Three weeks later he was buried in Worcester Cathedral parallel with the altar with much pomp and pageantry. We know about Arthur’s funeral because a royal herald, one William Colbarne or Colbourne (the York Herald) wrote a first hand account.

The Cathedral contains the tomb of King John in its chancel.

It’s a two-storey affair that rather overshadows the fourteenth century tombs beneath it. The Cathedral's first and foremost purpose, of offering worship day by day, goes on. Henry arranged an advantageous foreign marriage for his son, to Princess Catherine of Aragon. So much theater for common userping no bodies from mixed bloods. Historians tend to think it is more likely that he had tuberculosis, the disease that ultimately, probably, carried off his father (Henry VII) and his nephew (Edward VI). Arthur’s younger brother Henry now became heir to the throne and the new Prince of Wales. I think that its entirely possible that you and I might disagree about the role of the distaff side of the family tree! Learn how your comment data is processed. Arthur grew up to be unusually tall for his age, and was considered handsome by the Spanish court: he had reddish hair, small eyes, a high-bridged nose, resembling his brother Henry, who was said to be "extremely handsome" by contemporaries. Named after the great hero of British mythology, Arthur’s birth in 1486 symbolised hope and unity for a country which had been ravaged by the Wars of the Roses. The next day a long series of funeral services began It is said … The only thing Henry did was to account our incomes and charge us income taxes that has feed this useless idle band for what seems an eternity.

A walk through the... The golden ceiling in the Quire is amazing. The need to control.I Like your sentence ” Popped his clogs” set in stone on Tudors grave is most rewarding as it brings things down to earth with a bang.

Having lost his heir, Henry appears to have been keen to remind everyone how successful his reign had been, that he had more sons and that he was perfectly entitled to the throne, thank you very much, and hadn’t he done well arranging a marriage with a European royal house such as Ferdinand and Isabella’s. Only Plantagenet Kings should be recorded.The tomb in Worcester is more an eye sore of bling.

His parents’ marriage united the houses of Lancaster and York and the new Tudor dynasty was born. England was and is in the hands of foreign power ever since.Our Queen today boasts lineage to only a councilor from Hanover who was invited to be King of Britain by a parliament who broke every law made in order to have a protestant puppet. They were married for 24 years before Henry sought an annulment to marry Anne Boleyn and change the Church in England for ever.

Being Henry VII’s son there is also a detailed account of the cost of the funeral.

For what ever Johns sins he was less the despot than Tudor who paid mercenaries to murder an anointed King on his English soil. Historians have known for centuries that Arthur was buried somewhere in Worcester Cathedral, southern England, which has a chantry, or chapel, dedicated to the first Prince of Wales from the Tudor clan. There’s the white rose of York and red rose of Lancaster for instance as well as the Tudor rose; the Beaufort portcullis; a pomegranate for Catherine of Aragon whose home was Grenada and a sheath of arrows which belong to her mother Isabella of Castille; a Welsh dragon and the white greyhound of Richmond – a reminder that Edmund Tudor, Henry VI’s half brother was the earl of Richmond. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Whilst John Plantagenet is far less noticed on that podium before the altar. A place of prayer and worship for fourteen centuries. I have hated Tudor power since their wish to rid the earth of my bloodlines.

Henry Tudor did marry Elizabeth of York – so the Plantagenet line continued. The inscription round the tomb’s edge reads that Prince Arthur was the first begotten son of the ‘right reknowned’ King Henry VII and that he popped his clogs in Ludlow in the seventeenth year of his father’s reign. As described by historians Steven Gunn and Linda Monckton, Arthur had an "amiable a… If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu.

A bastard in the true sense of the word and a criminal under English law.

Hotels near Worcester City Art Gallery & Museum, Hotels near Worcester Tourist Information Centre, See all 2,845 reviews of Worcester Cathedral. more. Using radar devices, archaeologists say they have now located Arthur's grave beneath the cathedral's limestone floor.

For the latest information on opening times, public worship and visiting, please, Sign up for our latest news, events and fundraising, Christmas Trees at Worcester Cathedral 2020. At the time it was announced that he’d died from sweating sickness. Arthur was taken to be buried at Worcester Cathedral where his ornate tomb stands to this day. Arthur is said to have been a gentle prince, in total contrast to his younger brother Henry.

Archaeologists have discovered the grave of Prince Arthur, the older brother of Henry VIII, who died of a mysterious illness when he was 15.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Royal Tombs... A place of prayer and worship for fourteen centuries.

The main stain glass window is in scaffolding at the moment being restored. Though I must admit I do like the idea of Parliament going back up the family tree scratching their heads trying to find an appropriately Protestant family member to offer the crown to – as you’ve said before, who needs fiction when there’s so much chicanery in History?

We live-stream an act of worship daily on the Worcester Cathedral Facebook page, and are open for individual silent prayer and reflection during the national lockdown (11am-1pm). Royal Tombs, early 12th Century round Chapter House, examples of every type of early English Architecture, beautiful Norman Crypt, medieval Cloister, magnificent Victorian stained glass. Sunday Eucharist 10.30am, Holy Communion Wednesday 1pm & Friday 11.30am. Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Benedictine Monasteries in Alphabetical Order. Before his death in Newark in 1216, John had requested to be buried at Worcester.

Free admission. There are other amazing tombs to look at here. His tragic death was mourned by all and after lying in state for three weeks at Ludlow Castle, the body was transported to Ludlow Church where masses were sung.

Prince Arthur’s tomb Posted on August 31, 2016 Prince Arthur, born 1486 in Winchester- the heir uniting the white rose with the red, died on April 2, 1502 after a few short months of marriage to Catherine of Aragon. There ae many heraldic carvings symbolising the various houses such as York, Lancaster, Beaufort and even Catherine of Aragon’s pomegranate. Three weeks later he was buried in Worcester Cathedral parallel with the altar with much pomp and pageantry. Three days later the cortege set out for Worcester where the body was placed on a magnificent bier. She did, after all, provide half of the DNA required for the Tudor dynasty which turned in the Stuart line etc etc. During the reign of Arthur’s nephew the protestant Edward VI some of the carvings were damaged, but the Chantry itself survived. Stunning end to end vista.

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He is buried between the shrines of St Wulstan and St Oswald (now destroyed). The newly-wed Prince and Princess of Wales began their married life at Ludlow Castle but they had only been married a few months before both of them became dangerously ill with ‘sweating sickness’. The symbolism on the chantry is typical of Tudor iconography. Worcester Cathedral the resting place of the lost Tudor Prince, Arthur, older brother of Henry VIII Skip to main content For the latest information on opening times, public worship and visiting, please click here

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