Sold for $125,000.

View artworks for sale by Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri (200, Australian). Made with acrylic and silkscreen ink on canvas and limited to approximately 300. 1983, XVII Bienal de Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo

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Allan, and his mother from Warlugulong, and area southwest of Yuendumu. Paris: 1918; (2) page 568, Vol. 1988, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London

2002  Medal of the Order of Australia, Prix ​​et commissions: 2002, Médaille de l’Ordre de l’Australie 1991, Murale, Alice Springs aéroport 1991, Strehlow Research Foundation, Alice Springs 1985 peinture murale,, Araluen Centre, Alice Springs 1983, Alice Prix, Alice Springs, NT Années 1970 et 1980, président de Papunya Tula Artists Pty Ltd Détails aux enchères: Titre: Warlugulong Auction prix: $ 2,400,000 Maison de Vente: Sotheby ‘s en Australie, Important art autochtone, Melbourne, 24/07/2007, Lot n ° 114 Détails: Peinture polymère synthétique sur toile, porte le nom de l’artiste et le titre de Art Gallery of South Australia, Clifford Possum Tjapalatjarri 202 x 337,5 cm. Contact Us; Join KO Gallery Club; Please Share. cm #2000017 LOCATION: Bondi Beach $50.00, 180 x 127 cm #36 SOLD, 146 x 75cm #14502 SOLD, 74.0 x 147.0 cm #16609 SOLD, 125 x 82 cm #17533 SOLD, 100.0 x 127.0 cm #16584 SOLD, 91 x 151 cm #9419 SOLD. All the young fellas they go hunting and the old people there, they do sand painting. While Clifford himself may have pointed to his private audience with Queen Elizabeth II as the highlight of his career, the low point was most likely his discovery of an exhibition full of fakes in Sydney in the late 1990s and the adverse publicity that this attracted. His career as an artist began in the 50's when he carved snakes and goannas. 1992, National Museums of Modern Art, Kyoto and Tokyo $91,328 - 131,201 To improve the security of your account, please update your password now. He was born on Napperby Station about 200 km north-west of Mparntwe (Alice Springs). Clifford Possum est décédé le 21 juin 2002. Clifford, living at the Papunya Community was one of the first artists to be involved with the Aboriginal Art Movement. Chelsea | New York | USA FREE VALUATION. During this time he developed an encyclopaedic knowledge of the Dreaming Trails that criss-cross the area to the north of the western McDonnell Ranges, which he depicts in painting his Dreamings.

His work has travelled extensively around the world, including, 'Dreamings' The Art of Aboriginal Australia in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and St Louis. Your email address will not be published.

Everybody painted. Business time we don't use paints the way I use them, no we use them from rock, teach 'em all the young fellas." Consign your Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri art at Nate D. Sanders Auctions. Types of Art; Painting Styles; Aboriginal Art Movement; Contact Us. Leaving Aitken with a number of canvases in various states of completion it appears that out of desperation, given the financial difficulties involved in keeping the ‘Possum Shop’ going, she crossed the Rubicon and completed the dotting on some of these works herself. 1974, Anvil Art Gallery, Albury, New South Wales, Australia Allan, and his mother from Warlugulong, and area southwest of Yuendumu. My Cart.

1990, l’ete Australien a’ Montpellier, Musee Fabre Gallery, Montpellier, France.

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