There's plenty to do in winter including eating & drinking at the Christmas markets & Tollwood. Sleds are not provided at these locations, but you can buy a cheap butt seat for sledding at any sporting goods store, just make sure to give it to a family on the hill if you’re only in town visiting and plan on throwing it away. This day trip will take all day, but it combines everything from a regional train, a cogwheel train up through the mountains, and a scenic tram. I highly recommend this last option for anyone looking to make friends or is intimidated by independent travel. Hamburg,

Read more: Privacy Policy. If you happen to be in Munich on a Winter Sunday most museums are 1 Euro or half off! We bundled up and piled into a classic red VW bus and toured street art, sledding hills, Christmas markets and other oddities. Think nudity on stage and abstract art that is so abstract you’re not sure if it is even art anymore. In the cold weather, the Nymphenburg Palace canal turns into Munich's longest curling track.

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Munich is an amazing city to visit year round. Luckily! Only travel when it is safe to do so and you are not putting your destination or home country at risk. Zugspitze is a glacier area, so you can return home and tell your friends you’ve walked on a glacier. Attending a cultural event in a foreign country or language is a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture. If you’ve come to Munich for their famous Christmas markets in December, you might find yourself marketed out or eager to explore more of what this city has to offer.

Here are 10 things that will ensure you have a wonderful winter in Munich.

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By then, the crowds thin out, so flights and hotels are usually cheaper. You pay 2 Euro for a traditional wooden toboggan rental. The snow dusts the churches and charming red roofs of the old city with a fairytale white. Answer 1 of 10: We are considering going to Munich in December and I would like to know what the weather will be, will there be snow and also are the Christmas markets any different to other places? This whole class will be in German, but that’s ok. Just order all the wine you can drink, get drunk and try and match the painting sample. You can even train in the warm outdoor pool at Dantebad during the winter. If your peak hipster and visiting Munich this winter, check out my hipster guide to Munich, which includes farmers markets, brunch, coffee shops and street art. Germans get really into Carnival or as it is called here, Fasching.

Munich has a luxury shopping strip on a road called Maximilianstraße. I remember as a kid growing up in a small town in Alaska, we used to have miles of sledding hills at our doorstep. I’ll be hitting up Munich later this summer! You can swing by a drug store and get the makeup for a simple cat face.

Contact As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Book tickets to some of Munich’s best classical concert events here. Olympiaberg has a tube run as well, so you can race down in a tube. © 2020 Portal München Betriebs-GmbH & Co. KG - Ein Service der Landeshauptstadt München und der Munich. Stop by Viktualienmarkt for food, drinks, costumes and scheduled events on stage. From the tower of Old St Peter's Church or the Neues Rathaus  (New Town Hall), you can see the entire city center and even some of the Alps in the background, on some days too. Munich in Winter: Things to Do in December Munich’s aquarium specializes in turtles and sharks, see a variety of both in stunning exhibits. There are three different experiences and areas to explore. Many people come for the Christmas markets, but there are so many more things to do in Munich in the winter.

Munich has a museum quarter, which is the Maxvorstadt neighborhood surrounding Königsplatz, which makes it easy to check out several in one day. The movie plays on a screen while a live orchestra plays the soundtrack. If you are looking to spend much under 100 EUR per night, do check out some hotels in the city. This is my favorite winter activity and I’ve been obsessively attending Harry Potter, Star Wars and Final Fantasy in Concert. Köln, The city center of Munich transforms into a skating rink from November to January. Most of the swimming pools also have saunas, which helps you to quickly forget the cold weather outside. Germans are weird about wifi, so it’s hard to find wifi, so whenever I find a cafe that serves good coffee and has wifi I basically move in. You can check the Philharomnie for concerts. It is set-up every November through January in Munich’s famous shopping district at Karlspatz Square. I have a whole post locked and loaded for your ultimate night out in Munich. © 2020 Portal München Betriebs-GmbH & Co. KG - Ein Service der Landeshauptstadt München und der. If you prefer small bookstores take a peek at Hugendubel, Press and Books, or the Munich Readery.

If you have always wanted to ski or snowboard the Alps, Munich is the perfect launching point. You can also find some cheaper name brand and German brand stores around the Marienhof and Marienplatz. Read a detailed post about how to get to Zugspitze, here. Even if you’re not a car lover this experience is great for everyone.