At this time, it was very rare to honor the builders of cathedrals. The sculptures on the south side, the most remarkable ones, detail the history of Saint Firmin, the first bishop of the city. This style was later frequently replicated in other religious buildings.

Gargoyles and chimeras complement the overall decor. Family Pass: €15.

A sundial adorns the south tower. Source: Own work. Visit of the Treasury Room only, full price/ reduced price: €3.50/ €3.30. One of the many masterpieces of sculpture featured at the cathedral, this sculpture is also called the Beau Dieu (literally, the Handsome God). Saint Firmin, evangelizer of the city in the 4th century, is represented on the trumeau. Guided tours (1 hour, 30 minutes) : At the back of the Cathedral high over the door where I entered is the organ pipes. It was restored in the 19th century to reflect its original state. Built on three levels, the vault rises to 42 meters, while the sides rise to 20 meters, which is already exceptionally high. Behind the altar, the Weeping Angel overlooks the tomb of Guilain Lucas. The figures illustrating the zodiac signs are shown working in the fields and are dressed according to the seasons. See "Events". Visits appropriate for children age 5 years and older. Richly decorated with statues and lilies, it represents a major technical and artistic masterpiece. Completed in the early 15th century, the towers round off the cathedral.

A cross was placed at the center of the maze facing the cardinal directions, surrounded by the three architects of the cathedral and by the Bishop Evrard de Fouilloy, who undertook the project.

Amiens Cathedral Organ. What is striking upon entering the cathedral is the height of the nave, the highest in France, and the light that illuminates the harmony of proportions and airy lightness of the internal vessel. The stone choir screen dates back to 1530. The construction of the complex was so perfect that the traces of assembly are imperceptible, as if this exceptional collection came from a single tree. From October through March, visit organised at 3:30 p.m. This portal also called the Golden Virgin because of the statue that adorns its trumeau. Full price / reduced price: €6 / €4 / children 6 - 12 years old: €3. Guided tours are available at the gates of the choir every day between 3:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. Also called the "Rose de la Mer" (Rose of the Sea), it was added in the 16th century. On the right, Solomon, the Queen of Sheba, King Herod and the Magi are pictured. It is kept near the sacristy and is presented to the public once a year, on June 24th. The roof features several large gargoyles for discharging the rainwater. KGB? Notre Dame Cathedral of Amiens The Saint Firmin Portal.

The Amiens Cathedral, as we know it today, was built in the 13th Century and its construction started in 1220. It is much less rigid than the representations of the Virgin at the time.

It is the largest of the three great Gothic cathedrals built in France during the 13th century, and it remains the largest in France. The Madonna and Child is a true masterpiece ; she is crowned, smiling, caring for the baby Jesus. The two mausoleums located below are dedicated to Ferry de Beauvoir and Adrien de Hénencourt. The tympanum sculptures illustrate the life of the saint, former bishop of the city of Amiens, who lived during the 6th century. Permission (Reusing this file) Summary: In using this image or any subsequent derivatives of it, you are required to release the image under the same license. They were made and installed from 1508 to 1522. It was specifically to accommodate this precious relic that Evrard de Fouilloy decided to build the cathedral. The illustrated scene is composed of more than 400 characters and recounts the events of the Old Testament and scenes from the life of Mary. Full/ reduced rate: €6/ €3. The bases of the statues are adorned with medallions representing the Picard calendar, also called the Amiens Zodiac. P4289791ac Vitré Church Notre-Dame 15 th 16 th, P9042392ac Fruits and Veggies Shop Everything Plea…, P9042364ac Vernon Old Mill Seen From the Side, P9042387ac Vernon Collegiate Church Notre-Dame Gra…, P9042377ac Vernon Tourism Office or Visitor's Cent…, P9042358ac Ambleville Chateau North Facade Topiary…, P9042356ac Ambleville Chateau North Facade and Top…, P9042357ac Useful Panel of Some Vexins Landmarks, Hauts-de-France Oise Somme Aisne (Picardie), Picardie Region of France (Oise, Somme, Aisne Departments). The stall for the kings of France is particularly extraordinary, and includes lace wood overhangs. October through March : 8:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. ; April through September : 8:30 a.m. to 6:15 p.m. The pilgrims who came to honor the relics of Saint John the Baptist followed the labyrinth on their knees along the black line, in the manner of the Way of the Cross. April, May, June, September : visits organized Monday to Friday at 3 p.m. and 4 :30 p.m.
Open for free visit on Saturday and Sunday from 2:30 p.m. to 5:15 p.m.
 Visit of the Treasury Room only, full price/ reduced price: €3.50/ €3.30.

Full price / reduced price : €8 / €6.50.

Audio rental: €2.50. On the roof, above the gargoyles, are the Musician Kings. Finally, at the top level, Christ sits upon his throne, surrounded by the Virgin and Saint John.

Coupled guided tour of the Cathedral and the Belfry: FBI? The decoration is completed with gargoyles and chimeras in lead. The sculptures that frame the choir are in decorated in gold. Other saints are depicted in statues located on either side of the portal. Also pictured is a demon trying to influence the weight.

