The original design had mixed success, so a group of conductor rods was added later to keep lightning from continuing to melt and misshape the aluminum cap.

Dramatic rooftop footage shows lightning striking the 550-foot-tall Washington Monument. The aluminum cap of the pyramidion was intended from the beginning to function as a lightning rod , so it’s no big surprise that it does. Dramatic footage shows electrical discharge flare across the capital city, before a fork of lightning stabs the monument.

A more in-depth review of the NLDN data, including confidence ellipses, could give additional information about how … This is the moment a bolt of forked lightening struck the Washington Monument in DC last night – with conspiracy theorists claiming it is a "Biblical" message from God. We reviewed NLDN CG flash data since 2010 and estimate that the Washington Monument is struck by lightning between once every five years and twice per year.

Claim: During a lunar eclipse on June 4 2020, lightning struck the Washington Monument in a fashion visually similar to the ominous 'Tower' tarot card. Jun 5, 2020 Twitter/RSprouseNews/WUSA9. Two guardsmen were injured in Lafayette Park, near the White House, in a separate incident from the lightning bolt that struck the Washington Monument The Washington Monument is the tallest structure in Washington D.C. and was struck by lightning on June 4.

A Washington, D.C. news station’s sky camera captured an incredible video of lightning striking the Washington Monument during a thunderstorm in the city Thursday night.

Washington Monument takes a one-two wallop.