Made from solid brass, our kerosene oil lamps are beautiful, as well as fully functional for ambient and emergency lighting.

Use the chart below for quick reference. Shop online or in-store for the best lamp parts to fix up every table, floor, desk and accent lamp you own. Imperial Green Tea. $1.24, Lamp Repair Kit for Reflector Style Floor Lamps, buy complete or individual components including 3-Way Mogul Socket, Starting at: Paul O. Barnes & his father Lawson H. Barnes (see About Us) began a business in the basement of their home in the early 1950s to supply parts for family heirloom lamps that were in need of shades, chimneys, and ""electrified"" antique oil lamp burners. Contact a Dealer near you to order parts to keep your Aladdin lamp burning bright. There's something for everyone in this new collection. © 2020 Antique Lamp Supply - Supplying Quality Lamps & Lamp Parts Since 1952843 Old Morrison Hwy. Find shades, crystals, candle covers, chimneys and other aesthetic pieces to revitalize the look of your favorite lamp, as well as internal electrical components to brighten its light. B-9505 Oil Filler Hoop - Brass B-9505 Our Price: $2.07 . Phone Lines Open 9am-4pm Pacific Time Monday thru Friday U.S. & Canada Order Line: 1-877-985-5267 International Order Line: 1-760-789-2126 (We Do Not Appraise Lanterns) Product Departments Custom Built Items Gallery Oil Lanterns Oil Lamps Lamp & Lantern Replacement Parts Replacement Wick Replacement Glass Lantern Accessories FauxFlame Modules Lamp & … $4.75, Ivory PolyBeesWax CANDELABRA Size (7/8"I.D.)

Note: For the Models 1- 6 lamps this wick will work IF you remove the metal tabs and the tape/paper (where the tabs were) from the wick. Imperial Green Tea is the exclusive fragrance of the Muse collection, created for Jonathan Adler. PLEASE STAY SAFE AND HEALTHY.

