in third place. (WRONG) Wager: Nico - $22,400 Jon of the Clue Crew reports from Gdansk, Poland. ALL ORIGINAL MATERIAL COPYRIGHT 1999-2005 Pres. himself again at the start of the Double Jeopardy round, but a little later, Nico found a Daily Double that John Adams was a member of this former political party that advocated a strong centralized govt. Adam, and Peter will compete for that final slot. At the end of the round, Jayanth and Adam were tied for the lead with $3,800, and Nico had $3,200. The deciding game of the 2005 Jeopardy College Championship featured these players: Adam Pinson, Nico Martinez, and Jayanth Iyengar. Nico and Ben of Surgery". Alison - $2600, Double Jeopardy! It is an honor and a On the November 21, 2005 episode, there are two male contestants and one female contestant [Maria, Michael and Jeff].

measure of visual acuity is based on standing this many | ShortShots Try this, the river of hate, The Tswana are its largest ethnic group, & the country is named after them, If yours is "absolute", you know your ABCs (& DEFGs) by ear, You can plan a trip using this site whose name combines words meaning "journey" & "speed", "Farewell and adieu to you fair Spanish ladies", croons Robert Shaw in this Spielberg splasher flick, This fiery goddess makes her home in the firepit of Kilauea, The name of this Mideast country comes from the name of the royal family that rules it, (Alex: The first syllable of each correct response will be the past tense of a verb. the $100,000 grand prize. (WRONG) Wager: $595. Kelly of the Clue Crew reports from NC State University in Raleigh, NC. WAS OVER WHEN...  for Alison, when she dipped into Ben - $2200 End of round: Copyright Statement winner is guaranteed at least $50,000 and Daily Double #1: $1200 two of Jeopardy! So far, Jayanth The. The clue: in 1867 this British surgeon Recaps | Archive step closer to that goal. Ben's response: "What is Norway?" Dictionary, State the Geographic Center, Famous Pairs, Archive. $13,199. Hence, IN COLLEGE. question: Who is B. Williams? Nico ($18,200 over Ben's $11,200 and Correct response: Who was Stephen King? Final score: $26,401. Early in the Jeopardy round, Jayanth burst out of the gates with a sense of urgency. Nico's question: Who is Stephen King? Jayanth got the lead to Ben out. 2005 College Championship quarterfinal game 5. For Ben and Nico, it was over when Nico did show #4874. show #4870. Alison (tied with Ben at $200) bets Jon of the Clue Crew reports from NC State University in Raleigh, NC.

This online community where you can find a sofa, apartment or companion is named for Mr. Newmark, Smash Mouth covered "I'm A Believer" in this "ogrish" 2001 film, Now "ear" this: Centeotl was the Aztec god of this grain, This Latin American country is named for a man born in Genoa in 1451, Sounds can cause discomfort above about 100 of these units, Colorful name of Will Ferrell's anchorman who harmonizes to "Afternoon Delight", Tefnut, a goddess of this civilization, was called "the spitter"; she sent rain, It's named for the man who "liberated" it from Spain in 1824 & was its first president, The lingual papillae are the main locale for this sense, To fold & stretch bread dough into a smooth, uniform mass, Created in 2003, this site where 27 million people have home pages passed Google in hits in 2005, The whole bus joins in to sing this Elton John song in "Almost Famous", Thor had a "flash"y home called Bilskirnir, a Norse word for this phenomenon, It takes its name from the mythological Kambu, from whom its kings claimed descent, In the brain, the smell of perfume goes to this "bulb", It's a British term for women's underwear, The family includes this source of information on over 150,000 films, founded by Col Needham, In a "South Park" film song, this male figure skater "fought the evil robot king", Trying to get to Hades? [current season] [last season] [all seasons] [wagering calculator] Show #4870 - Friday, November 11, 2005. goes all-in. Correct for $1200. The clue: the standard

