We do our thing.”.

Brian Williams examines the day's top political stories and current political-campaign news.

But I also think when you are not performing to the satisfaction of your audience, then it's time to retire. And you can kind of—I swear—you can feel who’s watching. “Think of this show without our merry band of Pulitzer Prize winning journalists, former federal prosecutors, former FBI assistant directors. Morning Joe they ought to put a sock in JoJo's mouth face cream to Yellow the override Amica who I think there's a fantastic job and the other if they got the same people out all the time get new people to voice opinions don't use the same people Rachel Maddox is Kick-Ass so is Brian Williams I like I like watching Harry I don't like the dude with the countdown whatever the hell he does his two animated he's too loud give us the facts we don't need long stories keep up the good work. Created by Whatfinger.com, Sen. Bob Casey: Joe Biden ‘Will Win’ Pennsylvania. My favorites are Morning Joe and Nicole Wallace.I would like see MSNBC do a lot more street/public interviews. And Brian Williams makes such corrections almost every night. “I won’t do it,” Williams says when I ask about the conflict that fuels much of prime time.

And this, of course, was none of that.”.

“We got fuzzed up, we got away from that for a couple of decades and ‘legaled up’ our wording.

37 seconds ago. © 2020 TV GUIDE, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. there's only 2 shows on MSNBC I try and watch daily; The Beat with Arie Melber, and The Racheal Madow show, Morning Joe blow is just horrible Rachel mad cow should retire With her fat ass gardener loverLarry O’Donnell should die He’s a FagChris Homo and Donny Lemon-Aides Should get a room they act like the gay lovers they are.Erin what Her her name is? coronavirus TRANSCRIPT: 4/16/20, The 11th Hour w/ Brian Williams. I won’t do it and I won’t raise my voice...we try to present the day and to do it as fairly as we can. The news that matters, delivered to you weekdays. NBC Nightly News anchorman John Chancellor sits on a desk in the NBC newsroom. No one has ever asked me to move to a different time slot, and I guess we would have to consider it, because it’s their network, but I am very happy with this piece of real estate and very grateful for this piece of real estate.

March 28, 2017. He's also been a U.S. contributing correspondent for Australian TV and worked in cable news at CNN and Fox. Also another way of saying these are live pictures, the president has arrived back at Andrews. [4] At times the program was extended due to breaking news coverage. “All those people from those surrounding towns who were probably planning right about now to flood into Newark for free water.”. What To Watch …

Ann I think you’re so on point, Andrea Mitchel is too slow, she speak like she’s had too many drinks. “We shorthand a lot because we make assumptions about the audience drawn to this network,” Williams tells me. It's time for you to hand off the baton Andrea respectfully. It’s just after midnight as Brian Williams, carrying a yellow legal pad and pen in one hand and an MSNBC logo coffee mug in the other, walks off the set of his nightly newscast, The 11th Hour. You use it as your internal thermostat to regulate your delivery, your choice of words, your vocabulary, a lot of things.”, The 11th Hour was the brainchild of NBC News and MSNBC chairman Andy Lack, who told Williams the show’s title was intended to play on the drama of the final hours of a momentous presidential race.

The program is Williams' second show in MSNBC's primetime schedule, as he formerly hosted The News with Brian Williams, which aired on the network from 1996 to 2002 before moving to CNBC.

[2] It replaced a rerun of All In with Chris Hayes.

I don’t know who to see about that.”, “It was supposed to go away after six weeks or so?”.

Sitting in his office, I ask Williams about the water crisis and the decision to call out Newark for its handling of the problem. Previous Post It is hosted by Brian Williams, the network's chief anchor and former host of NBC Nightly News.[1]. The 11th Hour with Brian Williams.

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