8.2 km from • As many as 1,000 earthquakes happen in Canada each year, but these usually have a magnitude of less than 3.0. Has Confederation Been Good for Newfoundland? 5.2 km from Incumbent Democratic Governor Hugh Gallen ran for re-election but was defeated by Tufts University professor John Sununu. North Bath Analysis of strong-motion data from the New Hampshire earthquake of 18 January 1982. The second large tremor -- considered to be a strong aftershock -- occurs three and a half hours later. Brown, John E. Ebel; An Investigation of the January 1982 Gaza, New Hampshire Aftershock Sequence. Tornado activity: Concord-area historical tornado activity is slightly above New Hampshire state average.It is 45% smaller than the overall U.S. average.. On 6/9/1953, a category F3 (max. Elections: Liberal Landslides and Tory Tides, Showdown on the Prairies: A History of Saskatchewan Elections, Territorial Battles: Yukon Elections, 1978-2006, The 'Other Revolution': Louis Robichaud's New Brunswick, Equality First: The Royal Commission on the Status of Women, Pot and Politics: Canada and the Marijuana Debate, Sue Rodriguez and the Right-To-Die Debate, Trudeau's Omnibus Bill: Challenging Canadian Taboos, Voting in Canada: How a Privilege Became a Right. Sanbornton How The East Was Won: Nova Scotia Elections Since 1949, How the West is Won: B.C. CBC Archives has a new look: Please go to cbc.ca/archives to access the new site. The analysis of the New Brunswick earthquake of January 9, 1982, has important implications for the evaluation of seismic hazards in eastern North America. OSTI.GOV Technical Report: Analysis of strong-motion data from the New Hampshire earthquake of 18 January 1982. The biggest earthquake to hit eastern North America in half a century strikes in Quebec's quake-prone region. 1889: The Niagara Falls Suspension Bridge dislodges during a ferocious storm and within hours crashes into the river below. at 23:29 July 28, 1979 UTC, Location: (3.2 miles). Seismological Research Letters ; 56 (4): 125–133. 5.2 km from New Hampshire's earthquake came while most Granite Staters were sleeping. Eric J. Epicenter at 41.56, -71.21 Also on January 9: Portsmouth Death tolls mount, aid pours in and tales of heroism emerge three days after the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004. • The epicentre of the 1982 earthquake was in Miramichi, but tremors were felt throughout the Maritime Provinces, Quebec and the New England States. A seismologist demonstrates a quake using an egg, an orange peel, toast and sugar cubes. 1.2 km from • An earthquake's "magnitude" essentially means the amount of energy released during the quake. 15.2 km from Hopkinton How will Canada's West Coast stand up to the threat from below? Connects, The St. Lawrence Seaway: Gateway to the World, Turning Up the Heat: Four Decades of Climate Change, Deadly Skies: Canada's Most Destructive Tornadoes, Devastating Dry Spells: Drought on the Prairies, Mercury Rising: The Poisoning of Grassy Narrows, The Sinking and Raising of the Irving Whale, Troubled Waters: Pollution in the Great Lakes, Tuberculosis: Old Disease, Continuing Threat, Cancer Research: The Canadian Quest for a Cure, Butting Out: The Slow Death of Smoking in Canada, Thalidomide: Bitter Pills, Broken Promises, The Krever Report: Canada's Tainted Blood Disaster, Dr. Henry Morgentaler: Fighting Canada's Abortion Laws, Getting Physical: Canada's Fitness Movement, A Woman's Place: Programming for the Modern Homemaker, Welcome Home, Soldier! Luckily, it occurred in a remote forested area of Miramichi, N.B., so the only real damage is a few cracks in the pavement or on walls in nearby towns. Residents of Port Alberni, B.C., pick up the pieces following 1964's massive tsunami. If this morning's earthquake had happened in a major urban centre, the aftermath might have included injuries, damaged buildings and possibly even death. at 15:35 December 25, 1977 UTC, Location: Elections, 1952-2005, N.B. Charting the Future: Canada's New Constitution, Pioneers in the Sky: Bush Pilots of Canada, Stem Cells: Scientific Promise, Ethical Protest, Computer Invasion: A History of Automation in Canada, Going Underground: Toronto's Subway and Montreal's Metro, For Good Measure: Canada Converts to Metric, Charles Darwin and the Origins of Evolution, Launching the Digital Age: Canadian Satellites, Canada Says Hello: The First Century of the Telephone, Monsters, Myths and Mystery: Great Canadian Legends, Swissair 111: 'Joined to the sea and the sky', The Drive To Survive: Reducing Road Deaths in Canada, Trans-Canada Highway: Bridging the Distance, Calgary Stampede: Celebrating Canada's Western Heritage, Much Ado About Christmas: Toys, Traditions & Fun, Trick or Treat! • Humans probably wouldn't feel a tremor with a magnitude of less than 2.5. 