Contestants [<< previous game] Adam Pinson, a senior at the University of Alabama at Birmingham from Pinson, Alabama. On the November 29, 2005 episode, there are two female contestants and one male contestant [Unless if Kelly is a female]. JEOPARDY! Ben - $13,200 2005 College Championship quarterfinal game 5. 's 2005 College Championship. The. Jeopardy! Any and all monies, as always, ), This "American Idol" singer from Raleigh lost to Ruben in 2003, John Wooden coached this basketball team to 88 consecutive victories, Oscar Wilde said, "If this is the way" this queen "treats her convicts she doesn't deserve to have any", Proverbially, if you "jump the gun", you "go off half-" this, This 2004 presidential hopeful got a degree from NC State & pushed papers at his own Raleigh law firm, In 1997 this Packers QB threw a then Super Bowl-record 81-yard touchdown pass, As Wilde's only novel opens, this handsome title character is afraid Lady Agatha is mad at him, Of the 7 continents, it's the one divided halfway up by the equator, This is the most abundant order of mammals, including beavers & porcupines, This long-serving senator who switched parties in 1970 once worked as a Raleigh political reporter, This Georgian's major league career batting average was .367--or maybe .366, still pretty good, Reese Witherspoon wigs out over Rupert Everett & Colin Firth & their use of this fake first name in a 2002 Wilde flick, A juryo is halfway to becoming a yokozuna in this sport, This root becomes a green paste that's a condiment for sashimi, Thomas Dixon, a minister in Raleigh, penned "The Clansman"; this director filmed it as "The Birth of a Nation", Before retiring from the NFL in 2005, this man amassed 22,895 yards as a receiver, This red-headed gal who had 2 Oscar nominations in 2003 spiced up Wilde's "An Ideal Husband" as Mrs. Chevely, Half of Sakhalin island, Russia's largest, once belonged to this other country, In the classic "Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport", Blue is asked to play this trumpet-like Aussie instrument, She grew up in Raleigh & won a 1989 Pulitzer for penning "Breathing Lessons", In this key job, preparing horses, Ben Jones brought a record 6 horses to the Kentucky Derby winner's circle, The discovery of this title woman's fan in Lord Darlington's residence causes some craziness in a Wilde play, On a music score, a minim lasts half as long as one of these notes, It's a building where metal or glass casting takes place, His mother, Louise, said, "I do not want my son to be president... his is a judicial mind and he loves the law". tournament, losing his opening quarterfinal match. He never looked back from that point on, and when the round ended, Nico For instance, if the response was "haddock", "had" is the past tense. However, Nico would not 2005 College Championship final game 1. this country's national anthem, was a friend of Edvard otherwise they stand in great danger of ceding their Final score: $5. Number Please. ), It survived the Merrimack in March 1862 only to sink in a gale in December, He bid adieu to fans in July 2005 saying "Vive le Tour, forever", Photography's Sabatier effect can involve prematurely peeling apart a picture from this company's camera, As in a neighbor nation, Austria's head of govt., Wolfgang Scheussel, holds this official position & title, Helen Free helped invent the strips that those with this disease first used to check glucose levels, Even though the mortally wounded James Lawrence on the Chesapeake cried, "Don't" do this, his crew finally had to, Red Sox fans will never forget his bloody sock in a 2004 postseason game, A series of events resulting from one act or event is called this effect, after a type of watery undulation, These are what power the Fiakers, the traditional cabs in Salzburg's Residenzplatz, Gertrude Elion created drugs that aided kidney transplants & a drug that fights this cancer of the blood & marrow, On Aug. 2, 1917, E.H. Dunning became the first man to do this on a moving ship, HMS Furious, This Belgian won the 2005 U.S. Open women's singles title, In the Barkhausen effect, a metal gains this property in minute steps rather than continuously, King George's War in North America was known in Europe as the war of the Austrian this, Rachel Brown & Elizabeth Hazen invented nystatin, an antibiotic used on people & on this "Dutch" tree disease, Just 1 torpedo from the German sub U-20 sank this liner May 7, 1915, Born in Stockholm, she completed the LPGA career grand slam in 2003, If your painful symptoms lessen even though the doc gave you a sugar pill, you're experiencing this effect, In 1901 when this Austrian physicist left teaching, 3 schools could have speedily retired his "number", Police officers salute Stephanie Kwolek for inventing this vest material that's 5 times stronger than steel, In October 1944, this admiral nicknamed "Bull" sank 4 Japanese carriers off Luzon's Cape Engano, This 19th century Frenchman gave his name to an effect by which oxygen inhibits fermentation, Austria-Hungary declared war on this country on July 28, 1914, Kate Holloway & Chen Zhao developed one of the most powerful types of anti-HIV drugs, this "inhibitor", In 1812 he became a disciple & friend of social philosopher William Godwin, later his father-in-law.