I love that the shade range is incredibly extensive, and the top coat gives that gel-like finish.” Carli Alman, Beauty Crew’s Editor, “The best long-lasting nail polish for me would have to be CND Vinylux Weekly Polish. Step 3: Buff and file your nails.

Of the three top-rated brands, Sinful Colors is the cheapest, even when you include the full set with a base coat and top coat—and those are two elements Consumer Reports recommends you don't skip, unless you want convenience. Add the Miracle Gel topcoat and you're all set. Step 1: If the package comes with an instruction guide, read it carefully.

Then, a day or so later, you've got the dreaded chipping. Intelligencer This is another part of the prep process. Sinful Colors, along with CND Vinylux and Revlon, looked very good at day 7 and good at day 10, while the Chanel Le Vernis didn't even come close. Platinum Illusions Nail Lacquer in Oh So Shifty!

We expect more, and so we should.

Here’s where you can buy it in Australia, plus everything else you need to know about this breakthrough product. "It's water permeable, which means it's not likely to crack, which sometimes happens with regular polish.". With all of those tips in mind, it also helps to have a nail polish you know is going to last a long time. Mine doesn’t tend to last quite that long but if I can get more than 5-7 days out of a manicure without seeing chips, I’m stoked. Finding a nail polish that is long-lasting, chip-resistant, and provides great coverage with just one or two layers has never been easier thanks to these top nail polish brands.

And sometimes spending extra money at the nail salon is not an option, so you want to stick to what you have. But seriously, wait for your nails to completely dry before doing anything. I turned to nail experts to get the tricks of the trade—here's what they said. Long-lasting isn't the only criteria in making a great nail polish. Long lasting is a word that many polishes don’t live up to. It leaves your nails with a shiny, strong finish like you got a gel manicure.

Because if we aren’t getting more than a week of wear out of a lacquer brand, we’re not interested. Hang Nguyen recommends the brand for its color payoff, too. Juliana LaBianca Updated: Jun. It stays on for up to 7 days, shines beautifully and has a wonderful range of shades.” Anita, SUPERcrew member, “I tend to treat myself to a gel manicure every two to three weeks, but when I need to give my nails a break, I like to get my nails done with Vinylux. Whether you're DIY'ing it or going to a salon, there are a few tricks to ensuring your manicure lasts a long time (or, at least, longer than a few days). The Modelones Gel Nail Polish Set comes with 16 gel nail polishes, 1 base, and 1 topcoat. In its two-steps to a great finish, you first apply the gel nail polish and then a top coat to get a professional manicure effect.

And yes, this hurts when you've paid for a manicure, too. Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel line is exactly like getting a gel manicure but without the UV light. "For people who wash their hands a lot, which should be all of us, the Orly Breathable range is also a great long-lasting option," says Boyce.

It has a lot of staying power because it's specially formulated to be chip resistant. Plant Power Nail Polish in What's Your Spirituality?

The formula is non-toxic and very easy to apply.

Like a lot of things in life, why waste your time and money on something that's not going to last long? But the invention of gel nails kind of screwed that up for little ol’ regular nail polish. Hang Nguyen recommends capping the tip (or painting the end/edge of the nail) after every layer to ensure there's no lifting or chipping of the polish. Consumer Reports tested several nail polish brands and found that the $2 Sinful Colors nail polish looked good for a longer time than a $27 Chanel model. Besides a beautiful colour, there’s just one other priority we expect from our nail polish: that it’s long-lasting. Take a look at some long-lasting options below.

It lasts for over a week without chipping, which is a miracle for me.” Bree, SUPERcrew member, “At the moment my favourite long-lasting nail polish is Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish. She has a sweet spot for anything that claims to make skin glow and won’t leave the house without a slick of mascara.

What’s your favourite long-lasting nail polish?

The Gel Lab Pro line also keeps your nails healthy thanks to nourishing ingredients like evening primrose, biotin, keratin, and green tea extract. Beauty Crew Contributing Editor / January 24 2019.

My personal favourite shade is Sugarplum!” Milan, SUPERcrew member, “Sinful Colors is my favourite for long-lasting. From the inexpensive ones to more pricey ones, we have: "When you're doing your manicure, always use a base coat, apply your polish in thin layers, and use a topcoat. Just add the Gel Couture topcoat to lock the color in. Before you start painting your nails, you'll want to do some prepping first.