But what's lost in the translation? Copyright © 2012 E. O. Wahab et al.

So there's many different ways that - or could be a food source. This paper therefore is aimed at examining the causes and consequences of rapid erosion of cultural values in nigeria. JOHN: I work with native elements. 6. Like the whole language in India or the Panau language of Papua New Guinea. In the analysis, the cross-analysis of chi-square method of testing hypothesis was used. LANE: Oh, yeah. there is negative relationship between social forces such as colonialism, westernization, and erosion of cultural values; there is positive relationship between forces such as colonialism, westernization, and erosion of cultural values. For the purpose of this study, structured questionnaire (quantitative technique) has been chosen.

With regard to the sex, about three-fifth are males, while the remaining two-fifth are females. By.

It was part of the background. You can join - make your comments on our website. Greening the common agricultural policy: a behavioural perspective and lab-in-the-field experiment in Germany. All rights reserved. Gentrifiers want the authenticity of “exoticness” when it comes in a sushi roll or street cart empanada. Investor Myopia and the Momentum Premium across International Equity Markets. Explore the Smithsonian Folklife Festival's "One World, Many Voices" program. And so we began to develop a lot of written materials but then began recordings. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. The aggressive assimilation had contributed to many long-lasting effects in aboriginal community. Further when mirrored with sociological panorama, both the macro- and micro-sociological tentacles, which subsume the entirety of social institutions, are determined by culture; an all-including sociological and anthropological concept that is ineluctable for the existence and functionality of any social group. Survey evidence for the contextuality of behavioral public policy. JOHN: Well, they were forced into the Stewart Indian Schools, you know, at the turn of the century. But I think when you grow up as an English speaker first, you're always, all through your life, you do think in English. And it's my understanding that Spanish, Chinese and English will be the dominant languages of the world at some point, and they already are pretty much. The study population is not without their occupations. DONVAN: And that feels real. The culture of a people is their identity as it affords them due recognition. What's your - tell us your story. The cultural loss incorporates two aspects, which are death of… Can you just rattle off a whole conversation and tell jokes and get mad at the guy who crosses you in traffic in the language?

E. O. Wahab, S. O. Odunsi, O. E. Ajiboye, "Causes and Consequences of Rapid Erosion of Cultural Values in a Traditional African Society", Journal of Anthropology, vol. Listen to article.

The study area happens to be one of the twenty (20) local government areas in Ogun State, while Ogun State is one of the thirty-six (36) states in the federation with its capital, Abeokuta. In either case, it is frequently seen as a loss of social identity or as a symbol of defeat by a colonial power—if not by those abandoning the language, then often by the next generation. LANE: Well, I always wanted to know my language. And, you know, it just has a very ancient context to it.

And, you know, there isn't many of my generation that can speak the language anymore because we've been, you know, taught to become Americanize and, you know, forget that language and learn the English language. This paper therefore is aimed at examining the causes and consequences of rapid erosion of cultural values in nigeria.

It is important to keep in mind that at no point do cultural universals carry down to the actual details of what people say and do [5].