1 (888) 332-5534 Candle Cover, Choice of Length. Note: Replacements listed here are current replacement parts … Either order online if you know exactly what you need or call us at 508-896-3744 between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Our line of kerosene or oil lamp parts and accessories represents over 50 years of experience in the antique lamp parts business. We stock replacement lamp parts to repair damaged or broken lamps as well as decorative lamp accessories that can make a dull old lamp seem like new again. Antique Lamp Supply carries a full collection of lamp parts and chandelier parts to renew and refinish your valuable antique or vintage lamps. Open Monday through Friday Switch from your old candle light to oil lamps or stock up on oil lamp wicks and lamp oil for those nights without power. | Online Orders Ship Next Business Day, Our Showroom Is Now Open! OUR COVID-19 RESPONSE: WE ARE DESIGNATED AS AN ESSENTIAL BUSINESS BECAUSE WE ARE A PART OF A LARGER FULFILLMENT OPERATION PROVIDING PRODUCTS NECESSARY TO HELP OTHERS GET THROUGH THIS UNPRECEDENTED TIME. collections/jonathanadler.png || collections/jonathanadler.png || jonathan-adler, collections/004725_CERCLE_LP_PRUNE_D_1.png || collections/004725_CERCLE_LP_PRUNE_D_1.png || cercle-collection, collections/alliance.png || collections/alliance.png || alliance, collections/004709_Clarity_LP_ClarityBorde_D_1.png || collections/004709_Clarity_LP_ClarityBorde_D_1.png || clarity, collections/floral-100_71ce87de-f399-4716-b3fa-8b6cf04395ef.png || collections/floral-100_71ce87de-f399-4716-b3fa-8b6cf04395ef.png || aroma1, collections/004687_Resonance_LP_Violette_D_1.png || collections/004687_Resonance_LP_Violette_D_1.png || resonance, collections/004701_Belle_Epoque_LP_Havane_D_1.png || collections/004701_Belle_Epoque_LP_Havane_D_1.png || cube, collections/1556130360.jpg || collections/1556130360.jpg || geometry, Essential Round Gift Set + 180ml So Neutral + 180ml Ocean Breeze, Black Crystal Scented Reed Diffuser Bouquet - Delicate White Musk - 180ml, Clarity Burgundy Pre-filled Reed Diffuser Bouquet - Amber Powder - 115ml, Aroma Relax Mist Diffuser Set - Oriental Comfort, Immersion Grey Reed Diffuser Gift Set + 200ml Lychee Paradise Fragrance, Aroma Lamp Fragrance Trio-Pack - 180ml (x3), Set of 2 Vanilla Gourmet Car Diffuser Refills, Set of 2 Ocean Breeze Car Diffuser Refill, Set of 2 Heavenly Sun Car Diffuser Refill, Set of 2 Cotton Caress Car Diffuser Refills, Lolita Lempicka Scented Candle Clear - 210g, Geometry Red Lamp Gift Set + 180ml Paris Chic, Geometry Pre-filled Red Reed Diffuser - Paris Chic - 180ml, Fresh Eucalyptus Reed Diffuser (80ml) and Scented Candle Mini Duo Pack (80g), Amber Powder Reed Diffuser Fragrance - 200ml (6.7oz), Clarity Frosted Pre-filled Reed Diffuser Bouquet - Precious Jasmine - 115ml, Clarity Grey Pre-filled Reed Diffuser Bouquet - Fresh Wood - 115ml, Fresh Wood Lamp Fragrance - 500ml (16.9oz), Fresh Wood Mist Diffuser Fragrance - 475ml (16oz), Ice Cube Lampe Fragrance Duo-Pack - 250ml, Delicate White Musk Lamp Fragrance - 500ml (16.9oz), Aroma Respire Lamp Fragrance - Icy Stroll - 500 ml (16.9oz), Aroma Respire Lamp Fragrance - Icy Stroll - 1L (33.8oz), Aroma Love Lamp Fragrance - Voracious Flower - 1L (33.8oz), Aroma Love Voracious Flower Lamp Fragrance - 500 ml (16.9oz), Aroma Focus Lamp Fragrance - Aromatic Leaves - 500 ml (16.9oz), Aroma Focus Lamp Fragrance - Aromatic Leaves - 1L (33.8oz), Aroma D-Stress Sweet Fruits Lamp Fragrance - 500 ml (16.9oz), Aroma D-Stress Lamp Fragrance - Sweet Fruits - 1L (33.8oz), Aroma Wake Up Lamp Fragrance - Woody Breeze - 500 ml (16.9oz), Aroma Wake Up Lamp Fragrance - Woody Breeze - 1L (33.8oz), Aroma Love Pre-filled Reed Diffuser - Voracious Flower - 180ml, Aroma Wake Up Pre-filled Reed Diffuser - Woodsy Breeze - 180ml, Aroma D-Stress Pre-filled Reed Diffuser - Sweet Fruits - 180ml, Aroma Focus Pre-filled Reed Diffuser - Aromatic Leaves - 180ml, Aroma Respire Pre-filled Reed Diffuser - Icy Stroll - 180ml, Aroma Wake-Up Woody Breeze Car Diffuser Refills Set of 2, Aroma Respire Icy Stroll Car Diffuser Refills Set of 2. Grapefruit zest, a floral bouquet, musk, and sparkling wine! Not only are they great for power outages, these lanterns can be used for camping or anywhere else that you might need portable light. Oil lanterns provide light without the hazard of having a real flame or kerosene. Discover new collections, access to private sales, and receive exclusive offers. These resources are invaluable for restoring vintage oil lamps, and they are helpful if you are simply replacing a broken component. B&P Lamp Supply is the #1 source for wholesale lamp parts and lighting hardware. Parts for oil kerosene lamp including chimney, burner, collar, wick, shade, shade holder, tripod and other lamp hardware Supplier of wide variety of oil lamp parts: brass oil burner, lamp collar, glass chimney, wall bracket, tripod, chimney, wick, side fill spout and cap, tripods (spider), and ball shade holder for oil or kerosene lamps, including miniature (mini) oil lamps. Sort By: Page of 1 : B-9502 Nutmeg Collar - Brass B-9502 Our Price: $4.77 . RECEIVE COMPLIMENTARY STANDARD SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS OF 149$ OR MORE. Lamp Parts New Burners, Parts & Accessories for Aladdin Lamps No name parts for Aladdin lamps Burners, wicks & chimneys for oil lamps Misc Lamp Parts for Oil Lamps Kerosene heaters and Heater Parts Parts for kerosene refrigerators Parts for lanterns Vintage & Antique Fonts,HL Parts, Old Parts-Aladdin Old Parts - Misc Coleman Lamp & Lantern Parts Our selection of oil lamp parts includes everything you might need to get your project in working order. A gift of celebration and harmony. With green tea being the Muse's favorite drink, this fragrance has been developed mainly around tea leaves with a fresh and aromatic trail supported by the powerful green notes of galbanum. Or better yet, gift yourself! *Lox-on burners and galleries are no longer available, only heel-less $1.08, 1/8 IP Solid Brass, All Thread Nipples for Lamps and Fixtures, Your Choice of Length (1/8IP = 3/8" diameter), Starting at: Shop these soft yet bold lampe gift sets and reed diffusers.

We offer replacements to these necessary parts of your lamp.

Make Offer - Vintage Car/Bike Oil/Kerosene Light/Lamp - For Parts/Repair Antique BRASS The SOLAR 1 & 3/16 + 2 inch Duo Threaded BURNER Oil Lamp Part(176) C $32.84 Not only are they great for power outages, these lanterns can be used for camping or anywhere else that you might need portable light. Our Aladdin lamp parts for sale include wicks and mantles as well as burners, flame spreaders, caps and other genuine Aladdin parts.