01/19/1982 - Earthquake Incident Location Earthquake Details You could not be signed in. Halloween Across the Years, The Wrongful Conviction of David Milgaard, Pushing Past Borders: Canada & International Drug Trafficking, A Lost Heritage: Canada's Residential Schools, An Inuit Education: Honouring a Past, Creating a Future, Who Cares For Our Kids? Epicenter at 43.5, -71.6 What causes earthquakes? (0.2 miles), 1976-03-11 08:29:32 UTC Epicenter at 43.56, -71.56 Epicenter at 43.196, -71.692 wind speeds 158-206 mph) tornado 34.0 miles away from the Concord city center injured 5 people and caused between $5000 and $50,000 in damages.. On 7/2/1961, a category F2 (max. An earthquake of magnitude 4.5 and depth of 8.00 kilometers occurred 1.67 miles from Sanbornton, NH in Belknap County at 12:14 AM. Scientists can say where - but not when - killer quakes will strike. Pitre's brother, Albert Guay, and another man were also hanged for the death of Guay's wife, a passenger on the plane. Although moderate in size (mb, 5.7), it was well-recorded teleseismically. The strongest recorded earthquake to date occurred in Chile in 1960, with a magnitude of 9.5. The world's largest undersea laboratory could help hone earthquake predictions. 1982-01-19 00:14:42 UTC The Changing Face of Daycare in Canada, Chinese Immigration to Canada: A Tale of Perseverance, Africville: Expropriating Black Nova Scotians, The Miracle on Mount Royal: St. Joseph's Oratory, Their Christian Duty: Canadian Missionaries Abroad, Their Majesties in Canada: The 1939 Royal Tour, Modern-day Fairy Tales: British Royal Weddings Since 1947, Still Standing: The People's Champion George Chuvalo, Going for Dope: Canada and Drugs in Sport, Extreme Sports: Faster, Riskier, More Outrageous, Terry Fox 25: Reliving the Marathon of Hope, The Legendary #9: Maurice 'Rocket' Richard, Don Cherry: A Coach, A Commentator, A Controversy, Fair Game: Pioneering Canadian Women in Sports, Golden Summers: Canada's Gold Medal Athletes 1984-2000, Playing to Win: Canada at the Paralympics, Cold Gold: Canada's Winter Winners 1984-2002, The Montreal Olympics: The Summer Games of '76, Gilles Villeneuve: Racing at the Speed of Light, Flying on Ice: Canada's Speedskating Greats, Soaring on Skis: Canada's Alpine Skiing Greats, The Crazy Canucks: Canada's Skiing Heroes, Cross Country Smackdown: Pro Wrestling in Canada, Cold War Culture: The Nuclear Fear of the 1950s and 1960s, One For All: The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Royal 22nd Regiment: Canada's Fighting 'Van Doos', Forgotten Heroes: Canada and the Korean War, Dr. Gerald Bull: Scientist, Weapons Maker, Dreamer, Peacekeepers and Peacemakers: Canada's Diplomatic Contribution, Witness To Evil: Roméo Dallaire and Rwanda, Countdown to Victory: The Last Days of War in Europe, On Every Front: Canadian Women in the Second World War, Relocation to Redress: The Internment of the Japanese Canadians. Arrival time data for these events indicate a northwestward progression of epicentral location with time. These two events allowed the absolute calculation of locations for the main shock and the two Mc = 2.6 aftershocks of January 19 that are calibrated to the later aftershock locations using a relative hypocentral location algorithm. Epicenter at 43.981, -69.8 This content is PDF only. Analysis of strong-motion data from the New Hampshire earthquake of 18 January 1982 by Frank K. Chang, 1983, The Commission edition, in English • Canada's largest recorded earthquake had a magnitude of 8.1. Search for other works by this author on: Seismological Research Letters (1985) 56 (4): 125–133. Chimneys toppled, cars on the road were bounced around, windows were shattered, buildings swayed and an oil tank at Cumshewa Inlet collapsed. You do not currently have access to this article. All 23 people aboard died when the plane exploded over Sault-au Cochons, Que. Epicenter at 43.26, -70.342 During a very "shaky" interview with a University of New Brunswick geographer, the effects of the second tremor in today's Miramichi earthquake are captured on film in this CBC News clip.