Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. Welcome to Travel Guruji ( Stay safe from corona virus. Will Hatton? I love to write about travel, hostels and backpacking. Taking the hard road is tiring. It's a different experience the first time you do it, but everyone that stays there is a young, budget traveler like you, just looking for a cheap place to stay for the night. One way you can help save money is by packing up granola bars, peanut butter and other travel snacks to eat for breakfast and a snack instead of spending money while you're backing through tons of European cities. Good point about local guesthouses, certainly for couples or friends travelling together getting a private room to share can be around the same price or cheaper than two hostel dorm beds. I’ve tested them, I’ve relied on them heavily, and I can confirm, they do indeed work. But that comes later. Now, travelling with someone is a whole other kettle of worms (I’ve botched that saying, haven’t I). Now I’m earning some money I’ve been able to upgrade some of my gear but the cheap stuff was more than sufficient! The people who are true budget backpackers stick to their budget and avoid making any changes in it. I usually like a combination of family-run guesthouses (or even rooms in a home through Airbnb or homestays) and hostels. You can also pay for transportation and a place to stay for the night by booking an overnight train or overnight bus. For more in-depth tips, lessons, and backpacking inspiration, check out the AIM Adventure U Backpacking 101 course. Sometimes you’re tired, you’re burnt, and you don’t rightly care… and that’s totally fair.

There are tons of travel jobs available out there! If there’s an airport or region you’re really set on getting to but you just can’t afford the flights you might be able to afford it doing layovers – find a combination of cheaper flights (or coaches) and take the opportunity to check out a destination you weren’t expecting on your way.

Rarely does a backpacker’s budget stretch to 5-star accommodation or even a private hotel room! Use these tips to cook comfortably in a dry backcountry kitchen. Luxuries do not provide these experiences as most of the population cannot afford expensive travel.

There’s a semi-decent chance you’ve even told all your friends and family that you’re fucking off ‘indefinitely’. You can find some deals if you hunt around (usually a 10-minute walk outside of the main touristy streets will mean lower prices) plus, you can always split a large meal with your friend and save that way. Keep in mind that you will most likely be staying in a room with other people, but that helps keep the cost low. ‘How to Travel the World on $10 a Day’ penned by – you guessed it – the OG Broke Backpacker himself, Mr Hatton. Work exchange sites like Workaway, Worldpackers and various others offer a platform for local people, businesses and organisations to advertise for help they need. The same applies to scuba diving which is way out of many people’s budget.

Head to Eastern Europe. I tend to plan ahead at least by a few days, so I don’t run the risk of not finding a cheap hostel and having to book the last available room in a pricey hotel. Enclosed in this piece you’ll still find the original tips for backpacking on a budget. Read on for our top tips to making your backpacking budget go further. A lot of the time you’ll be travelling without paying for anything; just working and chilling. Maintaining the budget is necessary for those who work hard to earn their livelihood. The first thing you will want to keep in mind when backpacking on a budget is this trip is not going to be glamorous.There will be tough times where you're on rather terrible itineraries and stuck in the airport for the night, you won't be eating gourmet meals every night, and you will not be staying in fancy hotels. Personally, I love booking on and I hope these tips help you prepare for your trip and make backpacking on a budget a little easier! Now, some people may turn their nose up at this and that’s totally fine. Agree on all this except the hostels.