Oh no! Why does the interior lighting not work during the “Lighting” mode (depending on model)? Cook from the cooktop, move the pan into the oven, serve directly on the table and then store leftovers in the fridge. • Use plastic or wood utensils, with some ranges, you can use certain metal utensils with the exception of knives and whisks (Refer to the recommendations for use indicated on the packaging or in the instructions included with the product).• Avoid cutting directly in the pans.• Do not gouge the non-stick surface. Cooking at high temperature does not result in a significant decrease in cooking time and certainly does not contribute to the quality of the food, so cooking at medium temperatures is highly recommended. Tefal Ingenio Removable Handle ... First thing we used the handle it is not stuck and not removable!! The heat is generated then blown around by a fan located at the rear of the oven which guarantees exceptionally even cooking anywhere in the oven. (ceramic coating only). If it is dishwasher-safe, please use a neutral detergent when cleaning. If some parts of the appliance catch fire, never attempt to put the fire out with water. Bake, cook and juice w Kuvings, Rommelsbacher & Severin. However, Tefal/T-fal non-stick coatings are made of PTFE, the abbreviation of the scientific name Polytetrafluoroethylene, and this material is recognised as harmless by public health agencies in Europe and in the United States. (The pot/frying pan will not deform as result of cooking heat.). Your appliance contains valuable materials which can be recovered or recycled. What are the guarantee conditions of my appliance? Local Delivery & CollectionFree local delivery with minimum $150 purchase. What is the Rotisserie cooking (depending on model)? Where can I dispose of my appliance at the end of its life span? Merchandise must be in original condition and packaging together with the Order Confirmation Receipt.Local purchases can only be returned at our TANGS at Tang Plaza, Click & Collect Counter B1 or TANGS VivoCity, Customer Service Counter L1. Do not store cooked food for a long time (one day or longer). No, you must activate the timer and set the thermostat to switch the oven on.You can stop the cooking at any time by turning the timer to zero. It must be placed on a stable surface that can withstand temperatures of at least 90°C.

Cancel, Find out tips & tricks to better use your product or take care of it, An elegant & high quality range to cook delicious and refined food. Dishwasher use: it is preferable to use gentle detergents such as a liquid or gel. Use the handle to rotate the frying pan to unstick the pastry from the pan. • For roasting meat and poultry: use trays with high sides (5 cm minimum) to reduce splashes of grease on the oven walls.• For pastry, use trays with a non-stick coating to make it easier to turn them out. This can normally be cleaned by filling the pan with water and washing up liquid and leaving overnight. Thanks to the removable handle you can cook it, stack it, bake it, serve it – all in one click! It is very important to leave space free all around the oven and particularly at the top.

You must not under any circumstances introduce any materials that run the risk of melting or catching fire in your oven. 4.7 5 0 25 25 From the hob, into the oven, to the table, fridge or dishwasher, Ingenio is the smart answer to versatile cookware. It is also necessary to avoid overheating and scratches, in particular due to use of metal accessories (spatulas, ladles) and/or due to cleaning with a scouring sponge.

Before someone else snatches them from you too! No. Tefal Ingenio Removable Handle with Stainless Steel Insert – Black. When it is cooked, use the handle to remove the tart from the oven. A pan warps under thermal shock (an overheated empty pan, a hot pan in contact with cold water or placed on a cold surface, etc. Where can I buy accessories, consumables or spare parts for my appliance?

It is also used for surgical procedures for the benefit of patients with severe kidney disease, and some joint prostheses are also partly coated with PTFE. Before any maintenance or cleaning: unplug the appliance and leave the oven to cool down. Thermo-Spot®: To what temperature does the frying pan need to be heated for the temperature indicator to change colour? This can normally be cleaned by filling the pan with water and washing up liquid and leaving overnight. However, to extend the life of your frying pans and saucepans, we strongly recommend that you do not use metal. Find more detailed information in the Warranty section of this website. Then use a paste made up of bicarbonate of soda and water rubbed gently over the pan with a non-abrasive sponge (a non-stick scouring sponge).

