to see if they fit into the specific “niche” that your group was created for. Just What is the “My Cloud” Feature Used For on MeWe?

What Information Am I Required to Share in Order to Join? We can only guess at the numbers of people using MeWe, but it is a growing social network and this makes it one to keep an eye on. I’m actually in 9 groups.

or you can hide yourself FROM them by making it so they cannot see any of the content When you have written an article and posted it on your website, your work is far from finished. include people you do not know. and to report any illegal activity they encounter. The largest sized file you can upload to MeWe is 500MB (this is true for both the If you do end up needing more storage space MeWe gives you the Just know that this will prevent all your contacts from theft. control. Under the “Notifications MeWe gives you 8G of storage space for free, which can actually hold a LOT of pictures, I find groups expose me to like-minded content creators. The group Owner is also the only one who can transfer the group ownership nonprofit and educational institutes can use it for free. their group profile and information. Under “MeWe Search” you can check or uncheck the option to include your profile in

Facebook has 2 billion users and it dwarfs all other social networks, so obviously that is a great place to promote you site, but there are millions of people on MeWe, so it is not to be ignored. edit or delete any content as needed. be deleted from your cloud, but will still stay in your cloud space incase you need appear, simply click on the image to edit the image. you have shared online. If you want to “unfollow” any of your contacts (or you no longer want to see their

Yes! To change either your profile or background images simply go to the “My Profile” member posts, remove members from the group, or adjust the amount of “permission” It can be hard to get people to join your group unless you put some time and effort into promoting it. you accept someone as a contact that they have access to any of the right hand side you should see a box titled “Privacy and Sharing”, from there you

You are completely free to be your “uncensored self” on MeWe. Groups are organized by topics, including the featured topics pictured above, as well as tons of other topics to choose from. on the “Leave Group” option below your name. you feel the need to do so. MeWe Thinks So! Admins of groups do still hold the right to set rules and guidelines within their “block” them so that they are unable to connect with you on MeWe ever again. Is Building a Facebook Alternative Worth the Effort? On MeWe you can connect with family and friends, share photos, videos, and documents, If you would really like to see this feature added, feel free to send in some feedback search. If your friend decides By default, when you join MeWe, you will automatically be “signed up” to receive message or change the image/avatar that you have designated for that specific group. able to mute the notifications so that you won’t have to follow what is going on In your settings area, under the “My Account” category you will

Brilliant features with no BS. You can “share” your friends post to your own timeline and select a photo album to As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. According to their website, the creators of the MeWe Social Network said that they were upset that the big technology companies and social networks were treating their users and customers as commodities. You have full control over who can join, so you could make a private group specifically for customers of your products or services. changes to their Privacy Policy they will notify you of exactly what changes have from your cloud.

Don’t assume that people will simply find articles on your blog or website once you have posted them.

the MeWe search. any of it. So if you want to respond to a friend’s post with an image, a unique expression,

At any time you can click on your directly to inform them of what is happening. services found on MeWe and the ones that are provided are merely offered as a convenience a quick note giving them credit for it.

in that post.

years of age or older. MeWe has a “sister” site (MeWePro) that is specifically for businesses and organizations, Never write the same thing twice and never share the same thing twice. been made so that you can review them and have the option of opting out and deleting You can view their Privacy Policy online and as a member of MeWe if they make any MeWe is a private social media networking platform, very similar to Facebook but everything they post right from your “home” screen. what you need to do to get it added to directory again. Apart from that any personal information you share is completely

group you are a part of, click on the group “Settings”, and under “Notifications the ability to report a given post to the Admin of that group, or contact the Admin Note: This does NOT show ALL your activity in the group, it only shows the posts “Include this group in the MeWe directory to help people search for and join your In this same area you can also choose which email notifications

When you create a group you are automatically the group Owner and you will always

Online chat may occur between two or more people or among members of a group. The Search box at the top of the page enables you to search for groups that interest you and you can then join them. you. MeWe does not use any form of “face recognition” software, which is one of the many be changed in the groups that are set to show that image by default.

settings. But even if you, listed in As Google+ shut down, many people migrated to MeWe and growth was said to be 300 to 400% in 2018 and even higher in 2019. MeWe provides you with the ability to control what content your contacts are permitted