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share. So let's do this. you can guess the couples but there also a girl who's not any of their children. "Kendall asked as he noticed Hawk and Travis smirks, "Not..Oh great"Kendall said with a small blush, "You need to kiss her"Hawk teased as Kendall blushed, "Wait...You mean you know that I...like pizza"Kendall said as he saw the girls look at him while Rose smirk, "Yeah you do like Pizza"Rose said as she shifted her eyes towards Joy. "Kendall said with a chuckle as Travis looked at him, "Really Kendall a grumpy cat shirt? Anyway I gonna head to my house to pickup my car we'll meet at Rose House alright? Just like how all the boys are in love with his sister, all the girls are in love with him, but he pays no attention to them as he only loves himself. "Astoria asked as Rose grinned, "Kendall's been practicing parkour for a long time now along with Rock Climbing so to him this is a hobby"Rose said, They watched him climb until he was at the part he can grab the stamp as he grabbed it and climbed down. The circus is in town"Vicky said to her team, The group looked at Rose as Travis and Kendall looked at Astoria, "So how long do you think before Rose finds the stamp? you can guess the couples but there also a girl who's not any of their children. Kendall with a deadpan voice and Rose with a excited voice.

Read The Note from the story Regal Academy: I'm Sorry... by mythfanfic_627 (Mythy) with 654 reads. See image of Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld, the voice of Joy in Regal Academy (TV Show). Kendall I think your name here should be Kendall T.J. Aurora.

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His eyes widened as Rose looked sheepish.

Crossover - Ever After High & Regal Academy - Rated: K - English - Poetry - Chapters: 1 - Words: 43 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Published: This is a poem I wrote about based on Rose Cinderella from Regal Academy and Ashlynn Ella from Ever After High.

She has tower magic which allows plants to grow and ivy hair that lets her climb things using her hair. If The Cinderella stamp would be anywhere it would be here"Astoria said as Joy looked at Joy, "It's a good thing we have Cinderella Granddaughter with us"Joy said with a smile then turned into a questioning look when Rose looked away, "The truth is I don't really know if I'm related to Cinderella"Rose said as Travis looked at her in shock, "Then why are you here if you're not related to headmistress Cinderella? Ling Ling Ironman Three way Rock-Paper-Scissors? "Travis asked as Kendall looked at him, "Travis. They met when Kendall was practicing his guitar since he was shy when he was a kid. Regal Academy Br. You come out of nowhere and appear without someone seeing you like a Ghost"Kendall said as Ghost screeched in approval. He exited the car as he knocked on the door as he saw his friends and crush there wearing there casual outfit, "Hey guys ready to go? "Hey there I'm Kendall Taylor Jackson and this is Joy LeFrog"Kendall introduced himself and Joy as they smiled, "Hi there I'm Hawk Snow White grandson of Snow White"Hawk said as the pink haired girl stepped forward, "I'm Astoria Rapunzel"Estoria introduced herself as Kendall and Joy nodded, "Travis I didn't know you go here? You have a key right? "Kendall shouted as Kendall chased the Bird. They can call different armors.

fairytale, shastoria, kissing.

tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (1), that I've written in under an hour or two, if you're a Hawk x Rose shipper who gets easily triggered then please don't read for your own safety, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, but people will get triggered if I make it highkey so. 1. "Alright here you go"His dad Thomas said as he handed a gold key with a pumpking on top as Kendall looked at his dad. "Rose asked excited as everyone agrees as Kendall pressed play as the movie started as Kendall grabbed a bowl of popcorn as they watched the movie, An hour into the movie.

Kendall picked Joy up as he then kissed her as she turned back to human form as they separated as he saw he was carrying her bridal style as Both teens blushed as Kendall let Joy down gently, "Thanks"Joy said blushing as Kendall nodded as Joy went to her friends as they noticed their smirks as Joy noticed it, "What? "LeFrog asked his granddaughter, "I will grandpa bye"Joy said as she left as LeFrog waved her goodbye as he picked up the phone, "Hello LeFrog"Aurora said as LeFrog smiled, "Hello Aurora what can I do for you after all it's been a while since you called? This is a Hase fanfiction.

"Katherine asked amused, "She's fine and yes she is.

read it that way please? They arrived at the Academy as they saw a girl with long pink hair with green. "Kendall shouted as he was falling from the door. Rose Cinderella Uranimated18's TV-spoof of "Regal Academy", Star Butterfly as Pinky (Hawk SnowWhite's Girlfriend), Evil Frankie Pamplemouse as Vicky Broomsticks.

"Joy asked curiously as they turns back to Kendall, Kendall then began running again as he then planted his foot at the bottom then used it to jump up as he then grabbed the onto a ledge as he planted his feet on the rocky surface began to climb up as his new teammates looked at him in shock, "How was he able to do that? Kendall was thinking of Joy while he was playing with as he continued playing, Joy was currently packing things she needs for the sleepover since Rose invited her as she heard the tune as she felt someone was thinking about making her feel like she was being loved by someone as she closed her eyes as she listened to it, Kendall then played the final part as he stopped as he smiled, "That was amazing dear"Aurora said as he smiled, "Thanks.

