Check your answers with your teacher or the answer key. If they use the expression correctly in the right context, then they can give the card away to their interlocutor. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Work together to put the cards into two columns depending on whether the phrase is used to agree or disagree. If This resource pack is part of a series of support materials produced by the Post-16 Citizenship Development Programme. Students who will use English in a business or academic setting, however, would do well to practice this type of discussion in their ESL programs before having those types of conversations in the real world. h��VYo�8�+|LPdy�P���Fk7w�m=�6�U$CR���ߏ��#��&/��)%�4E85��`��P���ic�1�F� �"L8&� �?�0���`� Welcome to The person with the most cards at the end of the game wins. (Note: After using an expression, you have to say something relevant). Stop when the time is up and applaud the student who was able to use all of his/her expressions (hopefully s/he also had some meaningful conversations too). Students should try to compose their statements so that their partner will not be able to use her cards. most downloaded first They should range from the simple to the exotic. ... – George R.R. Worksheets that speak. “I beg to differ. h�bbd```b``� "��ٛ@$��� &c@$s�d�q��`]� ������M ���N`��@����L��'A"@1���v|0 �f>

Topics range from current events to history, politics to scandals. However, all statements and responses must be true. guns, medical marijuana, best country in the world, etc. Page 6. Use coupon code "ESLPR" on registration for discount! Benefit from fifteen years of ESL experience. Save hours of lesson preparation time with the Entire BusyTeacher Library. High Quality ESL Lesson Plans - Free Samples - $26 Membership Your email address will not be published. These cards can be used for many things in school, I print them and glue an agree, to disagree side back to back and laminate them. Battle stations everyone, this position is commonly seen when amateur sales man try and convince the customer of something. << r/gaming. Created: Aug 22, 2012. ESL Agreeing and Disagreeing Game - Listening and Speaking Activity - Intermediate (B1) - 30 minutes. 6 ��&�X�����"�����tTU=[fsGO�?�܍&��b�vY��l���VYI'�5V�䊢�N�E6����E]�]��7�K:��Ү��NG7YY���8�-O�^o�$"E��B$0��8��׬hN贪o������������bB8� H[�9:�d�7���~�g��h�gm�::ς^���Ǐ��o���녫���`�@��vuH/�u޴��`����C�h�,�-؄u5s��,bt4>��qQ!��l����7-1�"p��d���uC=��v8�~$G��E0��Yv���T��9�ڛ|~ر��!����iv����? I think you and your Ss will find this a fun and useful card game.

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Two phrases are used to agree with a speaker in English: so do I and neither do I. doc, 22 KB. Live Worksheets The programme is led by the Learning and Skills Development Agency (LSDA) and is funded by the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) and the European Social Fund. FREE (33) Popular paid … - Schools should ask students to evaluate their teachers. Everything you need to help a child learn to read through phonics: decodable stories, listening exercises, you name it. Each of our panelists has an AGREE/DISAGREE paddle. Her partner then rolls the die.

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The former is used to disagree with a positive statement. PPT KS3, KS4 (Ages 11-16) FREE (70) colinbillett Area and Perimeter PowerPoint- KS3/GCSE. [<< They get into a mode of confrontation and not consultation. Teach kids with an engaging blended English program. Next Worksheets that speak.

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Brainstorm a list of foods with your class. Her partner must either agree or disagree starting with the phrase on one of his cards and then completing the sentence. Simple Solutions for Teaching So Do I, Neither Do I, I Do and I Don’t. the website where English Language teachers exchange resources:

Worksheets that listen. Plus flashcards.

