There is reason to expect a wonderful love story set against the end of WWII in Italy. “It’s called a habitat,” Nina corrected him. All we can do is wait.”, “At a guess, I’d say as intelligent as a three-year-old. We’ll be keeping an eye out for debut writers, new series and standalones to shake things up in the next 12 months, I think. One evening during the spring, 1945, Innocenzo Vianello, a poor fisherman is watching allied planes pass overhead on their way to rain havoc on Turin, Milan, or Verona, as he tries to secure his catch, when he notices a body floating in the water.

They search his boat, but don't find the girl. I re-read this novel as a book club read ... the beginning is superb: two well-developed characters and a fascinating plot opening.

Bolot is a brilliant character, and what begins as a police case and a mission to find Tatiana soon turns into a terrific adventure in the wilds of Siberia. At four in the morning the dark made every fairy-tale feature of the park into something grotesque. tells passport services employees without high-risk conditions to return to work Nov. 16, The post election dust is slowly settling as Congress gets back to work. It's such an interesting setting, such an interesting time.

They were greeted by Victor’s sister, Nina, the zoo director, a take-charge kind of woman dressed in a sheepskin coat and hat. Cenzo, against his better judgement rescues the girl and immediately is confronted by an SS boat in a lagoon. Registered office: 1 London Bridge Street, SE1 9GF.

Victor, his partner, was an excellent detective when he was sober. He brings the girl aboard his boat, but then a German gunboat comes to him and boards his boat. An older teen could handle this.

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I did enjoy the story. In 1964, he graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Arts in creative writing degree.

© 2017 Crime Fiction Lover. All Rights Reserved. There was a complex structure of republicans, fascists, Nazis, and those who tried to stay under the radar as the war was coming to a close and Venice was hoping to be spared a bombing. Sasha was brokenhearted by Masha’s betrayal. The biggest …, Although the sound of Santa’s sleigh is still well off in the …, From historical crime fiction through to psychological thrillers, adventuresome crime solving and …, It turns out the new normal is just like the old normal, …. 4 – The Siberian Dilemma by Martin Cruz Smith. He doesn’t kill it, though. Nina dropped her voice. Masha wanted no part of the scene; she stood, sadly turned, and waddled back toward the open door of her caged den. I’m thankful to this novel for proving that I haven’t grown so cynical, after an acrimonious divorce this year, that I can’t still enjoy a good love story well told and that I can still enjoy lighter fiction without the dreaded literary snob within rising up and telling me off for wasting my reading time.

Things of that nature.”. All rights reserved. does this novel contain romance? The plot expands to include uninteresting and confusing side stories. make this limp along through what should be twisty and fascinating times as the pathetic Salo regime collapses under American military advances and various fascist flunkies try to hide, emigrate or accumulate loot.

Nina’s hands were shaking. The little shack he called home was perched on the edge of the river next to where he moored his fishing vessel.

This book, though, looked interesting enough and was available on Netgalley, so why not. Available Now: The Official Site of. 99 $27.00 $27.00. It's a competently written book, Smith has had decades to perfect his skills, he does particularly well with the moral ambiguities (used often as sheer survival techniques) of its cast, it just missed something...that something that makes one emotionally respond to the book. Mari, the young woman, was Even’s girlfriend and they’d recently split up. Registered in England No. The author is primarily known for his series and I'm not a fan of series as such, so I haven't read him until now. “And what do you auction at a zoo?” Arkady asked. She sighed.

She is alive and slipped into the water.

General Renko nearly matched the hunter’s marksmanship. ‘The Siberian Dilemma,’ by Martin Cruz Smith: An Excerpt. Martin Cruz Smith’s prose flows as lucidly as ever.

Still, it was hard for me to digest jokes about SS men.

We’d love your help. I like the fact that some have compared this book to Casablanca with its combination of war and romance.

Renko’s chance encounter with his “factotum” Bolot leads to the most meaningful exchanges in the book — more so than the search and rescue of Renko’s intrepid, beautiful love interest, Tatiana.

Many of the books take place in Nazi Germany, but here we go back to Gunther’s early days as a detective during the Weimar Republic of the late 1920s. “And if you tickle a lab rat, it will giggle,” Victor said.

In the waning days of WWII in Italy, a fisherman retrieves a girl from a lagoon and finds out she is an escapee from a converted asylum holding Jewish prisoners. I don't know how to say this any other way but I loved this book.

An entertaining historical thriller with the atmospherics of a romance in war time that gives it that “Casablanca” flavor. pilot!

Until he’s sure Tatiana is safe, Renko will linger in Siberia trying to understand what’s really going on. This new novel introduces a variation on that theme--Cenzo is a disgruntled veteran of Mussolini's African campaign, supporting his widowed mother and sister in law by accommodating himself to the fascist bullies and partisan black market of the Venetian lagoon. This book takes place in at the end of the war--1945 and everyone is trying to survive. I enjoyed this stand alone by the author. Registered office: 1 London Bridge Street, SE1 9GF. “Let’s hope he needs a nap,” Arkady said.

The bear was a towering beast but his customary roar was weakened by alcohol.

This story corrects spelling to Arkady in first paragraph. He had the feeling that Sasha could knock them over like tenpins. Your email address will not be published. The fisherman’s brother is a well-loved actor; howe. The plot expands to include uninteresting and confusing side stories. Had President Putin himself attended? The novel is dynamic, very dialogue driven, moves along swimmingly for its size.

News . I'm not sure which part I preferred, both worked quite well. Sasha and Masha were thirty meters away, lurching toward an ice cream cart.

© 2017 Crime Fiction Lover. I had no idea that they fished there. Set in Venice and Salo right at the end of WW2 the plot centres on a runaway young woman of Jewish background and a Venetian fisherman who becomes her protector.