Also the portion that is cut can immediately be recycled.

Moore: Now that's one of the deepest mysteries of the entire show. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy, and our Terms of Service. Caprican STO cell leader Sister Clarice Willow believes her student Zoe Graystone is "beloved by God" and capable of speaking with angels. Wow, all these comments and answers, and not a single picture. In a deleted scene (Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part I), Elosha states that the exodus from Kobol was precipitated when "one jealous god began to desire that he be elevated above all the other gods, and the war on Kobol began." What are some examples of some unusable things? The only bit that's weird is "publishers reducing shipping costs" as (right now....) the cost of removing corners will exceed this.

Even books had the corners opposite from the spine cut off. Apparently mistakes were made in the past by these advanced beings, as they seem reluctant to interfere directly with the Colonials or the Terrans. Why does the paper in Battlestar Galactica have the corners cut off? Given 90% of what I found by Googling was simply repeating of IMDB's comment on a reference to "cutting corners", it was interesting to find actual quotes indicating otherwise. myth. -- William Adama, Miniseries, "I was right. Along with another living avatar - that in the form of recently deceased Tamara Adama - Zoe-A is embraced by New Cap City as an "Avenging Angel" and in some circles as a god. When the Cylons attack the Twelve Colonies, they use those backdoors to penetrate software security firewalls, disabling entire fighter squadrons outright and sabotaging vital capital-ship systems. Other Capricans are open to all forms of worship, even the worship of a single god (CAP: "Retribution"). I see the patterns.

He refers to Kendra as "my child." Firstappearance Shortly after Baltar comes on board Galactica, Head Six reveals that a device which he had previously seen in possession of Six on Caprica has been surreptitiously installed in Galactica's Combat Information Center (CIC) (the command and control center of the battlestar). Afterwards, Roslin tries desperately to save Baltar's life. Baltar goes on to preach God loves all humans regardless of their sin because everyone is perfect just as they are. And I'm pretty sure we didn't include a soul in the programming." They help Apollo and battlestar Galactica save the Terrans from themselves (Experiment in Terra). However there's alternating versions out there, as highlighted in this quote from Wired: Did it have anything to do with cutting all the corners off To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. --, "God didn't create the Cylons. Get 3D surface grown by constant distance. Baltar then begins illegal wireless broadcasts to the fleet of his religious speeches and his popularity grows. Lastappearance Over all it sounds like a deliberate design decision, something simple but obvious to indicate the small differences between Battlestar's universe and our own but there may well be some truth to the original rumour, i.e. In the episode "Colonial Day", Baltar, now Caprica's representative to the Quorum of Twelve, is elected Vice-President with Roslin's support.

Admiral William Adama had given the nuclear warhead to Baltar in an earlier episode for use in constructing a Cylon detector.

What is your favorite Comedy & Drama show(s) in each local channels of all time? The model of Number Six who had seduced him on Caprica later experiences similar visions after her consciousness was downloaded into a new body. everything in sight, saying "I want to strangle whoever had this

After order is restored on Galactica, Baltar returns to his following to find its numbers dwindled and are now under the de facto leadership of Paula (although some appear to still be more loyal to Baltar). If you watch the interview at the bottom you can see what I am talking about Blade Runner wise -- He really wanted to incorporate some part of it: That would require all paper to be cut into its final form at the mill, which just isn't practical and would most likely just generate more paper waste than the normal system, where mills provide reams of full-size (28"x40") paper or equivalent rolls that printers can print multiple pages onto and cut as needed. When the last Raptor leaves Galactica with Paula, Baltar decides not to go and stays on Galactica to finally do something noble. In particular, the concept of a lost Thirteenth Tribe is from Mormon legend. Maybe it's time to start cutting some of my own corners! Head Six tells him it wasn't her job to put it in there.

Rules of Conduct | Privacy Policy | Advertising Policy | Cookie Policy | Review Policy | Copyright Notice | FAQ | About Us | Contact Us. Head Six later persuades Baltar to give a nuclear warhead to a pacifist movement. Following this apparent act of Cylon terrorism, Admiral Adama urges Baltar to focus immediately on internal security and investigate how a Cylon agent could have carried out the bombing. anyway? A curious parallel to the series is found in the Exodus story of the Old Testament: Moses led the Israelites out of the Egyptian captivity toward the promised land, but did not live to lead the Israelites into the promised land because he doubted the water coming from the stone (Numbers 20:12). Although the vision of Number Six manipulates Baltar through his fear of discovery, she lends him an edge by granting him knowledge of situations. The Monotheists are then armed by the Colonial government, cementing Baltar's leadership of the group. Branching off from the TV story there, the two battlestars become lost in space, heavily damaged and low on supplies, and from there must return to known space on the other side of the galaxy. idea.". After Baltar is freed from prison, his defense team abandons him. ? It mirrored a number of other visual elements, such as Adama's cloak medallion, the video monitors, etc. He is far behind Roslin in the polls when a habitable planet is accidentally discovered in a region of space where heavy electromagnetic interference makes long-range observation difficult. Baltar comes to believe the only logical explanation is that God guided his hand. How do you say "Heroes are never forgotten." Number Six is a family of fictional characters from the reimagined science fiction television series Battlestar Galactica. Dr. Gaius Baltar was an accomplished computer scientist of Aerelonean descent. General infomation I see the foreshadowing that precedes every moment of every day. Baltar announces that he will begin immediate civilian settlement of New Caprica if elected. Caprica-Six informs Baltar she has had a change of heart about him and has let her feelings for him cloud her judgment, presumably ending their relationship. The ex-president is then transported back to Galactica in a body bag and sent to the brig. Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. A Cylon fleet arrives in orbit of New Caprica and the remaining military fleet jumps away. What if God decided he made a mistake and he decided to give souls to another creature, like the Cylons?" Baltar continues to hold the office of the Presidency, but only as a figurehead. The Cylons justify or attribute much of their actions, including the genocide of humanity, as a requirement of their God - going so far as to describe their existence as God's retribution for humanity's many sins (TRS: Miniseries).