2For I know your eagerness to help, and I have been boasting to the Macedonians that since last year you in Achaia were prepared to give. 9So we aspire to please Him, whether we are here in this body or away from it. 6But God, who comforts the downcast, comforted us by the arrival of Titus, For children should not have to save up for their parents, but parents for their children. The Apostle Paul is the author of 2 Corinthians. Of their own accord, 15Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift! For to this day the same veil remains at the reading of the old covenant.

3For I testify that they gave according to their ability and even beyond it. If I love you more, will you love me less? 8I am not making a demand, but I am testing the sincerity of your love in comparison to the earnestness of others. 5For we do not proclaim ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, and ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake. 9 Indeed, we felt we had received the sentence of death. And don't give reluctantly or in response to pressure. 9In fact, we rejoice when we are weak but you are strong, and our prayer is for your perfection. 2I am jealous for you with a godly jealousy. We speak before God in Christ, and all of this, beloved, is to build you up. 5I will boast about such a man, but I will not boast about myself, except in my weaknesses. 15It is not surprising, then, if his servants masquerade as servants of righteousness. 16So from now on we regard no one according to the flesh. Therefore, in order to keep me from becoming conceited, I was given a thorn in my flesh, a messenger of Satan, to torment me. We do not practice deceit, nor do we distort the word of God. 5Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith; test yourselves. 15What harmony is there between Christ and Belial? 1I must go on boasting. 4who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God. In an attempt to solve the turmoil, Paul traveled to Corinth, but the distressing visit only fueled the church's resistance. 19More than that, this brother was chosen by the churches to accompany us with the offering—the gracious gift we administer to honor the Lord Himself and to show our eagerness to help. 16What agreement can exist between the temple of God and idols?

Speaking as a fool, however, I can match what anyone else dares to boast about. 11I have become a fool, but you drove me to it. What we are is clear to God, and I hope it is clear to your conscience as well. Do Not Be Unequally Yoked(Exodus 29:45-46). 14But their minds were closed. He also encouraged the faithful to stay committed to the truth and reaffirmed his deep love for them. Are they descendants of Abraham? 11Consider what this godly sorrow has produced in you: what earnestness, what eagerness to clear yourselves, what indignation, what alarm, what longing, what zeal, what vindication! Or do I make my plans by human standards, so as to say “Yes, yes” when I really mean “No, no”? I am speaking like I am out of my mind, but I am so much more: in harder labor, in more imprisonments, in worse beatings, in frequent danger of death.

Nine of these book are letters to local churches (like the one in Corinth). As for our brothers, they are messengers of the churches to the glory of Christ. 24Not that we lord it over your faith, but we are fellow workers with you for your joy, because it is by faith that you stand firm. 10As surely as the truth of Christ is in me, this boasting of mine will not be silenced in the regions of Achaia. 10For some say, “His letters are weighty and forceful, but his physical presence is unimpressive, and his speaking is of no account.” 18I urged Titus to visit you, and I sent our brother with him. 18Since many are boasting according to the flesh, I too will boast. 5Now if anyone has caused grief, he has not grieved me, but all of you—to some degree, not to overstate it. Copyright © 2019 by Zondervan. 28Apart from these external trials, I face daily the pressure of my concern for all the churches. 10If you forgive anyone, I also forgive him. 20For I am afraid that when I come, I may not find you as I wish, and you may not find me as you wish. 16I rejoice that I can have complete confidence in you. 8Therefore I urge you to reaffirm your love for him.

17In this confident boasting of mine, I am not speaking as the Lord would, but as a fool. 33But I was lowered in a basket through a window in the wall and escaped his grasp. I had confidence in all of you, that you would share my joy. Now I am glad I sent it, not because it hurt you, but because the pain caused you to repent and change your ways. And though we are weak in Him, yet by God’s power we will live with Him to serve you. 20In fact, you even put up with anyone who enslaves you or exploits you or takes advantage of you or exalts himself or strikes you in the face. 6And I hope you will realize that we have not failed the test. Although we once regarded Christ in this way, we do so no longer. These false teachers were claiming to be apostles too. This epistle is actually Paul's fourth letter to the church in Corinth. In the end, we overcome this world. The epistle is attributed to Paul the Apostle and a co-author named Timothy, and is addressed to the church in Corinth and Christians in the surrounding province of Achaea, in modern-day Greece. 6Although I am not a polished speaker, I am certainly not lacking in knowledge. Or do I make my plans in a worldly manner(AG) so that in the same breath I say both “Yes, yes” and “No, no”? Later Paul received good news from Titus that many in Corinthian had repented, but a small and fractious group continued to cause problems there. Paul's Apostolic Authority. 3It is clear that you are a letter from Christ, the result of our ministry, written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts. For I promised you to one husband, to present you as a pure virgin to Christ. 1Now about the service to the saints, there is no need for me to write to you. 11Such people should consider that what we are in our letters when absent, we will be in our actions when present. He told us about your longing, your mourning, and your zeal for me, so that I rejoiced all the more.

7Now we pray to God that you will not do anything wrong—not that we will appear to have stood the test, but that you will do what is right, even if we appear to have failed. Their end will correspond to their actions. 21I am afraid that when I come again, my God will humble me before you, and I will be grieved over many who have sinned earlier and have not repented of their acts of impurity, sexual immorality, and debauchery. 3I wrote as I did so that on my arrival I would not be saddened by those who ought to make me rejoice. 9For if the ministry of condemnation was glorious, how much more glorious is the ministry of righteousness! Three times in 2 Corinthians Paul references a third and painful letter: "For I wrote to you out of much affliction and anguish of heart and with many tears ..." (2 Corinthians 2:4, ESV). 1 Paul, an apostle(A) of Christ Jesus by the will of God,(B) and Timothy(C) our brother, To the church of God(D) in Corinth,(E) together with all his holy people throughout Achaia:(F), 2 Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.(G). 7And our hope for you is sure, because we know that just as you share in our sufferings, so also you will share in our comfort. We have wronged no one, we have corrupted no one, we have exploited no one. 15As it is written: and he who gathered little had no shortfall.”a. In addition to our own encouragement, we were even more delighted by the joy of Titus. (2 Corinthians 9:7, NLT), ...or because of these surpassingly great revelations. Aim for perfect harmony, encourage one another,b be of one mind, live in peace. 24In full view of the churches, then, show these men the proof of your love and the reason for our boasting about you. 2In the terrible ordeal they suffered, their abundant joy and deep poverty overflowed into rich generosity.

10Indeed, what was once glorious has no glory now in comparison to the glory that surpasses it. 21To my shame I concede that we were too weak for that! 13If we are out of our mind, it is for God; if we are of sound mind, it is for you. 22Are they Hebrews?

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