So thanks for making me laugh out loud doing a job that can really grind on you doing the same routine on a daily basis. Related Entity: The Spiral. But there were no cartouches among the hieroglyphics on the entrance, which I would have expected if the tomb contained royalty. And think better about his appearance. *cheff kiss”, “This episode was hilarious , here’s a recap #tma #MagnusPod #themagnusarchives”, “nothing much just two boyfriends chilling at the graveyard #themagnusarchives #MagnusPod”, greseadraws: “Me having auditory disorder but still trying to listen to podcasts means I thought Helen was asking for hugs instead of help- ”. In ancient Egypt, dying was the most important thing a person would ever do. Waking up in an ice bath with missing organs, Waking up in a cornfield with extra organs, Realizing that you are in a dream but being unable to wake up, Velvet Hooks: Crimson Contrarodron and Cryptospider, OSR: Response to some Scurrilous Invective concerning Magical Industrial Revolution, 20 double-edged potions for the ingenious adventurer, Babel Unmanutha (An Adventurer's Conlang) v.1, On the Relationship of Surprise and Stealth, Caverns of Thracia session log: February 2, 2019, The Plane of Lightning is a Giant Brain + Weird Casters & Lightning Spells for OD&D or other rules-lite games, The Mutant Insurrectionist: Talking about zines.

I still might, I’m not sure. Around midnight he saw Harriet Lee, an arts student. Later, whilst packing more boxes in the attic, she saw the clown doll again out of the steamer trunk, this time reaching for a doll that looked exactly like Josh. But as you got further from it, the very earth itself became hostile to you, unable to support any sort of life at all.

Special Episodes - Q&A, Contest Winners, Etc. Ancient artefacts, forgotten knowledge, all that good stuff… but acquiring it takes a lot of time, a lot of money, and a lot of fiddly licenses and permissions.

No. Date of Event Next Case The walls were bare, unpainted, and for a horrible moment I thought it might already have been ransacked. Two things struck me as soon as we were inside. Clowns, but specifically ones not currently dressed as clowns, Being followed by, but not attacked by, polar bears, Being hated for reasons you were once loved, The fact so many things taste like chicken, Impossible Colors ( Stygian Blue for example), Being found dead in an embarrassing position, Skeletons, but only the ones still inside people, Holidays without an apparently religious purpose, Any music more energetic than smooth jazz, Descending into madness and not knowing it, Descending into madness and very much knowing it, Losing any part of yourself (skin flakes and snot included), Not being able to go back to your old career, The possibility that there is no intrinsic meaning in the world, The possibility there is intrinsic meaning in the world, and you’re wrong about it. Like I said looking for patterns that may or may not exist. And by less, I mean none. Warnings Certainly there were plenty of times Barry was all set to toss out some priceless treasure because he took it for dusty trash. 1 Plot 2 Episodes 3 Credits 3.1 Cast 3.2 Crew The Archivist awakes in the aftermath of the Unknowing to find a changed team. She took Josh, her partner, to see it, but he was unsettled by the clown dolls, and when she played the organ he said that he wanted to go. It's possible, the Breekon and Hope delivery guys definitely speak Russian so I don't see why they wouldn't be able to pass for even more ethnicities, too. First time posting, so forgive me for any mistakes :) I quite enjoyed today's episode. She turned to see the steamer trunk open and the clown atop it, even though she had closed the lid. Another branch of Breekon and Hope? Jonathan Sims Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I managed to reach to my hip and pull out my own weapon, a large hunting knife I’d picked up on our last trip to North America – more because its weight had given me a sense of security than because I knew how to use it. Release date She asked Timothy if he wanted her, and he said yes. :D (I only just finished S2 so I’m sorry if I’m missing some key elements... “arent you supposed to be hiding your emotions”, “// trypophobia , bugs Saw one of those bailey school kids book covers floating around and had a funny idea”, “i got an anon about jonmartin and vulcan touch telepathy and had to draw something”, “what is a ghost? With a burst of adrenaline, I took to my feet and fled. We suck at this whole spy thing.

It was at that point that Stavo lost it a bit. Does Metamor... POST-APOCALYPTIC LOOT When faced with the premise of nuclear apocalypse it is interesting to ask, what happens after we’ve all shell... Folks liked he first one, here's another! I knew that dice games predated the Old Kingdom by some time, and these were excellent quality.

This last dig was high-risk.

”, “Come on Martin, get with the program #themagnusarchives #tma”, “[#MagnusPod] dark sun, you shone like a prayer”, “i know someone who likes you ~ #MagnusPod”, akidachi: “ “I’m doctor Doe, Jane :)” Keep reading ”, “Protective boyfriend Jon was just... mwah. Statement of Timothy Hodge, regarding his sexual encounter with Harriet Lee and her subsequent death. Your next tape.

