Ball Connector, Brass Craft ProCoat® 18 in. Easy to clean and durable. Fitting Gas Connector, Brass Craft 1/2 x 1/2 x 30 in. Fitting Gas Connector, Brass Craft 60 x 3/4 x 3/4 in. After disconnecting gas appliances, gas connectors should always be removed and the fuel line must be plugged and capped. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. In the event of a rupture or disconnect, unrestricted gas flow forces the plate away from the magnet and firmly positions it … Multiple flexible connectors should never be piped together. How is the hose length measured on this item?

FIP X 3/4 In. It also includes an automatic thermal shut off feature designed to activate between 250 and 300 degrees Fahrenheit. These things are fantastic. Gas Appliance Connector, Brass Craft ProCoat® 3/4 FIP x 3/4 MIP x 24 in. More tips are available below and in our Operating Generators for Standby Power brochure. Our focus is your convenience – order online from your laptop, desktop, or smartphone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No connector should exceed six feet (1829 mm) in length.

These are definitely worth the money to buy and have installed as they save you time and money to clean behind. However, it seems JavaScript is either disabled or not supported by your browser. FIP x MIP Stainless Steel Gas Connector, Brass Craft 3/8 x 3/8 x 36 in. The heavy-duty stainless steel corrugated tubing gives the blue hose superb bending properties and extremely long life. Check that your electrical cords are clean, neatly coiled up, and regularly inspected for damaged insulation and connectors. MIP x FIP Valve Gas Connector, Easy Flex 1/2 x 24 in. Over the years we have expanded our selection of commercial equipment and wholesale supplies to include healthcare, educational, food, beverage, office, parts and hotel supplies.

Failure to do this could jeopardize the safety of line crews and the public. ID) 1/2 In. Flexible Tubing. With superior services, our premiere loyalty program and cutting edge technology solutions, we provide you with what you need in order to set your business apart from others. For many gas stove appliances, there is a set standard of BTU that determines the sizing of your gas stove connector. Click to learn more about cookies. Be cautious with the placement of landscaping and outdoor structures. Store surplus gasoline in approved containers. No more than one flexible connector should be used per appliance. Set up was easy.

The only one-handed quick-disconnect design that is certified by CSA for gas cooking equipment. Please choose your delivery preferences: Gas hoses are an often-overlooked but crucial part of kitchen safety and efficiency, and choosing the right one for your equipment is essential. FIP x MIP Fitting Gas Connector, Brass Craft 30 x 3/4 x 3/4 in. Gas Appliance Connector, Brass Craft 3/4 x 3/4 in. In all cases, we recommend following the manufacturer's instructions for installion and proper placement. 2020 The Safety Quik quick-disconnect system combines the convenience of the SnapFast one handed disconnect feature with the added assurance of a gas shut-off that prevents you from accidentally turning on gas while disconnected from your appliance. MIP Coated Connector, Brass Craft ProCoat® 24 in.,,, Drinking Fountains & Bottle Filling Stations, Institutional and Utility Sinks & Faucets. You’re seeing this ad based on the product’s relevance to your search query. The connector should be of adequate length to reach from the gas supply line to the appliance without stretching. A cleverly designed all-in-one device, it prevents the gas connector from being disconnected until the valve handle is turned to shut off the valve, and it will not allow the valve to be opened until the blue hose is reconnected to Safety Quik. MIP x FIP Ball Connector, Brass Craft 1/2 x 24 in. Ball Connector, Brass Craft ProCoat® 1/2 x 1/2 x 72 in.