The Ouran High School now has a foreign exchange program? Eyes that are like gems and skin so flawless.
Now let's get some sleep"Kendall said as they went to sleep, Kendall groaned as he opened his eyes as he saw Joy shaking him as he sat up, "Joy what's wrong? 6. They approached her and they helped her find her parents, Kendall then noticed he was at Travis house as he knock on the door. Regal Academy 在 Instagram 上发布:“Merry Christmas to all, I really love you all ”, Regal Academy 在 Instagram 上发布:“Girls ”, Regal Academy 在 Instagram 上发布:“@regal_academyedits @regal_academy_edits”, @regalacademy2 在 Instagram 发布:“Fly - - - #regalacademy #rosecinderella #hawksnowwhite #travisbeast #astoriarapunzel #joylefrog #linglingironfan #regalacademy2”. Major Character Death; Summary. They met Rose during summer after they graduated from Elementary. He styled his blonde hair in a Messy Spike as he rubbed his Silver eyes as he puts on his Full Moon Necklace with a Aurora along with a Black watch, "Kendall honey come down it's time for you to go to school"His mom Katherine said. Kendall ran into a alley as he followed the Eagle as it perched itself on a bar as he drop a Bag into Kendall arms, "Wonder what that's about?

They were able to finish the movie as Kendall set up the Wii as he held two controllers, "That movie was awesome"Rose said with a smile as Travis frowned, "I'm having mixed feelings about it"Travis said as Rose giggled as Kendall went over to them, "Alright guys we're gonna play Wii Baseball right now. "Kendall asked itself before the Eagle swooped itself into the door as Kendall was pushed into the door by the Bird. How are you two? See what he can help with. I will do a Regal Academy fanfiction. 6 days 23 hours left. After all it can't be hard to find six stamps.

Ling Ling was new to this whole ball gig. … She was the one who usually caught me and a friend of mine in a prank"Thomas said rubbing the back of his head, "I'm Astoria Rapunzel"Astoria said as Katherine smiled, "How is your mother dear? Shawn x Astoria. All right goes to the owner, Chapter 1:The Arrival to Regal Academy and A Sleepover. save.

Uma comunidade sobre Regal Academy um dos meus desenhos favoritos. Kendall decided to zone out until he heard his name as he saw his friends as his team. CAN YOU BELIEVE FAIRY TALES ARE. You must be logged in to vote. "AHHH! When Rose and Travis noticed this they couldn't help but contain their laughter as Kendall looked at them with a questioning look, "What? Let me try it then"Kendall said as he place the Dragon Crystal in the hole as he began playing a calm tune, (AN:Think the tune of Photograph by Ed Sheeran), Kendall then closed his eyes as he didn't noticed a Aurora exit the dagger as it spread throughout Fairy Tail land as everyone felt at peace. The Forces of Evil), Travis Beast - Twist (Fresh Beat Band Of Spies), Pinky (Hawk SnowWhite's Girlfriend) - Star Butterfly (Star vs. Kendall walked to the front and saw Rose, Travis, Hawk, Astoria and Joy all of which looked at him with a smile which he returned. So guys leave a Review and thank you for your continuous support. "Thomas asked with a smile, "Yeah I do know her. "Hawk asked as Kendall smirked, "Movie anyone? Crossover - Naruto & Regal Academy - Rated: K - English - Poetry - Chapters: 1 - Words: 56 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Published: This is a poem I wrote based on Odette Swan from Regal Academy and Duchess Swan from Ever After High. Still reading books? Joy Le Frog We also see their friends knowing about their developing romance. Astoria loves being a bookworm and having good grades- grades are forever after all! She and her brother both have True Loves Magic, which can undo curses around them. She is more serious and cares more about her grade. Like how every girl is in love with her brother, all the boys are in love with her though she only loves Hawk SnowWhite.

Sep 24, 2020 - Age : (Child) 5 Years Old (Teenager) 14 Years Old Hawk SnowWhite Travis Beast Shawn Beast Rose Cinderella Ling Ling Ironman Joy Le Frog Astoria Rapunzel Fala SnowWhite. "Cinderella asked, "Kendall Taylor Jackson and if I'm right you are headmistress Cinderella"Kendall said, "You are correct now let's see. Gallery. The teams get sent to various places, and chaos ensues. Travis Beast she has a story she doesn't know about and adopted and raised by Alicia Puss 'n' Boots. By the end of the year we'll be the best team"Astoria said as they agreed, Kendall, Rose and Travis were walking down the hallway as Kendall looked at his two friends, "So we're still on later right? In The End Rose,Travis and Kendall were the one who will do it.

It's a place where fans of the cartoon Regal Academy can come to. Kendall groaned as he gets himself out of bed. или у вас, так же, как и у меня, лучше получается…”, Hawk SnowWhite/3D | Regal Academy Encyclopedia | Fandom, Regal Academy (2016 TV Show) - Behind The Voice Actors, Travis Beast/3D | Regal Academy Encyclopedia | Fandom, Rose Cinderella/3D | Regal Academy Encyclopedia | Fandom, LingLing IronFan/3D | Regal Academy Encyclopedia | Fandom, LingLing gif by CatCamellia on DeviantArt, Astoria Rapunzel/3D | Regal Academy Encyclopedia | Fandom, Astoria Rapunzel | Character | Regal Academy, Joy LeFrog/3D | Regal Academy Encyclopedia | Fandom. Goodbye Aurora"LeFrog said, "Goodbye and I'll see you tomorrow"Aurora said as they handed up, Kendall arrived at the gate as he saw the team there as he approached them, "Hey guys I don't mind you being here but how did you know?