Non-stick utensils are specially designed so that food does not stick. With some ranges, you can use certain metal utensils with the exception of knives and whisks. The quick way to check whether your pans work on an induction hob is to do the magnet test on the pans. To avoid any danger, have it replaced by an approved repair centre. Return & ExchangeWe accept exchange, returns or refund within 30 days of purchase except TANGS Gift Card, Food (seasonal), Hamper, Pre-order, Workshop and Services. The heat is generated by the oven's upper element. We do not accept any local returns through mail. The non-stick properties of the ceramic coating are a lot more limited, both in terms of performance and duration, than those of the classic (PTFE) coating. How can the consumer be aware of the fact that Tefal/T-fal cookware does not contain PFOA? For baked-on food, we recommend leaving your kitchenware to soak in soapy water, possibly with a little white vinegar. • Observe the recommended baking time,• Favour use of a dark coloured metallic pie tin with an adjustable height, and avoid pie tins made from earthenware, terracotta, porcelain or glass• Use the correct shelf position: On the middle for a fan-assisted oven and on the bottom for a convection oven,• Don't use aluminium cooking sheet. PFOA is the standard English abbreviation of perfluorooctanoic acid. What should I do if my appliance is not working? In summary, cookware with Tefal/T-fal non-stick coatings are made of PTFE and do not contain PFOA. Tefal/T-fal, as part of its commitment to Quality, has included "Health and Environment" Eco information on its non-stick Tefal/T-fal products.

And your pan will be as new.If the base is stubborn dirt, you can wet the pan soak first with hot water and a good degreasing dishwashing detergent. Depending on the range (check the packaging), most metal utensils can be used except knives, forks and whisks. What should you do when the food begins to stick? The Tefal Ingenio range of cookware combines the durability and non-stick reliability our pans are famous for, with incredible cooking versatility. The rotisserie accessory rotates to evenly brown your pieces of meat. In premium-quality, polished stainless steel with decorative brushed stainless-steel stripe, these elegant pans are ultra-durable, highly scratch resistant and easy to clean. Yes, it is normal for some smoke or a smell to be released the first time you use the appliance. However, the frying pan or saucepan has to be properly maintained. The heat is generated by the oven's upper and lower elements. Tefal Ingenio Removable Handle. For meat, it is necessary to turn the food to be grilled halfway through the cooking time (sausages, etc. The blowing around of the air allowsyour food to be cooked evenly.

5-720 • A grill element that can be folded down but is not removable*. Never force the elements when handling them.All accessories* (shelf, tray, rotary spit kit) can be washed in water with a little detergent added or can be washed in the dishwasher. temperature.• Set the time for 15 to 20 minutes.The oven starts up. Bake in the oven for around 40 minutes to 220°C. There is, at the moment, much confusion about non-stick coatings, which are sometimes related to PFOA. Why has the pie dough not baked correctly? However, care should be exercised when using any metal utensil. Choose plastic or wood. Do you use cadmium or lead in your Tefal/T-fal cookware? What are the warranty conditions of my appliance?

The non-stick coating should then be reconditioned with a little cooking oil wiped over the surface with a paper kitchen towel.• The frying pan may have been overheated causing damage and discolouration to the non-stick coating.

Use a baking temperature lower than the recommended one and increase the baking time. Non-stick pan:Cleaning by hand in soapy water is enough.The pan must be cleaned each time it's used to remove the film of grease that can stay on the surface. If we are unable to fulfill your order, you will be offered an alternative or given a refund for the unavailable product. It is PTFE which gives the cookware the non-stick properties. The non-stick coating in my frying pan is now sticking - why? There is neither cadmium nor lead in the non-stick coatings and enamel of our Tefal/T-fal cookware.

Set aside in the saucepan. Can I use metal utensils with my frying pans and saucepans? The turbo function allows you to cook all your dishes quickly. It is therefore extremely important not to damage this coating and we recommend that you avoid the use of scouring pads (Scotch Brite).In case of dishwasher use, it is preferable to use gentle detergents such as a liquid or gel.Moreover, a too intensive use of the dishwasher is not recommended.Washing by hand without scouring pads extends the life time of your cookware. We aim at making high quality products that will accompany you for a very long time, while preserving our planet's health thanks to recyclable products with safe ceramic coating (no PFOA, no lead, no cadmium).