First and third place totals separated by under $250. Colleen has one of the biggest one-day winnings so far in 1985. This may be the last episode to air during the five weeks of Summer 1986 reruns. This is an episode guide for the U.S. game show Press Your Luck.Champions on an episode are bolded. Second time in the series the car was hit! Version 2.0 of the board shuffling sound debuts in this episode. Also, Chris appeared to be copying Michael Larson, but fails in the end. Robert from December 1985 returns due to a technical error.

Slides that spell "MERRY XMAS" are given a neon-era makeover, and would only prevail for three days. 1986 was when Press Your … Santa of Wilmington, CA. $10,000 Add-a-One was hit by Sherry, only to be lost to a Whammy in Round Two. After the problem was fixed, Hong Kong was now shown in said prize rotation. Marlene would return later in 1985 due to a board malfunction. Round Two board updated - Whammy slides have moved around.

Brian defeats Lark, winning by a narrow margin. Philip wins his second show with a much bigger win! Gayle wins a Game Table worth $2,595 for Carol Kronyak of Hasbrouck Heights, NJ.

Version 2.0 of the board shuffling sound is played during the final two spins of the game. Card Sharks debuted on January 6, 1986.

Tied with Michele's one-day win from 3/29 for the lowest one-day non-$0 win in the series. Wayne technically becomes the new champion, despite being his second show. GSN skipped this episode, but thanks to a once-circulating screenshot from a 1986 flashback intro, a closeup of the male contestant's nametag revealed his name was Mike.

Not much won by Michael, but hold on to your seats... Molly returns due to a technical problem. Game ends with over $50,000 among all three players.

Perri utters "money money money" really fast. Mike actually tries to push down a Whammy. The 400th episode, but no such mention was made. It's possible episodes #367-#370 were recorded on January 26, 1985, a rare case of four shows taped in a day. Contestants can now stay until they've lost twice.

Anne-Marie defeats Yvonne - in a big way! 1985: 1986: This is the 1983 section of the Press Your Luck episode guide. Rod Roddy makes a cameo appearance in this episode. NOTE: Press Your Luck did not air on January 1 due to the Cotton Bowl Parade coverage. In 2005, it was the latest episode to air on GSN until September 2014. The show's first non-$0 tie was possible on a Move-One-Space choice. Preempted on September 02 and 06 for the U.S. Open Tennis Championships. Sam hits Double Your $$ + One Spin at Square 7 for $2,220. Men dressed as "Whammybusters" are in the studio audience. Dave retires undefeated and is the biggest winner of all time at this point in the series. reads the chyron on screen just after Cindy was declared champion. Lorraine is the first contestant in the series to hit four Whammies on only four spins used. Peter does the entire show wearing his pajamas and robe, and Rod Roddy's face is seen in the intro. Michele's strategy failed to Mark Lambrecht. Game Shows Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Magic Mountain appears on the board at the end of Round 1, but it was never hit, so its price remains a mystery. Christina is the second contestant in the series to hit four Whammies on only four spins used.

First episode with film footage of each round's feature trip shown at the beginning of each round. This segment would later be featured in a one-time only flashback intro. After Round 1, Dan's total was short by $200 due to an error. John wins $3,000 for Dale Skipper of Mexico Beach, FL. Other minor cosmetic changes prevalent as of this episode. During Round 1, the blue Home Robot slide from the 1983 pilot episode makes its first appearance in the actual series, was hit and won. Doris wins an African Safari among her winnings. A new Round 1 record is set at this point in the series.

Peter first announces Home Player Sweepstakes III.

After Ruth wins the game, she runs out and hugs Peter! Jerome becomes the first (if not only) player to hit a car twice in the same run, only to lose it (and the game) to a cutthroat pass from Tim. Ken celebrates his victory by taking off his jacket, and Peter does the same! The first time in the series the game ended in a tie, and with $0! One of Stacey's spins is among the longest ever. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. On the first spin of the game, Add-a-One is hit for ten dollars.