"Hot Dog" suggests Athena, the goddess of wisdom and war, and Sharon proudly accepts it. Cylon models Six and Eight are the most common in the series. The sevens went by the name "Daniel", given to them by Ellen. Her loyalty is again called into question when she chooses not to inform the Colonials that one of the survivors is a Cylon. Athena, along with Helo and Hera, is part of a group of prisoners captured in the mutiny that are placed in the brig. When Racetrack refers to her by the old call sign 'Boomer,' she replies that 'Boomer' was somebody else. Her desire remains to show humans and Cylons can co-exist, however, relations between the two groups turn increasingly hostile. Two Eights that were on the Raptor with four humans including, Multiple Eights are seen helping repair Galactica in "Someone to Watch Over Me". While her fellow Eights vote as a group against the procedure, Boomer decides to vote yes in order to make the Raiders effective fighters once again. Unlike Boomer, Athena has full knowledge of her true identity as a Cylon. She first appears when she joins then-Lieutenant Karl 'Helo' Agathon after he is stranded on the Cylon-occupied planet Caprica. Told that Hera died from breathing complications, Sharon assumes that Hera was killed by the Galactica crew and attacks Dr. Cottle and turns on Helo. Later, another Number Five acts as a suicide bomber on the Galactica; this is the event that exposes the humanoid Cylons to the general population of human survivors. On the basestar, she encounters numerous other Number Eight copies identical to herself but she refuses to accept she is a Cylon and personally sets the bomb. Cavil threatens to cut open Ellen's brain in order to access her knowledge, but Boomer spirits her away in a Raptor, telling Ellen she is forgiving her. Guide Watch. She is shot and killed by Cally, who blames her for Tyrol's imprisonment; Cally herself is in love with Tyrol as is made clear in later episodes. When Tyrol goes to see her in the brig, she professes her continued love for him. Boomer accuses her of having planned to take Hera back to Galactica from the start. In Season 3's "Occupation", it is revealed that during the year-long gap between the events of seasons 2 and 3, Sharon and Helo were married, and Sharon took Helo's surname of Agathon. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Boomer brings Hera back to her parents Helo and Athena, knowing she was almost certainly going to be killed. Athena determines Hera would best be treated by a human doctor. Boomer keeps jumping her stolen Raptor headed for The Colony. Her relationship with Tyrol is complicated by the events involving Boomer as well as by her romantic involvement with Helo. Eights tend to be more affectionate and show greater concern for others than their fellow models. After the successful rescue of the colonists, Sharon gains a measure of acceptance among the Galactica's pilots. Ellen later concludes everything Boomer did, including helping her escape, was planned in order to kidnap Hera and bring her to Cavil. Moore has also commented that the Eights are more likely to "shoot things they don't like". One of them is knocked unconscious by.

She tries to live on Caprica like in her old life as a human. She functions as a member of the Cylon governing council that controls the puppet human government under President Gaius Baltar.