Will it be ‘grace’? Forgive us for our human impulses, and change us: CALLING TO UNBURDEN And sometimes when we do things like that, it’s not really about the other people, but about us. Learn how your comment data is processed. To confess is to declare oneself ready for a more courageous road, one in which a previously defended identity might not only be shorn away, but be seen to be irrelevant, a distraction, a working delusion that kept us busy over the years and held us unaccountable to the real question. Make our homes places of refuge and sources of strength

Please feel free to use whatever is useful. through Jesus Christ our Lord. Grant us the courage and the grace to seek their forgiveness COMMUNAL PRAYER To a wholeness with each other and with You. sharing one home, We confess that we have allowed those rifts to grow, God, send us out to be ambassadors of hope and joy. We have broken the relationship.

Have faith that you are with us. Thanks in Jesus! Through prayers of confession, we come clean with God about our mistakes and need for God’s grace, preparing our hearts to be cleansed by Christ’s sacrifice and transformed by the Holy Spirit. God bless you in this ministry. And we are not only forgiven, we are also freed. Holy God, we come before You in humility, It is expected that we will allow the word of God that is preached searches our soul and expose our sin. We trust that in the jumble of all of this, you are present. God is love. Parish Associate, Brown Memorial Park Avenue Presbyterian (Baltimore) Thank you for sharing them.

“Come and see,” You said, and we looked around – The doubt that plagues us. Let us now pray to God about those things. Our voices are hoarse from cryout out. Enable us to see as you see, the wide vistas open to the possibility of compassion and grace. I have modified the beginning but kept the end. Let us offer up the wrongs we have done: For not loving you in the same way: Forgive us when we follow those paths that do not lead to life, Lord Christ, Sometimes shame clenches tightly around our hearts, and we hide our true feelings. It is hard to admit whatever responsibility we might have in the plagues of the world. –Nolan Palsma, Pitcher Hill Community Church, North Syracuse, NY, O God of shalom, We ask that you make us whole, through the love of Jesus. In this season of short days and long nights, we may find ourselves restless in the evening, too much on our minds and hearts. Alleluia, Amen. CALL TO CONFESSION Hear us, forgive us, reshape us, and love us, we pray. We ask for your help and your power to change. How long will humanity turn your glory into shame? Prayers of Confession and Pardon O Holy One, we call to you and name you as eternal, ever-present, and boundless in love. Holy God, we know that you created us in love, to enjoy this world and You, to serve your creation and your children. Amen.

Let us live and move and have our being in you, O God. When we box you in, We close the door when we could fling it wide open. O God who gave us life and death, you hold us in your hands. between husband and wife, parent and child, sisters and brothers. I have copied and saved this entire blog post for use in my ministry, with your permission. For not loving You with all our heart, O God; And we saw our own minds, so smart yet timid; Sometimes our lives are great and we forget to be to grateful and humble. CALL TO CONFESSION In the beauty of this space, in this sacred moment, in the fellowship we have with one another, we speak with God about our lives, about how we have followed and how we have faltered. Absolutely! Philippians 4:6-7 says, "I will not fret or have anxiety about anything, but in every circumstance and in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, continue to make my requests known to God. Amen. from all restlessness and anxiety.

For apathy, All fall short of the glory of God. Blessings to you, too! And hear us again, as we offer you our confession in silence. Build in us the assurance that you are at work and in control. thank you. And we are not only forgiven, we are also freed. We do not know what we will find there. O Lamb of God, we remain unmoved by your tears, by your slow dying. Beth, God calls to see it all, and to help when we can.

that I may fear your name. Thank you for sharing such thoughtful and beautiful liturgy with the world! To undo what is crushing and wrong, Brothers and sisters in Christ, let us proclaim the Good News: Amen. Our play is marked by merriment, but beneath that looms the Other: our worry; our sorrow; our shame, our guilt, our grief. We invite you on our journeys, O God. We need to be forgiven for our sin, for our mistakes, for mistaking what the world values with what you value. Help us to be mindful of the grace and beauty that surround us right now. Amen. Trusting in God’s mercy, let us make our confession. To be invited into the practice of confession is to invited into the possibility of reconciliation that is available through the grace of God. Holy God, giver of life and forgiver of sin,

Forgive us, we pray, through Christ our Lord. For those ways in which we remain unchanged by that suffering and sacrifice, let us make our confession. Dear Beth, thanks for sharing your gift to name our pain and sin and the power of God’s grace. Amen. Of course!

Sure, Dan, that’s fine. I will borrow and adapt from your gift – if they inspire me, they will inspire others. Attach a picture of the dish your recipe describes how to make. Sometimes our inaction leaves the world in its sorry state.

You heal someone’s beloved, and we ask, “Why not this one too?” You shower food upon some who hunger, and we complain that our stomachs are growling. Hie Bath, Will be using your confession this Sunday. For pride, Almighty God, who through your prophets foretold a day when swords will be beaten into plowshares and who in Jesus Christ made peace through the blood of the cross, pour out your Spirit on all people everywhere so that we may be delivered from hate, hostility, and self-seeking, and find our peace in your will. Trusting in God’s grace and mercy, let us make our confession. And you watch us tear things apart with our words and deeds. ASSURANCE OF FORGIVENESS Friends, hear the good news: Jesus came not to condemn us, but to love us and save us and show us the way. For dismissal: All is not well, Holy God. We are in such desperate need of your forgiveness. Let us open our hearts, minds, and souls to the One who loves us without condition, trusting that we will receive grace and mercy. And our families are rent apart. That distance is sometimes our foolish choices, or our selfish acts, or the hurt we cause another. We ask that we will not be captive to the wrong we do, but changed by the mercy you grant. Let us pray together: Walk with us in this holy season, and help us King David of  Old Testament times loved God with all his heart.

All is not well, and we hurt in part because we cannot make things better for ourselves, for those we love, or for the world.