These moments evoke unboxing videos, which are universally popular online, especially with children. Seven Daughters Wine’s branding is in the name: it’s targeted towards women, particularly busy ones. 20.

And while appearance matters to them, they also want their sites to perform. 13. This particular Instagram Story ad speaks to moms, with a knowing nod to households where things get knocked over easily. When the brand was launching its “Flex” clothing line it wanted to connect with people who would buy its product. Instagram’s own Instagram account is a true example of the great things that can be done using Stories. For these Instagram Story ads, FedEx brings the focus to a specific demographic: the family-oriented mom or dad. Behind The Scenes – Another fan favorite! We already know that Instagram Stories are a highly engaging video format. A compelling story from history can really grab people’s attention. Hear what makes us great -- straight from our customers. Wellness is a multi-trillion dollar industry, so for companies in this space, carving out a niche is essential for differentiation and survival. In addition, you can take this information and use it in your other marketing and advertising efforts. YOUR PRODUCTS OR SERVICES – Kind of a no brainer but it can easily be done with Instagram stories. By pointing this out, Morning Brew is positioning themselves to the news source everyone shares. 2.

People who want to emulate his success may be curious enough to swipe up and check out his reading list. 17.

To increase engagement, the ad also opened up with a question asking viewers to share their thoughts and experiences with Freshly Cosmetics. If you have podcasts, videos, articles, or social media posts that have been shared already, why not share them again? Once you’ve completed set up and publish your new polling sticker Instagram Stories Ad, pending approval, it will begin displaying in your selected audiences Instagram Stories placements. This could be a series of pictures or a cut video. This is a particularly Instagram-savvy audience. I enjoy the opportunity to work with amazing individuals and brands everyday. We promise to send you awesome stuff you'll want to read more than once. Their video is clear and high-quality, lending credibility to the brand and its content. Do you have any favorite Instagram stories tips or accounts we should be following? Albert’s Instagram Story ads focus on typical spending pitfalls for millennials, who tend to spend more freely on things like ride shares, coffee, fashionable clothes, and food than other generations. For example, if you are launching your new spring line of shoes and you want to gauge interest between two new shoe styles, run a poll ad to see which a particular audience likes better. The campaign aimed to encourage mobile product managers and app developers to test out its product, and to do this, it demonstrated its product in action as part of the ad. Showcase People Using Your Products! Announcements –  Business News, Industry Changes, New Products/Programs/Events this is your chance to share with your fans! The campaign helped AppSee to lower its cost per qualified lead by 25% and it also saw a 3.4x increase in click-through rate when compared to other ad-types. You can direct people to click the link in your bio or if you have a business account and more than 10,000 followers, you can actually include links directly with your IG stories! As someone who lives for connecting people, making the connection between consumers and brands is what Akvile DeFazio, president of, 14 Inspiring Instagram Accounts to Follow Right This Instant, 9 Ways to Engage Your Customers With Instagram Story Highlights, Instagram Best Practices for 2020: Ad Creative, Placements, & More. For heist movie fans, entertainment and suspense go great with glamor and over-the-top special effects.

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