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The subsidised rate for the course is £250, household income under £14,000 per year. You can enrol right now - just go to the "It's easy to enrol" box at the top of this page. This is a full Permaculture Design Course accredited by the Permaculture Association GB and supported by the Vegan Organic Network. If taking the certified teacher led route you will get an official Introduction to Permaculture certificate delivered to you from the Permaculture Association. Some concessionary places for those less able to afford full costs may also be available. Purposeful Design - Our clients are both mother nature & future generations! Stourbridge, UK.

The course ran in May and October 2016 with 26,000 registrations to date. Take permaculture courses online with the Permaculture Association . Thirteen chapters cover: plant selection, establishment, problems, and plants for wet areas. Support to use the ethics on your own purposeful design work. Yet even a vegan diet can have a high carbon footprint if still reliant on processed foods from industrialised agricultural systems. Nature based design can offer sustainable solutions in times of crisis. ", "How we use systems thinking and these design principles to apply to whatever you want... anyone can learn about it.". a designer, teacher or consultant); or you may work in a broader field, and apply permaculture to that field; for example: The possibilities for employment are endless. We have brought together loads of resources and will connect you with other learners. As far as my personal reasons, I want to see the permaculture paradigm spread throughout the Earth and for many more people to get educated, connect with each other, and shift their lives towards practicing permaculture.

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Students who complete all course activities should expect to spend between two to four hours each week on course work. Completion of this course will help you to develop your ability to independently prepare plans for a permaculture system appropriate for particular environments and sites. It will be run on Monday, Tuesday and Friday afternoons, for the four weeks in November - with an optional "social online" each Wednesday at a time to be agreed with participants. Our horticulture courses allow you to study from the comfort and convenience of your own home/garden.

The second changed my life (for the better) and gave me the courage to ditch a a job that was wearing me down, in favour of self-employment that has left me happier than ever before as an adult. If you would like to take the full Foundations of Permaculture course very quickly, it could be taken over a few days on the ‘study anytime’ option. Right now, we are creating and testing permaculture courses for you to study online. We will have an introductory session to get to know everyone for a couple of hours from 14:00 on Friday 30 October, with the main course starting on Monday 2 November at 12:45. A nature based approach - context & ethics, Principles of Permaculture - Holmgren principles, How to Apply Permaculture - looking at nature and how we can use it as an example in design - covering observation of guilds, applying to the built environment, social systems and the personal context, Design Frameworks - SADIMET, OBREDIMET, Design Web and choosing your framework, Design Methods - Skills, tools & methods, design exercise and presentation, Your next steps - LAND, membership, connecting with each other and feedback. The course comprises 8 lessons as detailed, below. Spiralseed supports the Vegan Organic Network.

Describe the stages involved in the process of producing a permaculture design. If you are looking for permaculture courses to attend in person see our full course listings.

We have made efforts to make this course accessible. But we advise you take time, to allow your learning to permeate into your life  - connect with your local LAND projects and teachers, and apply your learning. If you are looking for permaculture courses to attend in person see our full course listings. Explain the procedures followed in practising different techniques which are sympathetic to permaculture, including: No-dig gardening, Companion Planting, Biological control, and Sustainable harvesting. Full details about the Vegan PDC here.

Permaculture is a philosophy which encompasses the establishment of environments which are highly productive, stable and harmonious and which provide food, shelter, energy etc., as well as supportive social and economic infrastructures. The Commercial Hydroponics ebook is ideal for students, professional horticulturalists and those who want to build a strong foundation knowledge in hydroponics.

As such permaculture stresses a positive approach and an attitude of cooperation, with respect to the environment and all living things. In the making for over two years, over the past nine months we've created all the modules working closely with real learners to fine-tune and improve the course to make it what it is now.

