The Tank Police are still waging a desperate war on crime, and their tactics are still highly questionable. The BearCat G3 claims the vast majority of armored personnel carrier sales to SWAT teams in the United States. 134.4, compared to a national average of 213.6. Is this type of firepower truly necessary for routine law enforcement? Law enforcers don't see much to those criticisms. Really? "The fact your police dept just bought an armored vehicle does not make you safer.

Disturbingly, Keene and Richland do not seem to be anomalies among state and local police departments. In light of today's budget-strapped environments, we too wonder whether the federal government should be paying for small counties and towns to have tanks to use against their citizens. Every day, America produces a fresh batch of barricaded gunmen, some of whom want to lure police into a shootout. America's most in-demand police vehicle is a ten-officer 16,000-pound armored tank that takes bullets like Superman and drives 80 mph. Professional police departments changed over time in the United States. It doesn't matter how big the town is. The Army made too many tanks and grenade launchers, so they're just giving them away to the local police. With military-grade armor and the ability to take repeated hits from bullets up to .50 caliber, it's most frequently used as a rolling shield. According to Julian Go of Boston University, police departments in the United States became increasingly militarized in the early 20th century as they "borrowed tactics, techniques, and organization… In addition, there must be vacancies for a higher rank. What is Keene using its BearCat for? When police arrived at his home, he unloaded at least 35 rounds from an AK-47 into a newly bought Lenco BearCat from close range. The other reason for its popularity? On March 6th, ACLU affiliates in 23 states filed over 255 public records requests with law enforcement agencies and National Guard offices to determine the extent to which federal funding and support has fueled the militarization of state and local police departments. Good question. Which is where the Lenco BearCat G3 rolls in. Tank & AFV News has a gallery of M113 armored personnel carriers and M557 command and control vehicles in the service of law enforcement. To explain why the police included the word "terrorism" on their application for federal funding for the Bear Cat purchase, a city councilmember said, "Our application talked about the danger of domestic terrorism, but that's just something you put in the grant application to get the money.” He continued, “What red-blooded American cop isn't going to be excited about getting a toy like this? The massive roller is actually a smaller version of the BEAR, or Ballistic Engineered Armored Response vehicle, which Lenco builds for armies and law enforcement agencies around the world. And what oversight mechanisms, if any, exist? It's going to make you poorer, becuase your taxes will go up to pay for training and maintenance." With Rei Sakuma, Toni Barry, Hiroyuki Shibamoto, Adam Henderson. police department in Roanoke, Virginia paid Armet Armored Vehicles, a private company that specializes in military vehicles, $218,000 to assemble a 20,000-pound bulletproof tank with a … ". Here's another thing we do know: the war on drugs has been waged most aggressively on poor people and people of color. It's time for some answers, because the militarization of law enforcement in America encourages unnecessarily aggressive policing that too often results in tragedy. Last October, a gunman outside of Tyler, Texas, shot and killed his neighbor. What legal protections are in place before these tools and tactics are obtained and used? Do you want your town to have a tank?

Richland's violent crime rate is down 3.7%; its overall crime rate is down 3.8% compared to last year. Anytime there's a public shooting or standoff in an urban area, chances are a BearCat will be on the scene. Other criminal justice experts have questioned whether police need mini-tanks, saying they're often used for mundane tasks like serving warrants, and create a sense of police as military soldiers rather than neighbors. Do tools like BearCats – that were traditionally reserved for wartime enemies – actually increase the safety of our communities? Nonetheless, Richland's Sheriff's Department has an armored personnel carrier they dubbed "The Peacemaker."


Grades above captain are generally by appointment of the chief/sheriff. The place is New Port City. Here's what we do know: a Keene City Councilmember has admitted that the city lied to DHS about its need for terrorism-prevention tools. The United States police-rank model is generally quasi-military in structure. Leona Ozaki, joins them as the first female member, and must find a way to work with the others in her own style. But does every police force with a SWAT team need a BearCat? Early purchases by the Los Angeles Police Department, along with the swelling number of the nation's 3,000 local police forces forming their own SWAT teams, gave Lenco a booming opportunity.

Good thing the federal Department of Homeland Security (DHS) gave Keene money to buy a BearCat, an armored counter-attack vehicle.

Most common crime?

That's what it comes down to.". Roughly 50 police officers are killed every year, most in shootings, and many during arrests or ambushes. Do America's local police need tanks? Senior police officers may wear fretting ("scrambled eggs") on their hat visors. East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff, Louisiana, Central Marin Police Authority, California, Nassau County Police Department, New York, "Records detail internal affairs investigation of command staff member who drank in full uniform at a Grapevine bar", Philadelphia Police Department Official Blog, Highway patrol/state police in the United States,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 7 October 2020, at 16:12. Law enforcement agencies throughout the country have sweeping access to military equipment and to billions of dollars in federal grant money to purchase heavy weaponry designed for overseas combat missions, as well as access to anti-terrorism tactical training. In Philadelphia the rank of sergeant and up wear white shirts. Thanks to the U.S. government, most police departments now get their BearCats free. The carrier can shoot weapons that the U.S. military specifically refrains from using on people— this type of firepower is generally reserved for use against armored vehicles.

A uniform system of insignia based on that of the US Army and Marine Corps is used to help identify an officer's seniority. Learn more about policing and other civil liberty issues: Sign up for breaking news alerts, follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook. Fight for everyone's rights - support the ACLU. The family-owned company had its start building armored bank trucks, but switched into security in the early '90s, offering an alternative to the surplus military vehicles larger police departments had used. It has option controls for battering rams, winches and even surviving a chemical weapons attack.

Its Tactics are Fearsome, ACLU Seeks Information on Government’s Aerial Surveillance of Protesters. A police sniper killed the gunman; no one else was injured, and no bullets penetrated the BearCat.

The federal government buys dozens each year for local police departments. Advancement from officer to captain is generally by appointment after successful completion of a series of examinations, and after the officer has sufficient time in grade.