Stage 2 – Game. I’m going to make a statement that may be provocative for the purpose of discussion … and then each of our panelists can agree or disagree.” Let’s start by testing the paddles to make sure they work. Get ready to discuss, debate, and debrief with Agree to Disagree. To play this agreement and disagreement game, divide your class into groups and have each group put their cards face down in the middle of the group. Agree to disagree Citizenship and controversial issues Julia Fiehn. This topic is for the professional who want to make most of every discussion and every argument.

you want to download you have to send your own contributions. �$��jǜI��1�A�⺀v���1в�+Yv�iiF9�:/@ӌ��-'E� �����������`����э�������q�`'��D��z�]X��+n��������`L�i�e �_y8� ȯ'�5=��M�����,�B(��P|�'јc��б�q��?����i��e�V ͖]J� �=����˴,�]��B!9�K�MDA �fJ�*�=r��(�&��:��PY� j��7�.

Again, stress that after they use an expression (e.g. Try to use the below expressions. Enjoy! Here’s an example template: Sample Download : agree-disagree-cards-esl.docx. The first 3 pages have cards with expressions used to state an opinion,agree and disagree, page 4 has topics to discuss. 314 0 obj <> endobj Agree Disagree Discussion Card Game. Hello friends! I usually work with the expressions provided by EnglishClub, though I delete a few to make the list more manageable. Do you agree or disagree with the following statements?

348 0 obj <>stream Next, put them into groups of three. %%EOF pptx, 66 KB. ... (82) colinbillett Algebra Quizzes.

0 Worksheets that save paper, ink and time. Agree or Disagree Let the students sit in pairs and talk to each other. Give each group of four a set of cards. [ Which would they be most likely to use? You should have enough sets for every four or five students in your class.

Make sure they understand that they need to 1) use the expressions on the card, 2) use them at a relevant time in the conversation, and 3) Follow-up the expression with an idea (e.g. Do you agree or disagree with the following statements? 3 x��Xˊ�6��Wx=�5�z�P��ɮ�!��U� &af���}I�m�3 MW�,Y���s�9�����`�/L��������O��No���?N0�y�O�i]�t4��|�?�}ћd����~>}��oh�F�s{?��l�d-Nz�m��D�vx�����.�7�x1~~�� f{1q~Mf��?�~���\��;V�@^j��m��Ɲ��A~$��8��/8p�W�fH��xC6. She then pulls a new card and makes a statement for the person to her right. Agree Disagree Discussion Card Game Hello friends! Have students shuffle cards and divide between them, each student keeping their hand private. In page 5 are the teacher instructions (one suggestion of how to use them, because there are many more ways...) and the last page is a list of all the expressions. Games. %PDF-1.6 %���� Then make up a set of cards for your students with one food on each or have your students make their own cards. previous ] It was perfect in my teen group! Worksheets that listen. Hello friends! Grammar, reading, vocabulary, speaking.

ESL Printables, Have them complete Part 1 individually. Here’s an example template: Sample Download: agree-disagree-cards-esl.docx. Students should feel free to be creative during their discussions since they may or may not be arguing their actual position on a given subject. Stage 2 – Game Shuffle up the cards and deal them out between you. /Filter /FlateDecode Take a tour now! Play continues until all the cards are claimed. 4

English Current recommends Grammarly as a learning tool to reduce English mistakes. Part 2. Check your answers with your teacher or the answer key. Page 5     Updated: Jan 20, 2015. docx, 21 KB. - Decisions that people make quickly are always wrong. - Decisions that people make quickly are always wrong. Thanks :). agree or disagree average cards. Feel free to change the expressions on the card to suit your level/fancy. Agree - Disagree! The former is used to agree with a positive statement. If The person sitting to the right of that person must make a statement either agreeing or disagreeing with the speaker.

7 I think you and your Ss will find this a fun and useful card game. Worksheets that motivate students. Here is an amusing agreeing and disagreeing game to help students practice expressions of agreement and disagreement. >>], Live Worksheets Some students may need extra encouragement when it comes time to disagree since it may be rude in their native cultures. This topic should be suitable for agreeing and disagreeing, e.g. • It is not necessary for a girl to understand menstruation before she is mar- ried. For example, “I like pistachios” or “I don’t like grapes”. endstream endobj startxref A multi-level English curriculum featuring cartoon animated videos, engaging games, interactive tests and a progress tracker.