© Copyright 2020 Victorian Public Sector Commission, Recruiting and Inducting Aboriginal Staff. General induction tips for all new staff: Additional induction tips for new Aboriginal staff: Plan an initial conversation with a new Aboriginal employee to: Organisational induction for non-Aboriginal staff provides an opportunity to build Aboriginal cultural competence when it: Aboriginal Employment Plan Example 1 – DEWLP, Aboriginal Employment Plan Example 2 – DOJR. The Strategy will continue to be administered by the Australian Public Service Commission and implemented in partnership with the National Indigenous Australians Agency and portfolio Commonwealth agencies. Your AGLN Townsville Committee, Australian Government Leadership Network: South Australia, Australian Government Leadership Network: South Queensland, Australian Government Leadership Network: Tasmania, Australian Government Leadership Network: Victoria, Australian Government Leadership Network: Western Australia, COMClub of Regional Heads: Northern Territory, Leadership and Learning - Frequently Asked Questions, Contact the Centre for Leadership and Learning, Print-on-demand: APS Values, Employment Principles and Code of Conduct, Print-on-demand: Office of the Merit Protection Commissioner, Circular 2008/3: Providing information on Code of Conduct investigation outcomes to complainants, Circular 2009/5: Service for redundancy pay purposes - Employees with prior service with the ACT Public Service, Circular 2013/01: Changes to the Fair Work Act 2009 in relation to Parental leave, Circular 2013/10: Guidance for agencies on managing cyber-bullying of APS employees by members of the public, Circular 2013/09: Transitional arrangements for APS employees affected by Machinery of Government Changes, Commission Advice 2013/14: Use and disclosure of employee information, Circular 2014/3 - Amendments to the Australian Public Service Commissioners Directions 2013, Circular 2014/4 - Amendments to the Public Service Classification Rules 2000, Circular 2015/2: Introduction of the Australian Public Service Enterprise Award 2015, Circular 2015/3: Amendments to the Australian Public Service Commissioner's Directions 2013 (2015 Measures No.1), Circular 2015/4: Merger of ComSuper into the Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation—re-entry to the Australian Public Service, Circular 2015/5: Implementation of Machinery of Government changes, Circular 2015/6: Update to the Australian Public Service Enterprise Award 2015, Circular 2015/7: Amendments to the Australian Public Service Commissioner's Directions 2013 (2015 Measures No. a workplace free of racism, sexism, and ethnocentrism for a formalised process of dealing with these matters. Whole of Government Frameworks, Victorian Aboriginal Affairs Framework 2018-2023 and the Self-Determination Reform Framework highlights the importance of self-determination for Aboriginal people in the workforce and address the need for reform across the people, systems, outcomes and accountability measures.

The University's guiding principles to enhance Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment outcomes include: For further information contact wirltu.yarlu@adelaide.edu.au. Aboriginal Recruitment and Career Development Strategy The department has launched the Aboriginal Recruitment and Career Development Strategy 2020-23 (PDF 15115.44 KB) outlining the department’s commitment to increasing its Aboriginal workforce and creating a culturally inclusive and … Offer to clarify the KSC and offer the opportunity to seek assistance with drafting answers. This is represented in job advertisements as: For support navigating the recruitment process and starting work within NSW Health, Aboriginal people can access the Ministry of Health’s ‘Stepping Up’ resource which offers a range of useful information and contacts. Provide a clear outline of the job expectations and explain organisational systems and policies.