Gas Connectors We offer a complete line of durable, corrosion-resistant gas connectors for all types of gas appliances. These kits cost us over $500 locally so we are very pleased with the pricing on this item. It was super simple to install Even with moving the grill in and out all the time for cleaning, there is 0 strain visible on the hose or the connectors. Keep obstructions away from any indoor meters as well and do not hang anything on your gas pipes. Multiple flexible connectors should never be piped together. Gas Appliance Connector, Brass Craft ProCoat® 24-3/13 in. In a world full of lies, that means something to me. Avoid fire or explosion by refueling the generator in a well-ventilated area, and avoid spilling fuel on hot engine parts. Annual maintenance is the best way to ensure you will have power when you need it. MIP X 48 In. Fitting Gas Connector, Brass Craft 1/2 FIP x 1/2 MIP x 18 in. To further increase your productivity and efficiency, try Dormont’s gas connector accessories such as the Snapfast, Safety Quik, and more! Brass Craft 1/2 MIP x 1/2 MIP x 12 in. Keep the following in mind: We recommend installing detectors to keep you safe. Thanks! Coated Connector, Brass Craft 1/2 FIP x 1/2 MIP x 60 in.

This hose measures 48" long and has a 3/4" NPT connection size. FIP x MIP Coated Connector, Brass Craft 1/2 FIP x 1/2 MIP x 36 in. perfect what i was looking for neat description made my job really easy and best price offered and good part is nothing missing and shipped on time. FIP x MIP Gas Connector, Brass Craft 30 x 3/4 x 3/4 in. They connect easy and disconnect easy, so I guess I would say they are aptly named. This braid is what allows the hose to be used in mobile applications, so if you plan on moving your equipment for cleaning and maintenance, a moveable hose is a must-have item. So when it comes to connecting your foodservice gas appliance, connect with confidence. This gas pipe is very easy to connect. MIP Fitting Gas Connector, Dormont Manufacturing 61 Series 1-1/4 x 1-1/4 x 24 in. The 2-piece design allows you to disengage equipment from the gas connection in mere seconds and creates a secure, gas-tight seal when the equipment is connected. However, I had a regulator so I had to use a male male connection to the Snapfast. It's very convinence, all you have to do is pull the blue part connector and it will disconnected.When you connected it just push hard and it went right in.

