed). For more information on what data is contained in the cookies, please see our Privacy Policy page. ". For this and the reason above, I discount the 1.5oz difference. I have plenty of quilts, even cold weather ones. To see if there is a Western Mountaineering dealer in your country go to their site, then click on “FIND A DEALER” then “International Dealers.”, • Full-length #5 YKK Zipper I’ve owned one for going on 10 years and still consider it a first-rate component of an ultralight sleep system despite the increased popularity of lighter weight backpacking quilts. Its getting colder. It’s all about choices and matching the gear to the conditions. I use a 20F EE Revelation (20 oz,+ 2oz. The hood is great for keeping the pillow in place. Each is a tool and many people use the wrong tool for the job. 5 Star Reviews, Editors Choice, Sleeping Bag Reviews, Ultralight Backpacking Gear Reviews, Western Mountaineering. All six sleeping bags are filled with 850+ fill power down, the lightest and most compressible available. It’s loaded with high-end features that you won’t find on most three-season sleeping bags, like 850+ fill power goose down, a draft collar, down draft tubes, zipper tape guard, and continuous baffles. Also, the wide version of the Palisade equates to, roughly, a 67″ shoulder girth on a traditional mummy, allowing you to comfortably wear a down puff jacket in the bag. Come on, Phil; traditional down mummy bags are old hat! BUY Western Mountaineering UltraLite 20 Sleeping Bag.

When the weather is cold, you can move the down to the top of the bag. To each his own, but gotta love the Ultralite. All Rights Reserved. But, they said when WM states it’s good to 10F, they mean it. The Bag is perfect for those dry Cold Sierra Nights and those sudden temperature drops as the Sun goes down… As soon as I arrived home I sent away for it… Upon arrival I could not find one flaw in the stitching nor the materail, it was a perfect bag…. In my experience the quilts are great down to 32F.

This is a simple skill you probably learned in elementary school while waiting for your school bus. For instance, during hot summer nights, you can shift the down from the top of the bag to the bottom so there is less insulation on top of you.

Price $385.00. A quality down quilt, like the Katabatic Gear Palisade, will shave over 10 ounces off your pack weight vs the WM Ultralight and you won’t be sleeping in, what feels like, a straight jacket. ", "Thank you for saving my back and my knee...With all these videos and advice I was able to lighten my load.