In the 2003 miniseries and 2004 series, Baltar is the character's last name—his first name being Gaius.

The character betrayed the human race to its enemy, the robot race of Cylons. As originally depicted in the theatrical version, Baltar is supposedly decapitated when one of his Cylon escorts holds him fast and the other draws its sword across Baltar's throat. Count Baltar : [smiling maliciously] Their destruction is complete.

It first aired on television on May 16, 2008.

To cover up his involvement, he travels with the evading Colonial survivors—obstensibly to "protect" them from the human-looking Cylons, who could be impersonating anyone in the Fleet. Season = 1 Episode = 21 Airdate = March 11 1979 Writer = Donald P. Bellisario Director = Rick Kolbe Guests = Ina Bolin as… …   Wikipedia, Gaius Baltar — Battlestar Galactica character James Callis as Gaius Baltar First appearance Miniseries …   Wikipedia, Number Six (Battlestar Galactica) — Number Six Battlestar Galactica character Promotional still of Number Six in season four First appearance …   Wikipedia, Daybreak (Battlestar Galactica) — Daybreak Battlestar Galactica episode The Galactica crew members and civilians divide themselves between those joining the rescue attempt, and those staying behind with the fleet …   Wikipedia, Twelve Colonies — United Colonies of Kobol Battlestar Galactica country Anthem Colonial Anthem Source Battlestar Galactica, Caprica Creator Glen A. Larson (1978 series) Ronald D. Moore (2003 series) Genre …   Wikipedia, Cylon (1978) — This article is about the Cylons from the original 1978 Battlestar Galactica series and its spin offs.

In the feature film version, when Baltar meets the Imperious Leader, and it is explained to him that every human being must be exterminated, and Baltar is sentenced to death, Cylon Centurions immediately execute Baltar on the spot by beheading him. [3]. In the series, the Twelve Colonies built approximately 120 Battlestars during their thousand-year war with the Cylons, whose own battleships are known as Basestars.

Letters must be adjacent and longer words score better. A significant theme in the series is his path to redemption, as in the original series, despite his initial actions. Cylon Centurion : Our forces have taken prisoners near the spacedrome. After being taken back to the Galactica, he is tried and acquitted of crimes against humanity, then becomes a leader of a rising monotheistic cult.

The English word games are: [1] He was portrayed by Canadian actor John Colicos. Leland Joseph "Lee" Adama is a fictional character in the television series Battlestar Galactica. In a short film entitled Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming , he reveals that the Colonial fleet is still in danger after a new breed of even more dangerous Cylons emerges after a civil war. For the remainder of the series, Baltar is a prisoner on board the Colonial prison barge. [1] This differs from the television version, where his execution is delayed and he is sent to be prepared for public execution—with this Imperious Leader being killed at Carillon and, in the epilogue made for the movie's television broadcast, the succeeding Imperious Leader sparing Baltar's life and announcing that he would be provided with a basestar and Lucifer as a liaison—thus setting him up for his role in the series.[2]. The character betrays the human race to its enemy, the robot race of Cylons.

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The Imperious Leader responds by explaining to Baltar that every human being must be exterminated, and then sentences Baltar himself to death, reasoning that any being who would see his own race destroyed could not be trusted. A Cylon is a robot at war with the Twelve Colonies of humanity in the Battlestar Galactica science fiction franchise, in the original 1978 and 1980 series, the 2004 reimagining, as well as the spin-off prequel series, Caprica. In the 1990s, Baltar appears in the Maximum Press comic book series, still pursuing the Galactica, after having been freed by Commander Adama in exchange for bartering his knowledge of the Cylons.

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