R$25,250, 23x25x23cm, 

R$10,950, 89x66x10cm, 

stainless steel, bronze resin, stone resin, sandstone, leaded glass, ceramic, granite, and more. Technical R$77,600, 38x58x20cm,  perhaps We believe that FiveTwo is fairly unique in that we are offering a range of original garden sculpture, that cannot be found elsewhere.These are not the mass-produced offerings so often found in garden-centres, but original work by mainly British artists and designers.

R$5,700, 23x40x11cm,  R$11,050, 35x49x42cm, 

R$6,350, 40x55x25cm, 

R$6,000, 14x47x9cm,  Receive exclusive updates on new works that match your search criteria, You will receive exclusive notifications about new works that match this search criteria. R$143,350, 33x39x21cm,  Works created by SCULPTORS with a passion for DESIGN, geometry, and a FASCINATION with the INTERSECTION between ART, NATURE and space.

For an exclusive look at the latest works by %name%, leave your email address here! and direct the eye, complement plants, reflect the light or bring a smile to a face. If such a wonderful sculpture were placed outside, it can be a perfect landscape. R$20,700, 20x50x20cm,  R$94,550, 58x67x50cm, 

R$41,000, 15x26x16cm,  R$13,250, 37x50x44cm,  Product name

Stainless Steel Garden Sculptures Steel Sculpture Singapore Restaurant Decoration This kind of sculpture can be installed easily.

We hope you like what you see, but if there is anything in particular you would like, or have any questions, please do

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Other movements associated with modern sculptures include geometric abstraction, suprematism, futurism, and abstract expressionism. Modern Garden Sculptures For Sale Manufacturers, Factory, Suppliers From China, We are sincerely looking forward to cooperate with buyers all around the world.


Orders $99+ ship free. Items No. Fiberglass material are so cheap compared with other materials.

Stainless steel

FiveTwo has set out to find a range of affordable Many of the pieces are either unique or limited-edition. Contemporary garden sculpture by British Artists.

R$136,000, 14x57x18cm,  Use it to catch

It can be put as Lawn Decor that will be a beautiful scenery there. R$1,033,900, 60x48x15cm, 


R$77,600, 85x55x35cm,  R$8,650, 11x11x11cm,  R$10,250, 85x85x2cm, 

R$9,500, 45x14x9cm,  R$20,700, 44x44x5cm, 

R$117,650, 39x56x16cm,  Constantin Brancusi is known for his highly polished and abstract bronze works like “Beginning of the World” (1924). the incredible beauty of many of them.

Original Modern Garden Sculpture For Sale. Garden,hotel,home,piazza wall decoration

growing and changing.

MOQ R$189,700, 40x40x40cm,  R$12,650, 45x50x37cm, 

R$88,250, 240x145x200cm,  R$25,300, 28x28x30cm, 

Looking forward to building long-term cooperation with you! Metal Art Sculpture

Round Sculpture Design is made with corten steel material that is full of Rusty Naturally Finish. Buy Sculptures on Singulart The contemporary artists of Singulart are as skilled in Sculpture as they are in painting, photography, and various other mediums.