Knowing that one day Ares would try to find a way to achieve his goal, Zeus conceived a child with Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons. George PérezCynthia Martin Pencilers

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September, 1991 Karen BergerTom Peyer

At some point, Zeus presumably proceeded to create humanity, making them in the gods' likeness, and imbuing them with many virtues. George Pérez

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Several modern Bible-commentators view the "war in heaven" in Revelation 12:7–13 as an eschatological vision of the end of time or as a reference to spiritual warfare within the church, rather than (as in Milton's Paradise Lost) "the story of the origin of Satan/Lucifer as an angel who rebelled against God … Editors The King of the Gods then fearlessly confronted his malevolent son in combat, winning and casting him out from Olympus.

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[1], Ares, however, slowly begun to develop a jealousy and hatred for this new race, and was more than determined to show his father how weak and unworthy humanity really was by influencing their virtuous nature and instigating war and conflict among them. The events from this issue or series are related to War of the Gods, which involved... a war between the gods. Issue #62 was the final issue of George Pérez's run of Wonder Woman, as the tagline on the cover states An Era Ends for... Wonder Woman.

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( December, 1991) War of the Gods was a four-issue limited series published from (cover date) September to December of 1991. Free shipping for many products!

Great Fall of Atlantis Next Issue "War of the Gods, Chapter One: Hellfire's Web": The sorceress Circe, in her bid to appease her matron goddess Hecate, weaves a spell known as the Hellfire Web, designed to destroy the Earth goddess Gaea herself. Commanders Letterers comment.

Beginning War Of The Gods ( 1) Topics bu. item 1 War of the Gods #1 (Sep 1991, DC) High Grade!! Colourists Olympians To facilitate these ambitions, she awakens the gods of ancient

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— This, however, would only induce Ares to violently rebel against Zeus and all other gods for not sharing his wicked point of view. Casualties Inkers

War of the Gods Finished art and embellishments were provided by Cynthia Martin and Russell Braun.

Part of the "War of the Gods" event. War of the Gods #1. [1], Growing more powerful from the violence of the godly war he had instigated, Ares fought and slayed all of the other gods as they attempted to bring him down, until only Zeus was left.

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War of the Gods Vol 1 #1

"War of the Gods, Chapter One: Hellfire's Web": The sorceress, Appearing in "War of the Gods, Chapter One: Hellfire's Web", Synopsis for "War of the Gods, Chapter One: Hellfire's Web".