Not sure when it happened, maybe in 2017 or so, but they obviously switched suppliers, particularly in the dye process. However, these pants are not FR rated, so don’t buy them and go work in a forge—in fact Sam said when he is out and needs an extra layer of protection, he wears a pair of Fillson chaps. In my opinion, one of two things happened: I was either sent a used pair of pants or I was sent a factory second.

I genuinely do! The heavyweight fabric can withstand more wear and tear than your average trousers making them great for wearing outdoors or for hard manual labor.

Love the Kuhl’s Ryder pants with articulated knee joints and quality materials, I was able to purchase a couple pairs listed in the close out section, only downside is they seem to wear out in the wash a bit quicker than jeans typically do. Strategically placed stretch fabric at the crotch, lower back, knee, and side leg makes for a comfortable pair of pants. We’re sorry, but something went wrong. The material is not quite jean but has a very confirmable feel without being stiff. This is my first pair. from CO, United States I’m a flooring technician and lucked up in receiving a pair of these alsome pants and i truly appreciated the feel and features before i knew of the purpose of the design. Being the paragon of human athleticism that I am today (a parenthetical pause until laughter abates) these pants are wonderfully cut, move well, and feel great. Written on May 10, 2019.

They are durable but really not as warm as my 501's. by I love Kuhl pants and they have always served me well; in particular the Rydr Lean cut. Thanks for reading this KÜHL FREE RYDR™ PANTS Review, subscribe or stay tuned for our next post! They are great for both casual, sporting events and business casual days. Other unique features of these pants are the cinchable leg hem, just in case you were riding a horse or bicycle, and … Would you like to.

Rating Summmary: 24 total reviews. Kuhl’s Born Free™ gusseted crotch and articulated knees allow freedom of movement, while the original yoke system and anatomically engineered fit follow your body’s natural contours for superior comfort. I decided to take them out in the snow and do some testing, because pants should keep you warm. This is my third pair and I will continue to purchase this particular brand and style as long as Kuhl continues with the same quality. I can attest that they last, as my original pair is still going strong after three years of heavy wear. Written on June 5, 2018. We are bending down and moving and I have big legs and a big butt—I need room in my pants to facilitate that type of repetitive movement.

I also got snagged on a few things while hiking, and discovered that all of the pockets and cuffs are lined with extra fabric to reinforce high-wear areas.

© 2013 Solo Pine Designs, Inc. All rights reserved. My husband loves Kuhl pants.

I have been wearing Kuhl pants for some time now casually, I bought these for work since they are a bit heavier. They fit perfectly but, to my surprise, they are also beautifully form-fitting (not too baggy at all!) If I had to choose one pair of pants to wear all Autumn without changing them, the KÜHL FREE RYDR™ PANTS would be my first choice. That being said, the slight stretchiness of the fabric does mean that they can become less tight over time. 8 % 1 Rated 1 stars out of 5. Keep in mind that the Rydrs are 2% spandex, which gives them a small (small) amount of flex. I feel comfortable wearing these pants in almost any situation and with any combination of other clothing and have even received compliments on how they look. .good style, comfort and durability. So, from Sam and from Kuhl—it looks like the design of these pants aligns perfectly with the field work that Sam does for BNSF. I am 100% … Toll-Free: +1-877-883-6276 I really like these pants. Bought this a couple of months ago. With reinforced pockets and heal cuffs, the areas that usually wear out first on other trousers are the areas that wear out last on these. And last but certainly not least, half of the Kuhl logo on the rear pocket is completely worn off. But what about the actual material itself? The fabric is rather heavy/thick. I highly recommend! According to Kuhl's web site, they re-branded the Rydr Lean fit "Please note: Hangtags on this style will say "Rydr Lean". HOWEVER, my last order was unforgivable. Again squatting to take a picture or kneeling on the ground to tend to my hawk is comfortable and easy. If there is one thing that KÜHL pants are known for it is their durability. Steven, I originally set to writing this expecting to call BS on some of their marketing, but it all seems to have worked out in Kühl’s favor. In this KÜHL FREE RYDR™ PANTS Review, we take a look at the lean fitting trousers you didn’t know you needed. Not only does it help me keep my sanity but I'm also very passionate about exploring, hiking , camping and most of all Falconry! I realize everyone makes mistakes at times but this seems too large a mistake on too many fronts to continue shopping through them when there are too many other viable options today.

The fit and features are simply awesome.