Please use at your own risk. This may be the best bang for your tourism dollar in New Mexico, and I don't say that lightly.

One day these inscriptions will be erased forever and lost to history.

New Mexico. Badland's Burgers. Luckily, I wrote this when it was all fresh in my mind. The following chart illustrates the difficulty of hiking the Headland Trail compared to two other trails. Every day the forces of erosion continue their slow natural march of changing the land and whipping it clean. We waited outside the gate from 8:15 until a few minutes after 9am, what hung several apparently staff cars driving in, and they finally got around to opening the gate a few minutes after 9am.

You can catch the inscription loop at the end of the headlands hike. El Morro is the only place I know of where you can go see actual dated inscriptions carved into sandstone from the Spanish conquistadors who first explored this region that predate by 15 years the arrival of the Mayflower which docked at Plymouth Rock, MA to bring the pilgrims! A reliable waterhole hidden at the base of a sandstone bluff made El Morro (the headland) a popular campsite for hundreds of years.

and the longitude is -108.348320. They gave us a self-guided tour booklet to lead us through the inscriptions with dates and explanations. Collection of firewood within the monument is prohibited, so bring firewood with you if you intend to have a campfire. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the given coordinates of the places in our database. Lux Theater. The Headland Trail is located on the El Morro topo map. I've visited EMNM at least five times and it's is second only to Acoma's Sky City in my book. There's plenty of parking. Just go .

They said the only way to fill up on water was in the bathroom sink, but that water was fine to drink. Stop and ask the park ranger at the visitor center for a loaner guide (please remember to return it after you are finished. Ramah, NM

We arrived at 2pm and had 8 sites to choose from. We camped at the free campsite that is maintained by the park service. The trail here also surprisingly has a lot of color ranging from deep reds and bright oranges to pale shades of blue and white. The inscriptions were left by the Ancient Puebloans, the Spaniards in the 1500s, and Americans from the 1800s and early 1900s. Striking natural area after a lovely and easy drive, wonderful historically significant markings and a moderately easy (lots of well-placed benches for low-altitude folks to rest) completely-safe-but-exciting hike (the sandstone is SUPERgrippy and makes for an easy walk, but wear sensible shoes). The destination along the Headland trail is that of an 18 room pueblo ruin known as Atsinna. This national monument far exceeded my expectations. Just know that since the visitor center closes at 5, they stop access to the trail at 3 (as of this writing). Get to see ancient petroglyphs, signatures, ancient ruins, and the VIEWS!!!! I love meeting people like that. El Morro National Monument 12000 Ice Caves Rd Grants NM 87020. The Rangers at El Morro National Monument we're incredibly helpful and it had a very nice Visitor Center. Prevent tick bites: Treat clothing and gear, such as boots, pants, socks and tents with products containing 0.5% permethrin. Copyright © 2004–2020 Yelp Inc. Yelp, , and related marks are registered trademarks of Yelp. Had one trail easy and another to hike to the top. The view was amazing at the top and I spent quite a bit of time up there. National Monument New Mexico. The American Latino Heritage Fund worked closely with the National Park Service on American Latino Youth Summits, which educates and involves younger generations in historic preservation in their communities. Weather/Climate El Morro National is at an elevation of 7,219 feet. We camped the last weekend in April and were glad we arrived fairly early on a Friday afternoon because we observed later arrivals that weren't able to get a site.

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The half-mile loop was very manageable for people of all levels and I recommend everybody do this, See all photos from Rona B. for El Morro National Monument. Some of the names with dates are from famously known people. This place has history literally etched into its sandstone walls. Turns out, this Like Me urge extends back to our ancestors, and at El Morro you'll find a feed frozen in time, going back some 800 years, maybe more: literally, a wall of postings from Puebloans, conquistadores,  Army soldiers and, likely, more than a few trolls. I love that this keeps trash out of the landfills). Then the path meanders around the top of the mesa which is thinner than one might imagine from below. At the top of the mesa you see inside a box canyon and all around you is beautiful geological formations. Carlsbad Caverns Guide – The Big Room & Natural Entrance, Acadia in Autumn – Your Top 10 Guide 2019. But the real draw, here, is Inscription Rock, a sandstone talk forum overlooking a natural pool of clear water which offered respite to travelers, horses and marauders. He told us that the Indians will not tell what they know to anyone who will write it down. Learn more. USA. Yelp users haven’t asked any questions yet about. to explore the Indian ruins presents many beautiful vistas for any photographer. I think for the headlands hike you do about 400 feet of ascent, with a lot of carved and cement stairs. It is a literal oasis in the high desert. 1500 K Street NW, Suite 700, Washington, D.C. 20005Phone: (202) 796-2500  |  Toll-Free: (888) GOPARKS  |  Fax: (202) 796-2509  |  [email protected]The National Park Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Behind him on the sidewalk is a line of stanchions designating the flow of foot traffic. I remember doing this hike in early March and it was so cold due to the strong winds. This part of the trail is more strenuous and would not be accessible to those with physical challenges. Visit the American Southwest for more information. This Site All NPS. “As I came down, I passed by the inscriptions and the pond and they were just as beautiful as the view on top!” in 5 reviews, “The loop trail which ventures atop the bluff to explore the Indian ruins presents many beautiful vistas for any photographer.” in 4 reviews, “At the top of the mesa you see inside a box canyon and all around you is beautiful geological formations.” in 2 reviews. The video on display about the park is also very good and well written. This side of the trail has nice views of the sandstone cliffs that we had spent so much time taking in earlier in the day. Grants Lava Flow. Definitely worth the drive, especially if you are already visiting El Malpais. Today El Morro has been nearly forgotten. See all photos from Saadiya A. for El Morro National Monument. It is possible to see plenty of signs, marks and signatures, left by the people centuries ago. Now, my wife and I travel as a way of life.

The rangers couldn't be nicer and their advice (take the time to have them show you photos of how your walk will go - it helps on the hike across the top of the bluff) couldn't be more on-point. . It is paved and a very easy 1/2 mile stroll with only two small inclines along the way. The trail along the top of the mesa is curvy, but well laid out. It will be easy to see why El Morro was proclaimed a National Monument. After the mesa-top village was abandoned travelers still arrived here in search of water. El Morro is a very nice National Monument less than an hour from Gallup, NM.