Exodus, Part 1. Battlestar Galactica Season 3 View all. Alternate ending. As the other pilots scramble to their ships, Lee returns to his locker to grab his flight gear, despite having been removed from flight status. The trial resumes and Gaeta takes the witness stand. Find out what shows... Fall TV Preview: A Guide to New & Returning Broadcast Shows. Terwijl het sterrenschip Pegasus te maken heeft met een interne crisis en dreiging van buitenaf, ontaardt de presidentiële verkiezingscampagne in een verhitte discussie tussen voor- en tegenstanders van abortus. Een militaire machtsstrijd dreigt in een oorlog te escaleren tijdens een poging van de sterrenschepen Galactica en Pegasus om hun krachten te bundelen en een cruciaal Cylon-doelwit te vernietigen: een Wederopstandingsschip. Nu de vloot is herenigd, barsten oude conflicten weer los. De door bevelhebber Tigh opgelegde staat van beleg dreigt een breuk tussen de bemanning en de vloot te veroorzaken. Occupation. TV Schedule. The only truly outstanding episode was "The Passage", in which Kat disobeys a direct order and subjects herself to fatal radiation poisoning in order to save a ship that had gotten lost in a radioactive nebula. Moving through the darkness and trying to hide his face, Baltar is suddenly surrounded by three people, including the woman who had asked him to bless her child. In CIC, Admiral Adama admits to Roslin's dissatisfaction that he was one of the "not guilty" voters. Both he and Colonel Tigh begin their own searches for its source, but neither can find it. In a distant part of the universe, a civilization of humans live on planets known as the Twelve Colonies. You won't want to miss a minute of the series considered "one of the best dramas on TV" (Time Magazine).Bonus Content:Disc 1 - Battlestar Galactica (2004) Season Three: The third season of Battlestar Galactica got off to a rip-roaring start on New Caprica, where the settlers had found themselves under Cylon occupation at the end of the previous season. Crossroads, Part Ⅱ is an episode of the 2004 TV series Battlestar Galactica and aired during the show's third season. View the full list of currently airing shows that you have selected or partially watched, View the full list of cancelled or no longer airing shows that you have selected or partially watched, View the list of your selected shows having episodes that you have not yet watched, View the shows you've hidden from being counted in your profile, Is your favourite show not on the Calendar? Precipice. Many fans would, should insist that this is a re-imagining not an intrinsic remake of a cheesy lovable, and to use a pun for a modern show, "That 70's Show". Een verbitterde burger gijzelt belangrijk regerings- en militair personeel in de hoop dat de Galactica zo wordt gedwongen om Sharon over te dragen. By a vote of 3 to 2, the tribunal finds him not guilty and the courtroom erupts in furor. Check out which shows are most popular at this moment in time. 1 Plot 2 Production 2.1 Writing 2.2 Deleted scenes 3 Sources 4 External links As Anders and Tory continue to hear the strange music and begin making love, Chief Tyrol is awakened by the music. As a fan of the original Battlestar Galactica, when the revamped miniseries first aired, I refused to watch. Notable Video Game Releases: New and Upcoming, November Preview: 19 TV Shows & New Movies to Watch at Home, The Best TV Shows of 2009 ... and the Decade. Also included are bonus commentaries, the Resistance webisodes (10 episodes, 26 minutes total) that provide more of life on occupied New Caprica, executive producer David Eicks' "video blog" featurettes, and an extended version of "Unfinished Business" (mostly adding non-Starbuck-Apollo material). ), Free returns are available for the shipping address you chose. Season The second and third seasons were 20 episodes each, and the fourth was 21 episodes — way too many per season … When power is restored, DRADIS identifies four Cylon basestars bearing down on the fleet and Admiral Adama orders general quarters. Get a detailed look at every new and returning show coming to broadcast... 2012 Fall TV Preview: Our Night-by-Night Guide. Television was made for this series. Many of the sci-fi fan-boys, and girls, were in need of a successful sci-fi drama series that had the ability to keep fresh interest and action with drama to top. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. Prime Video maakt gebruik van cookies om je services te verlenen, waaronder verificatie, instellingen behouden en inhoud leveren.