Wow!…”, “If anyone is considering this course I would really recommend it”, “The course was terrific and was paced in such a way as to ensure maximum benefit”, “This has been an amazing week of learning. Courses from ACS Distance Education . Students who complete all course activities should expect to spend between two to four hours each week on course work. Members of the Permaculture Association can add Events, Courses, Jobs and Opportunities to the website noticeboard. This is a full Permaculture Design Course accredited by the Permaculture Association GB and supported by the Vegan Organic Network. Cost; Full cost £400.

Adriana Fraser Cert.Hort., Cert.Child Care., Adv.Cert.App.Mgt., Cert IV Assessment and Training., Adv.Dip.Hort. Determine the appropriate use of swales on a sloping site. (more details on our Facebook event page) three alternative sources of electricity). If you have any questions at all, they are always happy to help.

A third course offering, Permaculture Design: Practicum, is … Select appropriate technologies for use in permaculture systems. Most permaculture courses focus on landscape design but don’t do much to help you gain … With 25% off 6 specially selected books from the Permaculture Magazine. Explain the husbandry of one specified type of plant, in a permaculture system visited by you. We have a globally recognised, active community of permaculture teachers. Subscribe to our newsletters to be informed about courses and industry news in the areas you are interested... Maggi is regarded as an expert in organic growing throughout the UK, having worked for two decades as Education Officer at the world renowned Henry Doubleday Research Association. Oregon State University is offering for the third (and maybe last) time, the 4-week online,, Taking Permaculture to Schools, Community and Those in Need, Slow Travel in Ireland, Connemara Dreaming, A Model for Community Permaculture Projects, Black Lives Matter - a Permaculture Perspective, How We Can Make a Difference: EcoFashion Activism, The Micro Smallholding: Grow 85% of your food on 8/10th acre, Building Soil and Fertility with Pasture Fed Livestock. If you are looking for permaculture courses to attend in person see our full course listings. Whether you have a balcony, patio, windowsill or small garden, you can still grow! ACS is a Member of the Permaculture Association (UK), The Institute of Horticulture (UK), and the Alternative Technology Association (Australia).

The garden or farm may very well change over the years, but it always remains productive, requires little input once established, and is environmentally sound. From 2005 she has worked exclusively in horticulture as proprietor of her own garden design and consultancy business in and around Derbyshire; and at the same time as part time manager of a small garden centre.

Others provide wood for fuel and timber for buildings and fences. Kick your Learning into High Gear After my PDC, I went on to practice permaculture in my own front yard , and at my community garden before I began teaching and consulting.

Animal Husb, B.App.Sc., Grad.Dip.Mgt, PDC, M.Enviro.Mgt. Nature based design can offer sustainable solutions in times of crisis.

Graham Bell one of the longest standing Permaculture teachers in the UK will be leading the course and issuing a UK PDC certificate at the end. Diana has been an enthusiastic and very knowledgeable tutor with ACS since 2008.

Tutors in this course hold an authentic PDC. Evaluate the suitability of different building techniques in a permaculture system. See our Events page for upcoming workshops and courses, or subscribe to this site and you will receive an email notification of upcoming courses and workshops.

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Education and training is central to permaculture - visit this page to find permaculture teachers.

Describe the harvest, treatment and use of various products derived from different types of animals in a permaculture system.

In comparison to modern farming techniques practised in Western civilisations, the key elements of permaculture are low energy and high diversity inputs.

All online lecture sessions and tours will be recorded, so that even if you are unable to attend in person at any of the times above you will still be able to access the learning content. Differentiate between permaculture and other sustainable systems. If choosing the teacher led certified option, you may be able to start the course at one of our events, such as the convergence or diploma gathering. Recognition for Prior Learning application, our specialist Permaculture tutors are more than happy to help and advise you with any questions regarding the course. The design of the landscape, whether on a suburban block or a large farm, is based on these elements. Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. OSU views it as beneficial to support Permaculture by funding this MOOC. We are the leading worldwide provider of the official 72-hour Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course online, as well as the Diploma, Masters and Ph.D. degrees in Permaculture Design. Learn the basics of permaculture design, with our Foundations of Permaculture course.