I highly reccomend this set. Length Yellow Coated, Watts 20-3132-48B Gas Appliance Connector, 48-inch, Dormont 30-4141-72B Indoor/Outdoor Gas Appliance Connector, 72 Inch, Black, Dormont Safety-Shield Gas Appliance Connector, 36 Inch, Black, T&S Brass AG-5C 1/2-Inch Gas Appliance Connectors with Quick Disconnect, BrassCraft CSSC22R-36 P Gas Appliance Connector, General Electric PM15X104 Universal Gas Dryer Install Kit, 48-Inches, MENSI New Propane Gas BBQ Grill, Heater Appliance 1/4" Quick Key to Hook Up Your Low Pressure RV's Quick-Connect, BrassCraft CSSD45R-36 P Gas Appliance Connector, GASPRO 15 Feet 1/4" Quick Connect RV Propane Hose for 1 LB Bulk Portable Appliance to RV 1/4" Female Quick Disconnect, Sioux Chief 696-1021GF Ox Box Gas Outlet Box, 1/2" NPT, Brasscraft CSSL54-36 Straight Connector Gas Dryer & Water Heater Flex-Line (3/8" OD FIP x 1/2" MIP) x 36", Brasscraft CSSC55-24 Gas Appliance Connector, 1/2-Inch x 24-Inch, Hot Max 24217 5' Extension/Appliance Hose for Propane or Natural Gas, GGC 6Feet Stainless Steel Braided Propane Adapter Hose,1Lb to 20Lb Propane Conversion for Type1 LP Tank/QCC1,Bulk Portable Appliance and Gas Grill-CSA Certified, Camplux Propane Y-Splitter Tee Adapter Connector with Propane Tank Gauge Propane Tank Gauge Level Indicator Leak Detector Gas Pressure Meter, 100% Solid Brass with 1 Female QCC and 2 Male QCC, BrassCraft CSSL45R-18 P Safety PLUS Gas Appliance Connector with 3/8" OD EFV and 1/2" MIP x 1/2" FIP x 18", Dormont 30-4142-60B Indoor/Outdoor Appliance gas connector, 60 Inch, Black, BrassCraft CSSD44-24 Gas Appliance Connector, Gas One 2106 3 ft Regulator Fire Pit Grill Heater Propane Hose, 3 feet, 3ft, Stanbroil One Stop Gas Appliance Hook Up Kit - Brass Gas Ball Valve and Flexible Gas Connector w/Fittings, Dormont Supr-Safe Gas Appliance Connector, 36 Inch, Dormont Ultra-Flow Gas Appliance Connector Kit, 24 Inch, Dormont 0222529 SmartSense gas connector kit, 36 Inch, Yellow Coated, Solimeta 5 Feet Propane Adapter Hose, Propane Tank Adapter, Propane Tank Hose, Replacement for QCC1/Type 1, Suitable for Propane Tank from 1lb to 20lb, BrassCraft CSSC45R-60 P Gas Appliance Connector, WADEO Upgraded Propane Tank Gauge Level Indicator, LP Tank Gauge for 5-40 lb Propane Tank with QCC1 Connection, Suitable for Cylinder, BBQ Gas Grill, RV Camper, Heater and More Appliances, 2 Pack, Brasscraft CSSL54-60 ProCoat Straight Connector Gas Dryer & Water Heater Flex-Line (3/8" OD FIP x 1/2" MIP) x 60", Watts 30C-3141-36B Indoor/Outdoor Gas Appliance Connector, 36-inch, Generep Propane Tank Y Shaped Splitter Adapter, Propane Tank Splitter Adapter with Color Propane Gauge, Propane Adapter Tee Connector for 20 lb Gas Tank, Work with Grill Appliances, GGC 6 FT Stainless Steel Braided Propane Adapter Hose,1Lb to 20Lb Propane Conversion for Type1 LP Tank/QCC1,Bulk Portable Appliance and Gas Grill-CSA Certified,2 Packs, BrassCraft CSSC94R-48 X Gas Appliance Connector, GASPRO 18 FT RV Quick Connect Propane Hose for RV to Grill for Camp Chef Stove and Fire Pit- 3/8 Female Flare Fitting x 1/4 Full Flow Quick, BrassCraft CSSC12R-60 P Gas Appliance Connector, Flextron FTGC-YC38-48 46" Flexible Epoxy Coated Gas Line Connector with 1/2" Outer Diameter and Nut Fittings, Yellow/Stainless Steel, BrassCraft CSSC64TE-36 X (5/8" OD) 1/2" MIP x 1/2" MIP x 36" Gas Connector, GASPRO 3/8 Inch Natural Gas Quick Connect Fittings, LP Gas Propane Hose Quick Disconnect Kit, 100% Solid Brass, GasOne 50140 4 FT Propane Hose 1 lb Converter-16.4 oz to 20 lb, Watts Tankless Water Heater Service Valve Kit, SHINESTAR 6FT Stainless Steel Propane Hose Assembly with Both 3/8inch Female Flare Fittings for RV, Gas Grill, Fire Pit, Heater,etc, BrassCraft CSSC22R-24 P Safety PLUS Gas Appliance Connector with 5/8" OD EFV and 3/4" FIP x 3/4" FIP x 24", BrassCraft Mfg CSSC54-60 P Gas Appliance Connector, BrassCraft CSSC45R-24 P Gas Appliance Connector, SHINESTAR 5FT Upgraded Braided Propane Hose with Gauge, Converts Propane Stove, Tabletop Grill and More 1lb Portable Appliance to 5-100lb Tank, GGC 10 Feet 1/2 inch ID Natural Gas Grill Hose with Quick Connect Fittings 3/8 Female to 1/2 Male Adapter Outdoor NG/Propane Appliance - CSA Certified, Flextron FTGC-YC38-72I 72 Inch Flexible Epoxy Coated Gas Dryer Connector with 1/2 Inch Outer Diameter & 3/8 Inch FIP x 3/8 Inch MIP Fitting, Yellow/Stainless Steel, Excellent Corrosion Resistance, BrassCraft CSSC45R-18 X Gas Appliance Connector.