They're good against shields but poor against armor. I've not used it in many many months but I remember being surprised and annoyed that, at that time, it didn’t convert the planet to my empire, just changed the ethics of all pops to spiritualist. They ignore both shields and armor and deal base damage directly to the hull. Space-to-space missiles equipped with various warheads.

Based on Engineering technology, kinetic weapons use various means of propulsion (such as Electromagnets, Electromagnetic Coils, and Electromagnetic Rails) to accelerate and fire solid projectiles.

Essentially scaled-up Kinetic Launchers, Mega Cannons are enormous mass accelerators that can only be placed in a spinal mount and fires huge, monstrously powerful disc-shaped projectiles over extreme distances. Certain weapons are easier to aim than others. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It is absurdly effective against shields but highly ineffective against both armor and hull.

God Ray was addressed by another redditer on this thread. Accuracy: The base chance of the weapon hitting a target, assuming the target has 0% evasion. Energy weapons that are specialized in dealing damage to a ship's hull. They are not efficient against full-size warships, however, as they have low damage compared to other weapons.

Please help with verifying or updating older sections of this article. A scaled-up version of the Cloud Lightning, itself a scaled up version of the Disruptor, these weapons launch lightning arcs of chaotic and unstable energy at targets, ignoring armor and shields. Damage: How much damage the weapon will deal per hit if it hits its target at 100% efficiency. They come in two types: Flak Guns and Point-Defense both of which can attack enemy ships, missiles and strike craft.

Ingame, a weapon has the following stats: Many weapons come in multiple sizes.

Cooldown: After attacking, every weapon has a mandatory time delay it has to go through before it can attack again.

Salvaged from Void Clouds, these weapons are essentially scaled-up Disruptors that use a special gas composition together with a specialized conduit to emit powerful lightnings.

Like the world cracker used on some empires capital makes every super friendly (try to fight you) to you, while the neutron sweep allows you to keep the planet’s buildings with less diplomatic benefits, and the shielded world allows you to have the least diplomatic benefits, So world cracker is -100 to everyone else, -1000 to the victim.

These weapons fire projectiles consisting of a rocket carrying an explosive energy payload of tightly concentrated protons or neutrons, capable of causing immense damage to the hull of enemy ships. God Ray - Religious type. Point-defense weapons are small turrets that are capable of targeting and destroying incoming missiles and strike craft, preventing them from dealing damage to the ship.

Damage multipler: How effective the weapon is against a given type of defense. Neutron Sweep is tech_pk_neutron, in "00_apocalypse_tech.txt" under Stellaris\common\technologies. They're good against shields but poor against armor.

Most advanced explosive weapons require Volatile Motes to build.

They are very effective against shields but very ineffective against armor.

Torpedos are slow to fire but carry a bigger payload and thus inflict high damage but have low survivability against point-defense due to their slowness. They are the only strike craft not to have 100% accuracy, instead having 70%. Thrall, resort, penal.

Based on Engineering technologies, these gun batteries fire small-size explosive fragmentation rounds that create shrapnel at close range detonation, allowing them to attack and destroy enemy strike craft. I cant find it anywhere. The technology required to build them can be accessed by taking the Colossus Project ascension perk. Presumably the PK stands for "Planet Killer.". Since you know abouts where to look, I'm looking for the tech id's for the world techs. They deal moderate damage and have moderate survivability against point defense. ... And the stars of the day, the absolute units, the weapons of true devastations, the Mega-Warforms. All in all, I personally use Neutron Sweep when playing as a normal empire, Nanobot Diffuser as Assimilators, nothing else unless it benefits my current playstyle. These manned strike craft are launched from a hangar or carrier mothership and rely on their speed, agility and small size to survive long enough to attack their targets. Stellaris is a 4X grand strategy video game based on space exploration. Why even use this, Planet cracker - cracks planets, takes names. Based on Society technology, an empire can breed Space Amoebae and use its Flagella as strike craft. This page was last edited on 23 September 2020, at 10:16. They are extremely effective against shields but highly ineffective against armor.

Disruptors, Cloud Lightning and Arc Emitters belong to this category.

Destroys the planet it's used on. Press J to jump to the feed.

Does the God Ray convert pops to your empire?

NOTE: titanic weapons are neither energy- nor kinetic-based, so they will not benefit from repeatable technologies.

Also handy dandy if you're hurting for minerals.

But I made the error of being a Driven Assimilator for my first highest galaxy setting, so I need to keep those populations for my transport fleets and the Nanobot Diffuser for worlds with excessive defense armies. Weapon components are devices that can be attached to military ships and are used to attack, damage and destroy other ships, specifically any ships that have been designated as valid targets.

All explosive weapons go in a special Guided slot. Can be learnt from the null void (a possible outcome of the interdimensional portal event chain), this weapon possesses the unique ability to destroy energy by harnessing the entropic nature of the null void. Autocannons are a smaller, rapid-fire version of the Mass Driver that fires very small solid projectiles at a very rapid rate. They ignore both shields and armor and deal base damage directly to the hull.

Mining Lasers, Launchers and Matter Disintegrators belong to this category. They are somewhat more effective against hull and deal base damage otherwise but are weak at surviving against point-defense weapons. Standard energy weapons are effective against armor and ineffective against shields.

Explosive weapons can be divided into 3 categories: Missiles, Swarmer missiles and Torpedoes. They are very effective against armor.

Cost: How many resources the weapon requires in order to be built and operated. < > Showing 1-2 of 2 comments . There's also the conversion ray thing for spiritualists and the nano swarm for assimilatiors, they work the same in that they convert the planet to you empire and keep everyone alive, but the nano swarm turns everyone into cyborgs in the process, its like a beefed up neutron sweep. In all seriousness, the planet cracker also has a niche use for removing habitable planets so you can build a ringworld, and you can even do this to planets in a system you already own as long as they aren't colonized. Each Fallen Empire has a 10% chance to get a Colossus at start and they can build as well after they Awakened. Standard explosive weapons.

Neutron Sweep - Expansion type.

The ID for the Stellaris event Colossus Project is apoc.100. Permanently bars the planet from interacting with the galaxy, but nobody has to die.

Range: The maximum effective firing distance of the weapon. If I'm being super super expansionist or purifier, neutron sweep. Essentially a hybrid between lasers and plasma launchers, they are extremely effective against armor and very effective against hull but are very ineffective against shields. Energy weapons generally have slightly better accuracy, lower damage and shorter range compared to kinetic weapons.

These weapons are used by Titans and Ion Cannons and can destroy a normal enemy ship of any size in a single hit from extreme range. It allows you to use cheat codes which make your game more interesting. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts.

These projectile launchers use various systems of electromagnets to accelerate and fire solid armor-piercing projectiles towards targets at high speeds. Larger sizes have lower tracking, but greater weapons range and high raw damage while smaller sizes conversely have higher tracking and higher ship accuracy but lesser weapons range and low raw damage. Plasma launchers launch balls of highly energized and destructive plasma. Exotic energy weapons that ignore shields and armor completely, dealing damage directly to the hull. They are highly effective against hull and very effective against armor but are very ineffective against shields. A list of all technologies in Stellaris, along with their IDs for use in console commands, cheats and mods.

Stellaris. Salvaged from ancient mining drones, these weapons use strong-focus lenses in combination with an oscillating firing frequency to create lasers strong enough to allow them to mine asteroids, or mine ships, destroying them. Based on Physics technologies, these hull-mounted turrets fire energy shots that detonate target payloads prematurely, allowing them to destroy incoming missiles. Their main advantage is their sheer destructive power coupled with an impressive range but their design limits them to large slots.