You can’t just come down to the station asking to –. Which is daft, because half the time it isn’t even graves we’re dealing with. I could see hieroglyphics etched onto the surface, but they were far too worn to read. “When Helen said PFFFFT i felt it #magnuspod #themagnusarchives”. The organist and ringmaster are named as Nikolai Denikin and Gregor Orsinov and the troupe was called Tsirk Drugovo (Цирк другого): Circus of the Other другой Цирк ('Drugoy Tsirk', or 'Another Circus') [this was corrected on the forums by Jonny], which rings a bell with John. Original statement given May 20th 2015. She tried to go to the police but vomited when she got near, and the hospital said there was nothing obviously wrong with her, so she sought crowds to feel safe, as she kept seeing the woman everywhere. It was dry, and smelt faintly of cedarwood. Every time I listen it really Hello Jon. Timothy rushed out to get painkillers before he heard a wet cracking thump, like an egg being dropped onto a stone floor. Back when the Nile was the source of all that kept you alive – the land of the living. As she was not very close to either of her parents but spent a lot of time with her grandfather, she took the death hard. The Magnus Archives Wikia is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Timothy Hodge was a freelance designer, working from his flat in Brixton on various projects. Then it made me push the knife in. A few might get assistant positions on a project or two, but the long, thankless hours and endless grind to climb a ladder already full up with old, posh men will probably change their minds. Follow Share . I had just helped discover an untouched tomb of the Fourth Dynasty. He eventually admits that he is scared of the monsters and supernatural subjects of statements, but covers it up with a scornful exterior. It was a hundred and fifty feet in total, and he figured if the tomb ended up going deeper than that, we should probably reconsider our approach entirely. What could have been a completely forgettable episode ended up having a certain lingering charm.

I must draw him again. Grigori had done some work to make sure we were digging over what he believed to be the entrance, and it only took a day to unearth the slab of limestone that covered it. It had released him now, and Stavo turned to see the others had already fled back from the chamber, heading towards the surface following the cable back. Meta Info Less than fourteen hours after I got the call, I was standing, shovel-in-hand, in the middle of the Eastern Desert, breaking ground over a tomb that had been unopened for millennia. 20th November 2014

It was there, at the outskirts – the edge of life itself – that they built their tombs and pyramids. Then another, and another. Out loud. It took longer than I was comfortable with to find the others again. So when I got a chance to do some… unlicensed work, I figured it was either that, or train to be a teacher. Lets celebrate with a list of weird niche phobias. Next Case

Lets celebrate with a list of weird niche phobias.

I mean, I guess it always was? I made these observations to Stavo, and he immediately headed back out, and returned carrying the end of the Jeep’s winch. Original statement given May 20th 2015.


He left his house to Leanne in his will. Release date The implication of an immortal being subjected to the torture of mummification, then sealed away... heavy stuff.

I gripped the knife in both hands, leaned forward, and plunged it into the thing’s throat.

9th December 2014 Join Jonathan Sims as he explores … So for the next few years, I traveled the globe with Stavo and his team. It had worn away in many places, with even the flesh of the mummy itself on show, dark black, and almost shiny in the torchlight. At first I kind of tuned out a bit, thinking it was the same old tired narrative but having the thing want it's own death changed the whole dynamic. Unofficial Transcript Source Index. Agreed. I heard Egypt and thought Crusader and the thing (undead archivist) in the archive under Alexandria (I think haven't listened to that ep in a while). Warnings

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Jon shies away from violence, he panics if threat… Case # Date of Statement We collected our bags, picks, and torches, and headed into the dark. Original statement given May 20th, 2015. Statement of Donna Gwynne, regarding an unlicenced archeological dig near the Red Sea in Egypt. Strange Music Stavo had gotten a location from the university’s application, and Grigori quickly located a likely-looking geological formation on the satellite images. @poeparty manifested this. The sound of Stavo’s pistol shocked me out of my stupor. All names I give here, aside from my own, are aliases.

She explained that she'd been 'mugged' recently. Barry and Paul wasted no time in hoisting the limestone slab off the entrance, revealing a dark, yawning passage.

He had been a carnie most of his life and travelled around Europe with various groups. Leanne Denikin's grandfather, Nikolai Denikin, died in August 2004. The walls and bed were covered in a layer of pale, writhing worms. But I didn’t think that was something he wanted to hear just then, so I kept quiet. The possibility there is intrinsic meaning in the word, and you’re right about it. She noted that afterwards she discovered that you cannot play a calliope organ without the blower working, which she didn't setup. #tma #jonmartin”, “‘We’re not people, though, are we? Wouldn't shock me if Selesa gets a lot of himself from this guy though. Original statement given May 20th 2015. For all sorts of Arthropods, not just insects!

When a government denied permission like this, you could never be sure that they weren’t going to send people of their own instead, and Stavo had plenty of stories of ex-colleagues that had got themselves inadvertently-arrested when military abruptly turned up to secure a dig site.