Apply it to the rest of the skin. Product Code: s-5065208, Price: Rs.222. Fill in the brow with the shadow that matches your tone as the eyebrows and hair colour. Product Code: s-3770718, Price: Rs.719. If it disappears, it's the right colour. Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Hair Rebonding! Line lips after lipstick for natural-looking definition. Product Code: s-3770718, Price: Rs.719. The way to find the colour is to try it on the inside of the lip and if it just enhances it's the right colour. Let it go and then grab your mascara and brush mascara from base to tips of lashes. When you line the whole eye, make sure top and bottom lines meet at the outer corner and use a little bit of powder shadow underneath the eye, with a very light hand pencil. Double-check the colour on the forehead too. Skin tone correct powder evens out the skin and keeps the foundation on longer. Swipe on the side of the face to check which shade blends in perfectly. Make sure the top liner is visible when eyes are open. Need a beauty routine to make your … Try layering instead of blending. For smoky eyes and long wear, layer it.

Product Code: s-5773178, Price: Rs.147. You have time to make it thicker.

You could use a gel shadow or pencil. And then add a pop of a brighter colour right on top and make sure you blend downwards. Don't go below or beyond the natural lip line. Your makeup doesn't have to be bold to be beautiful. Guide About Makeup Fixer Sprays And Its Uses For Your Skin, Wear Silicone Socks For Soft, Moisturised And Happy Feet. 10 Super Easy Makeup Steps: How to Look Flawless—Fast! Have a wedding to attend or a party to hit the dance floor rocking? Resell this Moisturizer on Meesho App. I know makeup steps or routine is so hard to take in and needs a lot of time to master them, but with patience and determination to learn, applying makeup will eventually just be an easy peasy for you. Clear brow gel to set the brow, especially for strong brows. When lining underneath the lip make sure that you go to the end of the lip but don't go over and always go on the inner corner. Lift the eyelid a bit so you make sure you get into the lash line. Use a skin tone correct powder on the rest of the face. The medium shadow gets supplied close to the lash line up into the crease.

Need a stunning look to go by your outfit with some easy steps that won’t take much time but will still give you the perfect look? Tula Skincare Reviews. Make sure that the foundation should look like the skin. Product Code: s-2221557, Price: Rs.143. Hurry up, you do not want to miss out on your programs any longer. Step One: Skincare .

Planning for a weekend getaway with friends? For extra intensity, double line long-wear gel eyeliner to add definition. You can use a brow gel. If the lashes in gently hold the curler up for a few seconds. You need a bit of bronzing powder sometimes under the neck to give a healthy glow and just to even out the skin a little bit on the cheeks, forehead, chin and the trick is to do a little and not just as you would blush but really tint the skin just to warm it up. Product Code: s-5794335, Price: Rs.248. Smile and find the apple of the cheek, go right up to the hairline and gently brush down making it look really natural as if you're flushed. Do a couple of coats to layer it and make it really dense and thick. The colour that blends in the best is the right colour.

Set under eye concealer with sheer face powder. Want makeup that stays and doesn’t need multiple redos? Use one of the bisques which really lighten and brighten when you apply underneath the eye as close to the lashes and in the inner corner and it should totally brighten up see the difference and then in between you wipe your brush and then you apply concealer on top. Our aim is to make sure you look your graceful best in any ethnic outfit you decide to wear! And you know it's the perfect colour when you put a crystal on, and it just looks absolutely gorgeous and doesn't change the colour. Start on the inside to make a little bit of square, brush the hairs up and then make sure you brush them down and then follow the line creating an arch going down into a little bit of a tail. A natural look is simple enough for daytime and flawless enough for an evening out. Product Code: s-3035140, Price: Rs.277. Choose the formula based on the skin's condition, coverage and finish so that it does not look unnatural. Say goodbye to that sexy, smoky eye, step away from the electric-blue eyeliner, and forget the false eyelashes. Line the entire lash line - don't line halfway. Product Code: s-2080310, Price: Rs.146.

Product Code: s-2120724, Price: Rs.171. Product Code: s-4577505, Price: Rs.197. Zoya Naked Manicure Review. Resell this Eyeliner Pencil on Meesho App. All skin types need moisturizer. Hurry up, you do not want to miss out on your programs any longer. Laneige Review. Double lining just makes the lashes look thicker.

© 2015-20 Meesho Inc. All Rights Reserved. Then here you are at the correct place and let go of all your worries. Meesho blog is here to solve all your fashion problems. Pencils are great to get definition. The trick with liner is to go close to the lashes and always start a little bit thinner.

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