At the bottom of the tympanum, they are depicted coming out of their graves, while the Archangel Michael holds his scale to weigh their souls.

The transept chapels are dedicated to Saint Sebastian, Notre Dame du Puy, Saint Peter and Saint Paul. Did You notice the ceiling under the organ case made as a dark blue sky with golden stars? The 12 apostles on the sides are surrounded by four prophets. A special version for children from 6 years old is available (in 6 languages). © 2019 France's Wold Heritage Sites - All rights reserved, The Belfry Place du fil, 80000 Amiens Tél: 03 22 71 60 50. The Saint Honoré portal (or portal of the Golden Virgin) sits on the south side of the cathedral. The roofs of the two towers are also richly decorated with sculptures divided into three groups : on the bottom stand the Virgin Mary, Saint John the Baptist and Saint Firmin. The treasury also includes the shrine of Saint Firmin (reliquary in which the body of the saint is preserved) in 13th  century silver and many other masterpieces. In the center of the portal, at the trumeau, stands an ornate sculpture representing Christ. The building is exceptionally large : 145 meters long, 70 meters wide, and 112 meters to the top of the spire. Below are carved scenes representing the original sin. Full price….

It also consists of a part in baroque style and carved stalls of exceptional beauty. The top of the 302 steps offers a beautiful view over the city of Amiens.


And still higher sits Cardinal Jean de La Grange.

In the arches framing the tympanum, angels, archangels, virgins and kings attend the Last Judgment. Dear administrator/moderator, do you accept this photo to be added to these groups: You have requested to add this photo to the following groups: ManueL.,

They are surmounted by two galleries, the lower of which houses statues of the Kings of Judea in its 22 niches and by two towers framed by a rosetta in flamboyant Gothic style.

The portal of the Mère-Dieu (Mother of God) is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The choir of the cathedral is closed by a wrought iron gate. English: The organ and rose window of Amiens Cathedral, Picardy, France.

No one seems to know why this is called “The Green Pillar”.On the opposite side of the Cathedral is a “matching” altar.

Open daily :
 April, May, June, September : Friday at 4 p.m.,  Saturday at 10:30 a.m. and Sunday at 3 p.m. Created by Nicolas Blasset in 1628, it was known worldwide during the first World War thanks to allied soldiers (British and Americans) who sent postcards of its image to their families back home. The two bishops are in Episcopal robes, supported by six lions and crushing evil creatures under their feet. At his feet are a lion and a dragon.

I’m not sure why this surprised me as she is considered the largest church in France. In the center stands the spectacular portal of the Last Judgement surrounded by the right portal, called Mère-Dieu (Mother of God) and to the left, the portal of Saint Firmin.

Thank You Manuel! During your visit take time to admire the details of each scene. - A detailed statuary stands on either side of the portal. On the left the most important life episodes of Mary are shown: the Annunciation, the Visitation and the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple. Subscribe to the comment feeds of this photo, PICT16506ac Amiens Cathedral Choir Mediaeval South…, PICT16507ac Amiens Cathedral Notre Dame Chapter No…, PICT16554ec Amiens Cathedral Notre Dame Mediaeval…, 109 0997bc Somme Amiens Cathedral Notre Dame Centr…, PICT16524bc Amiens Cathedral Notre Dame Fourth Aps…, PICT16525ac Amiens Cathedral Notre Dame Apse Chape…, DSCN0578bc Amiens Cathedral Notre Dame Facade Towe…, PICT16500ac Amiens Cathedral North Transept Rose o…, 109 1000ec Amiens Cathedral Notre Dame South Trans…, PICT16484ac Amiens Cathedral Notre Dame Facade St…, PICT16485ac Amiens Cathedral Notre Dame Facade St…, 109 0983bc Amiens Cathedral Notre Dame Arrival in…, PICT16543cc Amiens Cathedral Notre Dame Main Nave…, 115 1597bc Fairytale Pierrefonds Mediaeval Fortifi…, P8233877ac My Little Blackberries Harvest, PICT16052ac Animal Hunting Scenes Around Facade Ma…, 115 1566ac Splendour of the Autumn Falls at Raray…, PICT16510bc Amiens Cathedral Notre Dame West Facad…, PICT16476ac Amiens Cathedral Notre Dame Virgo Porc…, PICT16474ac Amiens Cathedral Notre Dame Virgo Porc…, PICT16473ac Amiens Cathedral Notre Dame Virgin Por…, PICT16561dc Amiens Cathedral Notre Dame Majesty 12…, P9042355ac Omerville Village St Martin Church Apse, P9042389ac Vernon Fruits and Veggies Shop. Two tombs are exposed on either side of the central nave, surmounted by effigies of bishops Evrard de Fouilloy on the right and his successor, Geoffroy d'Eu on the left. Open every day except Tuesdays.

The armrests feature characters depicting life in Amiens at that time. In 1220, France looked very different from what it is today. Its baroque style is somewhat surprising. Above, the tympanum shows the discovery of the body of the saint. The show "The cathedral in color" allows visitors to appreciate the majestic beauty of these colorful decorations.

It is supported by three beautifully crafted statues representing Faith, Hope and Charity, and is surmounted by an angel.

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