Senna was the whole idea of not having talking heads and this is my musical, which is somehow making the songs come out of the narrative. It was the most obvious thing in the world: just cut the footage together and there’s a great movie. Much like the beautiful game, it would appear that Maradona’s life is also a tale of two halves. I wasn’t making it up. But it”s a mask. I don”t know. Here, it kind of implicates the audience and what happens to her because we feel like we all kind of own her because we know of her. They”re not copying people here. Actually I think the point of the film is more important than where the footage came from. I wasn’t making it up. So happy. I don”t get it. Everyone’s seen [the concert in] Serbia. There”s a real oppression to your film when it focuses on celebrity-dom. It is also incredibly moving. But on the big screen it”s pretty intense. Then he opened his laptop and said, ‘I’ve got these videos that I shot,’ and there’s all of the opening of the film.”. Another lunch, an exec who said a similar thing about another young person from right now who looks like they”re out of control. I was aware of it. “I interviewed him twice. He claims that those three words were edited from his interview. Cocaine and the Camorra crime syndicate have starring roles, and Maradona is yet to see the film. What happens to directors is, ‘You’re lucky to have a job.’” Alongside Gay-Rees, he set up the production company On the Corner, named for the Miles Davis album, but whose office also stands on the literal junction of two main roads not far from where his father worked at Mount Pleasant. This article was amended on 27 June and 29 June 2015. Filmmaker Asif Kapadia sat down with NME this week to talk about his new film on Diego Maradona, and reflect on the legacy of 'Amy'. He lays out all the information and leaves it to his audience to judge where they stand vis-a-vis Winehouse, a talented artist, who was manic depressive and an addict. It is edited. Stripped of the usual documentary trappings, Senna’s life and death had dizzying emotional power. Do you think there’s anything particularly “London” about Amy’s story? I know it,” he says. If, in some small way, people think of her in a different light, that’s good enough for me. After watching Amy, the first thing I did was to Google my name and hers looking to see if I’d indulged in the mockery that is caught in the film; Graham Norton explaining to Jackie Chan in 2008, “Amy Winehouse, now she’s a mad person.” I found that I had not, that I was mocking the mockery.