Advanced or specialty courses in permaculture disciplines may also qualify. Professional Counselor It’s about witnessing and actually living in a more balanced, sustainable, and fulfilling way with the natural world, and with each other. Through a program of self-directed action learning, mentorship, and peer review, the PINA diploma recognizes post-PDC accomplishment and excellence in a growing number of specializations. Online Courses.

Don’t worry, we won’t share your info with anyone. The campus is beautiful in every season and sits within a larger community of people and teachers all working/living together with the shared mindset of good stewardship.

Congratulations to Jocotenango Garden of Hope for winning the Community Development award! Tiny House and Natural Building Student, “I’ve always been drawn to building and carpentry, but I’ve never had the basics explained to me in a coherent, hands-on way.

This is a deposit and part of the course fee. Facilitators also use other learning methods including action learning, site visits, lecture, walk and talk, games, movies, group work, think and listen, and participatory art.

One of the most valuable things I learned was how to be realistic with my plan—how to slow down on the front end and invest a bit more time into planning my projects so I can be more efficient and productive as I begin to build.

All of this is nestled amidst wild, ancient mountains. PINA’s first North American Leadership Summit (NALS), concluded August 23rd, was a roaring success.

From the Blog. You will leave this course with a solid grounding of how you can apply perma ... Join us for 2 days of permaculture design theory and action. “I found Natalie, her family and the Wild Abundance community years ago in my search for a deeper connection to the Earth and for a deeper knowledge of our relationship with our environment. ... Mar 18 2019. Get to know program facilitators, guest teachers, and the Terra Alta crew, Students looking for practical experience and holistic perspective (our certification can be accredited for university depending on the requirements of your program--please check with your university first), Permaculture designers, artists, architects, and landscapers. Join us for 2 days of permaculture design theory and action.

We teach them in a way that’s relevant to the present, so that together, we can create a vital future. All of her courses are online, no one turned away for lack of funds, and with original and curated multimedia content from over 100 expert teachers and practitioners from around the world.

Also in line with other PDCs, ours is designed to reflect the conditions of our locale—the beautiful bioregion of Sintra.

Photographer Learn more about PINA Continuing Education. Students will be introduced to a Permaculture land design method called "SADIM" which stands for Survey, Analyse, Design, Implement and Maintain. Forty-two amazing permaculture designs were submitted for the 2018 PINA Design Contest. We teach them in a way that’s relevant to the present, so that together, we can create a vital future.

All our courses are conducted in English. The following Permaculture elements and functions are on display amongst others: Small-scale earthworks to capitalize on impervious surface runoff, Extensive food forest of subtropical, temperate, and Mediterranean species corresponding with the earthworks, Hot & cold composting (vermiculture) systems for boosting soil life, picking up on waste streams, and cycling nutrients, Food preservation and supporting the local economy of food production, Small intentional community focused on adult education through permaculture courses but more importantly holistic, Waldorf and permaculture inspired education for the children of the local area, Natural building techniques utilized for dwellings, outdoor cooking, and social spaces, Renewable energy technology featuring solar panels – we provide charging only for mobile phones due to the limited amount of energy, ©2019 Terra Alta Permaculture Education & Research Centre. The time at Terra Alta was incredibly valuable to me. Join the Permaculture movement, gain practical answers and solutions for today's global problems and immerse yourself into a transformative lifestyle that can make a real difference for you, the global community and our planet!

"Without permanent agriculture, there is no possibility of a stable social order.

Through PINA, they enjoy access to training, mentorship, work exchange, and professional networking. Thanks for dropping in. More information and recorded webinar purchase. We have a. Courses are held in the United States, with special opportunities abroad.

Learning here isn’t just about gaining skills and knowledge. ), Summer Planting for Fall and Winter Harvests (FREE!

You’ll also be in an informed position to further your journey into permaculture design.

You will leave this course with a solid grounding of how you can apply permaculture principles in your home, garden, or ... Join us for 2 days of permaculture design theory and action. Community Organizer A particular juicy area for exploration is how regional mutual aid initiatives might form the basis for PINA hubs. Contest winner Tao Orion’s Integrated Water-Harvesting Earthworks provide access, water harvesting potential and fire resilience by developing a pond using Keyline design principles. Since our classroom is outdoors, we’re able to run most of our in-person classes safely as well.

... Permaculture BC … Watch the 5th video made with a grant from the PINA Design Contest in Media & Communications.

Being a bit insecure in the beginning I opened up to the people and found that they were all wonderful, without exceptions.

This includes food and camping. It felt very good to meet so many people who are open-minded and who deeply care about the Earth. The teachings were great, easy to follow and accessible, regardless of the present level of knowledge you have.

For both urban and rural dwellers. PINA sponsored events that qualify for CCE in 2019-2020 include the Global Earth Repair Conference; Integrated Water Harvesting, a 2 part hands-on workshop at Aprovecho Institute in Oregon in June and Fall 2019 for implementing the winner contest design; a 4-session fall 2019 webinar on Mutual Aid with Zev Friedman, and a Spring 2020 Urban Permaculture Convergence in New York. And, Wild Abundance now feels like a comforting home away from home every time I come back to visit.”, -Merideth Finney Garrigan, Charleston, SC Unless otherwise stated above all content © Milkwood Trading Pty Ltd ABN: 95 159 276 669. The PINA-organized 4 session webinar with Zev Friedman reviews the heritage of mutual aid in the US and internationally and works through an emerging pattern language to see how it applies to a wide range of projects that can generate economic self-governance. You just pay the balance when you arrive.

A selection of the designs have been posted and archived for all to see.