By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, By Jamie Lovett As the comic’s title suggests, this dystopian vision of New York City has its roots in the recent past. “Pretty much everything after 1973,” says Logan, “I think the history I know is a little different.”Ryan Donovan Purcell is a PhD candidate in History at Cornell University, where he studies modern American popular culture and urban history. Kelly's death will lead to a massive uptake in anti-mutant hysteria, which will eventually cause the U.S. government to reactive the Sentinel program. X-Men: Days of Future Past #1 - Days of Future Past TPB, X-Men: The Animated Series #111 - Days of Future Past (Part 1), X-Men: The Animated Series #112 - Days of Future Past (Part 2), Marvel Collectible Classics: X-Men vol. The United States elects a xenophobic president, and passes laws restricting mutant citizenship in the comic Days of Future Past (1981). It also came packaged with a figure of Kate Pryde and a diorama display base depicting the brick wall and wanted poster from the cover of. You can search for

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The Days of Future Past reality (Earth-811) is a world where in the near future mutants are hunted down and exterminated.

[3]New York City’s fiscal crisis in the mid-1970s compounded the damage inflicted on the South Bronx by deindustrialization, and the evaporation of a middle-class tax base due to suburbanization. The Mutant Control Act of 1988 gave the Sentinels an open-ended program, with fatally broad parameters, to eliminate the mutant presence from America. Get this collection. Not only that, but the collection includes a new, exclusive, 20-page prequel to "Days of Future Past," a seminal X-Men story, from Claremont and frequent X-Men collaborator Salvador Larroca. Was this true of Days of Future Past? The Mutant Control Act of 1988 specifically created a racialized hierarchy of citizenship in which there are three classes identified by letters that must be worn on clothing. Comic Vine users. Days of Future Past is a storyline which ran in Uncanny X-Men #141-142 set in Earth-811 where most of Earth's mutants have been killed. X-Men: Days of Future Past (Hardcover) Published: March 05, 2014. X-Men #1 (The world's best-selling comic book of all time, illustrated by Jim Lee) A brand-new Days of Future Past 20-page prequel story, in continuity, with art by Salvador Larroca; 02:16AM After spotlighting Skottie Young in its first release, Marvel has announced its next Marvel Made offering. In 2001, X-Men #141 was named #25 on the list of Marvel greatest comics of all time. “Look if you listen—I can’t do a damn thing for you if I don’t get elected!” He continued to compete with the crowd, which grew more agitated by his lack of composure. The Days of Future Past reality (Earth-811) is a world where in the near future mutants are hunted down and exterminated. Meanwhile, in the Future…, the X-Men escape from the concentration camp, but leave Magneto behind to cover their escape. Though not as successful as Claremont and Byrne's aforementioned previous work, Days of Future Past is commonly ranked among the greatest X-Men arcs and rarely places very far from the former. Immediately, she is subject to “an exhaustive — and intentionally humiliating” security screening to ensure that she is carrying no contraband.